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Monday, January 16, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #291

May Wrote:

Ok so this is going to be a very long comment!haha!Ok so i'm 14 years old i've wanted to be a VS model since I can remember and wanted to get signed with Ford models.ive recently measured myself and have the right measurements for vs 34-23-34 and am 5'9''ive had clear skin until this summer when red bulging stretch marks have taken shape on my hips, but, inner and outer thighs.they came so fast that at first i didnt know how to stop them and really didnt know what they were.i didnt know what caused them because i didnt get any taller and have been 115 lbs since i was 12 i was so devestated because it just seemed like i could never do anything in the modeling carrer. i tried everything from coco butter to a derma roller and although they've become lighter the stretch marks havent gone away. I just wanted to say thanku for all the info uve posted about this kind of thing and how modeling is still an option. i was also wondering what kind of cream or anything you used that helped with your stretch marks?sry if what i just wrote was confusing haha but thanku again :) 

Hi, May! Don't worry, I tend to get long winded when I write so no worries about the length of your comment. :-)

I'm glad my post about stretch marks and modeling helped you feel better. You're smart that you got on top of your situation early on. I got my stretch marks around age 14, too, but unfortunately I didn't have the knowledge then that I have now and my mom didn't think to tell me that I should have started treating my stretch marks when I got them. So since mine are super old any kind of treatment would be ineffective so I don't use any special cream or anything on them. Luckily, they got lighter in color and aren't the reddish/purplish type so I just learn to deal with it, lol.

You should continue using the cocoa butter or whatever other cream you've been using because it will continue to keep your stretch marks at a minimum as you get older. It's also important to know that any cream or product you're putting on the area(s) need to be consistent and it takes time for results to show. You can't put a stretch mark cream on and expect to see results in a few days or even one week. Unless the directions say otherwise, being diligent about applying the product twice a day, everyday, for a few months is the best way to see an improvement in your skin. So even if you aren't happy with the results right now, continue using your cocoa butter or other product and just learn to make it a part of your daily routine. While it won't make your stretch marks disappear, this will keep your skin healthier overall, as well as decrease the chances of any new stretch marks appearing. Hope that helps! :-)

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