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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #299

Anonymous Wrote:

What is the level of importance of having knowledge of designers when going to open calls for top agencies? Should we at least have favorite designers? Also, is it morally wrong to want to be a model but not have a strong interest in fashion? 

Hi, Anonymous! If you're trying to get signed to a top agency that represents fashion models, it is extremely helpful to have at least basic knowledge of designers and their work. You don't have to be an expert fashionista but at least recognize huge names like Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson, Versace, etc. Agencies do like to ask potential models who their favorite designers are so if you need to brush up on your knowledge in this area, do this sooner than later. Don't just memorize names, make sure you know "why" you like certain designers. This doesn't require fancy terminology or anything--it can as simple as, "I really like how sleek and modern Vera Wang's dresses are. They're not too overdone but always look elegant." It helps to be able to back up why you like a certain designer's style over another. NEVER badmouth a designer's work. If the agency asks your opinion of a designer whose work you don't like, reply with something polite like, "Their style isn't usually what I go for but I think their work is really creative/unique."

In the fashion world, it is seen as very uncool to not have at least some interest in fashion. A "strong" interest isn't mandatory but like I said above, you should be able to at least have a basic conversation about the topic. If an agency knows you're familiar with fashion, it gives them peace of mind, compared to someone who knows zilch, which may negatively affect the way they perform in a photoshoot or in a fashion show. Many people that know nothing about fashion tend to be overly critical, harsh or plain uninterested in the clothes and that's a huge no-no for a working model. It's like wanting to be a writer for Time Magazine but you've never read a single issue.

You don't have to love everything you wear but being excited about trying on outfits and getting to know the designers makes for a better model to work with.


Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks! I really enjoy seeing the variety of clothes in fashion shows, looking at dresses on the red carpet - choosing my favorite..expressing myself through clothes and of course the make-up aspect to modeling..but I've always thought that I wasn't "interested in fashion" because although I can recognize names of designers, I do not know MUCH of their work. However, based off of everything that I just realized to be true for myself, then maybe I am more interested than I thought? What I stated does count as an interest for it, correct? (Even though I don't know a lot about designers yet?) And thank you for the TIME magazine analogy...that really puts it in perspective!

Dania Denise said...

You're welcome! Based on what you just wrote, you have more than enough interest to get you past an agency. :-) You don't have to know the designers to the point that you have their history and career highlights memorized and know the names of their pets, lol. As long as you are familiar with the styles they're known for and recognize the names, you'll be good to go. A basic interest in fashion and clothes is more than enough to suffice.