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Tips for Creating Mood Boards for Modeling Photoshoots

(This post will be especially beneficial to female and male freelance models.)

Although it isn't uncommon for models and photographers to meet up and shoot on the fly, if you're a bit more of a control freak (like myself!) and prefer to have some kind of game plan to follow, then mood boards are going to be one of your favorite tools to utilize in the course of your modeling career.

LOVE putting together mood boards. It helps me visualize what I want and keeps everyone on the same page. I can't stress enough how beneficial it is to learn how to throw one of these together.


A mood board is essentially a collection of reference/inspo images that models and photographers can use for inspiration and serve as a loose guideline of what types of photos they want to capture. Think of it as an illustrative blueprint.

You know that little thing called Pinterest? Well, that's basically today's version of a mood board so if you're familiar with Pinte…

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