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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #308

Candy Wrote:

Hi Dania,

I came across your blog when searching for tax information. I have been on the IRS site for hours and can't seem to find the form that I need to file as a freelance model working overseas.

I have been reading quite a bit and have not found my answer, so I thought I would go ahead and ask you:)

I read your blog on taxes that was written back in 2009. The only answer I was not able to find on that blog was what tax form was used to file your taxes.

I hope you are able to help me:) 

Hi, Candy! I hope I'm able to help you, too. :-)

There is no specific tax form in order for you to file as a freelance model working overseas. As you may or may not know, in the USA, clients often ask models to fill out a W9, which allows them to then send the models they've worked with a 1099 form for their tax filing purposes for that year. However, in other countries, they operate very differently and forms like the W9 and 1099 may not even exist over there. While I have not modeled overseas, I have provided writing services to a company that was based in Switzerland. When tax season came around, I emailed them to ask for the form I could use for my taxes. It was at that time they informed me that no such forms or tax documents existed in their country so they could not provide me with that information.

That being said, what you will have to do (and what I have been doing since I've been freelance modeling) is report your earnings to the IRS by turning in any of the following documentation to whoever will be doing your taxes:
  • Paycheck stubs showing the amount(s) you've earned from your overseas clients
  • Copies of any invoices you used to bill clients directly
  • Copies of the check(s) you've deposited into your bank account (I don't know what bank you use but I have Bank of America and their online banking services have a feature where I can look up a scanned copy of any checks I've deposited, which I can then print a hard copy of, if needed)
As long as you report the money you've made and have the documentation to show for it, that should be enough to sufficiently take care of your taxes in lieu of having the tax forms. Please note that this info I've given you is based on my own experiences and research but is not meant to replace actual tax advice from a professional tax expert. Hope that's helpful!


Dll_18 said...

I'm a guy so hopefully you can answer my question.I'm 17 turing 18 in a week. I'm 5ft10.5 or 5ft11. My waist is 29" and my chest last measured at 37" which may have changed slightly and broad shoulders(will that be a problem like with suits). I'm not actually sure if I have model potential despite what people say and also I have some acne on my face and back but not noticable from a distance but I do have a strong intrest I'm the industry. .What do you think? How are my chances?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, DII_18! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #309." Thanks for reading!