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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips for Packing Wardrobe for Modeling Shoot & Fashion Shows

A lot of times models will be required to bring "supplemental wardrobe" to their photoshoots or fashion shows. This is done for the purpose of having additional options. However, there are some ideal ways that models should learn how to pack their wardrobe and present it to the wardrobe stylist while on a shoot or in a fashion show.

Perhaps the biggest "don't" of packing wardrobe is to never toss all of your clothes, shoes and accessories into one big bag. This is for obvious reasons: it wrinkles the clothes, make it difficult to find what you need and it just looks sloppy. If this is your method of packing wardrobe currently, it's important to change this bad habit asap.

It is helpful to have packing options for your wardrobe and accessories. Some shoots and shows may only ask you to bring a few things, while other projects may require you to bring nearly your entire closet. Below are ideal wardrobe storage items that are worth investing in over time:

Hanging Garment Bag

Because you can't always guarantee that there will be an iron or steamer on set, it's a good idea to purchase a simple garment bag so that you can have your clothes on a hanger and decrease the chances of them getting wrinkled. I prefer the cloth garment bags that are not transparent. Make sure to write your name on your garment bags as well so that it is easily recognizable. Garment bags can be found at any department store.

Tote Bag

These come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for transporting small wardrobe options that you don't mind getting wrinkled, like swimsuits. They're also great for housing your accessories/jewelry and change of undergarments (bras and panties). You can find tote bags that are plain, fancy, designer or no-name brands.

Small Rolling Suitcase

I personally love these because they are perfect for storing your shoes. I've yet to invest in one but trust me, it's on my to-do list! Sometimes I'm required to bring so many different types of shoes that they end up becoming their own load I have to lug around in addition to my wardrobe items. Having a rolling suitcase that is small enough to hold several pairs of shoes is great when heading to and from locations, not to mention it avoids putting your worn shoes into contact with your clothing, which could result in a stain.

Regular Luggage Suitcase

The traditional suitcase is perhaps my least favorite method for packing wardrobe simply because it requires you to fold your clothes, which means getting wrinkles. But if this is all you have available in the meantime, it will serve its purpose of keeping your clothes in one place and from getting dirty or mixed up with other people's things.

It isn't necessary to purchase the most expense versions of these items. Because these will be exposed to wear and tear over time, make sure to look for products that are good quality as well as affordable. For hanging garment bags, I would recommend buying more than one. The garment bags I bought from Target came in a 3-pack, which was super convenient.

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