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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #283

Josefin Wrote:

Hi! This is Josefin from Sweden again , i wrote a comment earlier today but i was in a hurry and forgot alot! I can't see what i've already asked and i rather ask twice then never, so i'm sorry if you have to answer the same questions again!

As i wrote in the other letter, ever since a saw the VS show 2010-2011, i has been obsessed with them. I almost actually felt like i was in heaven when i walked in to the store... Right when i know we where going to Miami i looked up stores (VS) becasuse we don't have them in Sweden. Ok, you don't need to hear my hole lifestory, so down to the questions.

#1. Does your grades matter at all? Do they take a look at them or doesn't it mean ANYTHING at all? For i know it's a modell industry, put is it like, a pluss if you have good grades and known for getting in time and to what you're asked to do?

#2. Feet. Ha-ha.. A pretty wierd question but hey, why not ask? Do the big modeling agencies care about your shoesize? Haha i understand if you don't know but it would just be funny to know? If you have size 36 (Europe) would that look silly or a size 45, would that look to clumpsy? I think that they are thinking about it really, but i wonder what you think as a modell your self, how much they would care ;)

#3. Do they care about if you get tanned easy or is as white as snow? Because when i've looked at pictures almost ALL of the models in VS are reeaally tanned.. :) Just another just funny thing to know!

And i want to say that i love what you're doing! You're helping other people to reach for there dreams. You can be the persons who are helping people to begin there careers. So thanks, for doing what you do, you're such an inspiration!

#4. Piercing. It's probably different for different agencies, but over all, can you have piercing or is that something you should remove? Like a belly button piercing and earpiercing i understood, that that could be okey, but what about nose piercing, eyebrow piercing and stuff in your face?

#5. Does your hair matter , how long it is or how it's quality is? Because i know it's better to have healthy hair, but if you have bad hair on the other hand, they could just put in hairextanchins (i can't spell i know)...

Some questions are pretty un nessasary, you might think but i see this as a great oppertunity!

#6. I'm short to be a model, at least a runway model, i'm just 164, even tough i'm not finished growing yet cus' i'm just 14. I'm not asking if they do any exeption, but i was wondering, if you are really short as me, do they give you a shot to see if you're like , crazy talented, or won't they like even let you in, i'm talking about the big agencies now.

#7. Another thing i was wondering, do most agencies care about if you smoke? If you do, is it bad or good? Because in many magazins i saw the girl on the cover holding a cigarett, is that just fake or is it a plus, to be able to do what there asking for? Because i don't smoke and think that it's good cus' many of my friends do and they are like: Cmn, try! Please! But i won't, but is it bad so be saying no if the agency might ask? I really don't want to smoke, it's a promise to my self, but if they want me to i don't want to struggle. Do you know what i mean?

I think that was all for know! I really appreciate all the time you gives to answer questions. This wasn't so much about Victoria's Secret, but i hope it's okey!

Love your blog, you're a big inspiration of mine! Hugs to you, you're worth any happiness and sucess../Josefin 

Hi, Josefin! Since you've got a lot of questions, I'm gonna jump right into them and include the number system you used so that you know which answers go with which questions:

#1: Grades from school do not affect whether you can become a model or not. While it is impressive for a modeling agency to know you're a good student, that won't make you a better choice over someone else. Of course you don't want to get bad grades either, haha. However, agencies do like to know if you are a person that enjoys school and believes in getting a good education because it speaks well to your character and your ambitions for the future.

#2: A lot of models have big feet so this is not necessarily something that will make an agency not want to work with you since they are used to this in some cases. As long as it does not affect the way you do your runway walk or when posing, it shouldn't be a problem.

#3: It doesn't matter whether you are tanned or a "porcelain beauty." The VS models are pretty tan but as long as you look good in your natural skin tone, that is what matters most to an agency. There are models of all shades so while the VS models tend to be tan, that is not a reflection on how all the other models in the industry are. So even if you aren't tan, that's not a bad thing. If an agency thinks a model should be a few shades darker, then that's something they'll discuss with the model as feedback.

#4: It is best if a model doesn't have piercings in her nose, lip, eyebrow or anywhere else on the face. This is if a model wants to do fashion and mainstream type of modeling. Models that have these additional piercings may not be accepted by an agency or could be asked to remove those piercings before going on castings, photoshoots and fashion shows. Keep it limited to the ears and bellybutton (although you may be asked to remove the belly piercing during a shoot or fashion show if the client thinks it may be a distraction...but you'll be allowed to put it back in after you're done working). It is also best if a person doesn't have too many ear piercings or "gauges," which are those huge holes in the ear lobes.

#5: Your chances are better if your hair is already naturally healthy (no split ends, roots showing...for those that color their hair, etc.). As far as length, medium to long is usually preferred because there is more that can be done with it but agencies do sign models with shorter hair if it looks really good on them. Or they may have a model with long hair get it cut shorter so that she has a fresh look they like. When it comes to hair it is on a case-by-case basis. And yes, hair extensions are used often so that is great for models with naturally short hair.

#6: Smoking is a personal decision and not one that has to do with a model's job. A lot of models do smoke but that is for their own reasons and not because the agency tells them to do it. It is much better if you do not smoke: it's a bad habit, makes your hair and clothes smell bad, contributes to bad skin and it makes your nails yellow. Yuck! There are models that pose with cigarettes in photos/ads but sometimes they are not really smoking it. Photographers use Photoshop to retouch the image to make it look like the cigarette is lit, when during the actual shoot, it is not. So it's just pretend in those situations. When you sign with an agency, you will fill out a profile type sheet and it will ask what you are comfortable with doing, such as smoking, promoting alcohol, nudity, wearing fur, etc. Simply check all the things you don't want to do and the agency will make sure to only submit you to modeling assignments that are within your comfort zone. So do not feel pressured to try smoking! I'm smoke-free and have never smoked a cigarette in my life so stick to your goals with that! :-)

I hope those answers help you better understand the modeling industry! If not, feel free to email me at: daniadenise@gmail.com and you can ask as many questions as you'd like--I don't mind at all! It is also important to remember that VS models do not represent all of the models in the world--they are a small niche. Models come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc. and there is more than lingerie modeling that can be pursued. I feel it's important for all aspiring models to know that because in reality VS is an opportunity that is only available to a very, very small group that meet the requirements and as fabulous as it looks, it doesn't last very long so it is better to aspire to do more than just VS modeling and get into other categories that promise a more realistic chance of success. :-)

Thank you, also, for the kind words...I truly appreciate you and your interest in asking me your questions! Oh, and it's okay if the questions weren't all VS related...you can ask any questions regardless of what the blog post is that you are commenting on.

Good luck to you!


Anonymous said...

I might ask you questions too :)
There are two of these:
1. I've to go to a casting the 14 January. There'll be a test shoot in studio. Should I bring some accessories with which I could pose?
2. I'm trans/genderfluid (though most of the time I'm a teenage boy) but not out, going to castings as Max would out me to my family. I don't think modeling will trigger much dysphoria as it is more like impersonating characters you pose as, but *once I'll be out* I want to know if it'll pose any problem in the modeling world? (The only thing that would trigger dysphoria IMO is if they asked me to draw attention to my breasts, but I think it'll be rare and that I'll be able to handle it since it'd be "impersonating characters".)

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! You'll find the answers to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #287." Thanks for reading!