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Monday, January 23, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #297

Anonymous Wrote:

Wow I am so glad I found this blog. Thank you so much for everything you're doing to help aspiring models! Here is my scenario: I am 18, 5'8 and have done some local modeling (local professional photographer - hired as a model for them, high school photography students...) and am moving to Southern California for college in August :) I definitely plan on pursuing modeling while in college. I'll be roughly the same distance from Beverly Hills & LA, and within driving distance of them. Any advice on agencies? I am hoping for Ford or Elite, but realize that some of their models' pictures are pretty risque (not just with them, but obviously with any agency) Would an unwillingness to take more "mature" pictures like these reduce my chances of being signed? I feel comfortable in a bathing suit, but there are pictures of Ford's models in their online portfolios that are topless,(you don't see anything but you can tell they're topless) I would not be willing to do that, even if nothing shows in the picture. Sorry for the long post, but again - would this reduce my chances of being signed by an agency? Do they ask you if you are willing to take these kinds of photos when being signed? Thanks! 

Hi, Anonymous! You're lucky you'll be so close to the LA market...there are plenty of agencies worth submitting to, especially since you're 5'8". You can submit to as many agencies as you want at the same time, so definitely send your photos and info to as many as you fit the requirements for. Don't forget to attend all the open casting calls as you can as well. Many agencies in the LA area have open calls and are worth going to since it increases your odds, compared to just mailing or emailing your submission.

Below are agencies in the area you'll want to check out:

Bleu Model Management

Elite Model Management - Los Angeles

Ford LA

I Model and Talent

Next Management LA

Siona Entertainment

BMG Models - LA

L.A. Models

Nous Model Management

Q Model Management - LA

Wilhelmina Los Angeles

The type of risque photos you mentioned are what is known as "implied nudity" in modeling. You don't have to show that type of skin if you don't want to. When you get signed to an agency, they will have a sit-down with you to discuss how they would like to market you and will find out what your comfort zones are by asking what you would and would not be willing to do. For example, you'll be asked if you're okay with things like nudity, implied nudity, modeling for an alcoholic brand, cigarettes, fur, etc.

Implied nudity or nudity in general in modeling is never something forced onto a model so you shouldn't worry about that and it shouldn't heavily impact whether or not you'd get signed. Not all modeling gigs demand implied nudity so it wouldn't be like they couldn't get you anything if you decided to not do it. So you're good to go! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much! Question: Should I go about approaching these agencies with a certain priority in mind (I'm assuming Ford, Elite and then Wilhelmina, and then LA Models...???) and then work my way down from there if I get rejected? Or should I go about all of them at once and just see what happens, since in the end I do not have a ton of control over it if I am the best I can possibly be...?

Lastly, how strong should my walk be when going to open calls? I don't really know how to do the proper walk yet (idea: could you do a video tutorial for walking? Or perhaps this has already been done...)

Also, this doesn't apply to me 100% but say someone had no idea how to walk, no clue how to pose, etc. but had the right look for that agency...would they still be signed? Overall/in general? I know there are many possible ifs/ands/buts to it...

Thank you for all of the help, everything in your last post to me was very informative and reassuring to hear.

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! I'm going to answer your question right here so that everything is all in one post for you to refer to. :-)

Apply to all of the agencies at the same time. You don't have to submit to one, wait to see if they reply and then submit to the next. This will give you maximum results as far as seeing who is interested, who isn't, etc. Never wait around for any agency to reply, especially if an agency that is just as good is interested in you.

If you're not very experienced, agencies won't expect you to have a killer walk. They are more than willing to train their new models. When you walk for them during your casting/interview, they'll be looking at how your body moves and how comfortable you are with walking. The other stuff can be tweaked and taught. Here is the link to my blog post that has a helpful tutorial for doing a basic runway walk that you can use to practice with:


In the post, you'll want to click on the link I have for the female runway walk...the video embedded in the post is for male models.

If a model is clueless about stuff like walking and posing, it is going to affect their changes of getting signed. But the bigger question that agencies will take into consideration is "Can the model learn these things?" Being coachable and a fast learner will work in a new model's favor in such a situation.

I'm glad I was able to help you out and you're always free to ask any other questions you may have...I'm always happy to answer them!