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Friday, January 27, 2012

Quick Tip #36

Category: Castings
For: Male & Female Models

When you submit to a casting and are then asked to contact the client by phone, don't assume they'll know exactly who you are when they call. Clients that cast for modeling gigs are often juggling several projects at the same time and if they've never met or worked with you before, chances are they're going to need you to jog their memory. Don't take offense--that's just how it is sometimes and it isn't personal.

When you call the client and they answer, greet them with your name but also add on where they should know you from.

For example:

"Hi, this is Dania Denise from the Model Mayhem casting for...[insert project name]"

"Hi, this is Dania Denise...I applied for the lookbook shoot for...[insert project or designer name]"

Adding that extra piece of info will help them remember who you are and why you're calling a lot faster. You don't want to have them guessing, which can be awkward. Unless you're a supermodel, people aren't going to know you off your name alone. ;-)

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