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The Importance of Getting a "Confirmation" in Modeling

(This post will be mainly relevant for freelance models but is still good for all models--agency repped or not--to know and be aware of.) Modeling is a business and while the shoots, shows, fittings and castings are all well and good, there is a huge business aspect to having this type of career as well. Freelance models operate as their own agency representation and that means being the direct point of contact between all clients you interact with. Unfortunately, sometimes you'll have to go a bit out of your way to make sure that things are on the up and up. We're all human and sometimes even the most legit and reputable client may be forgetful, have last minute stuff come up or other mishap that could interfere with a project you've agreed to work on together. For this reason, I highly suggest that freelance models make it a priority to practice "confirming" all of their modeling assignments. This includes informal and formal meetings in addition to t

Answering a Reader Question #247

Laura Wrote: Hello! I'm 18 years old and live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I've been scouted twice by a small agency in my hometown called numa models, and scouted 3 or 4 times by mode models. However I haven't really done anything to pursue a career in modeling even though I would love to. I know Heather Marks is signed with mode models, as well as Simon Nessman. Do you think this modeling agency could be considered a 'top' agency? Thank you :) Laura  Hi, Laura! The fact that Mode currently represents two top models like Heather and Simon is a good sign that they are a "top" agency. What helps define an agency's credibility and rep includes the caliber of the models they have on their roster, whether or not they represent any top and in demand models and the names of the clients they've worked with. If they also operate in a Mother Agency role for placing their models internationally, that is also a good sign that they know what they

Answering a Reader Question #246

Evan Wrote: Hi! I am 18 and i wanted to know if i had a chance to become a VS model! i have always loved watching the fashion shows and every time i have watched them i always want to be a VS model! i have also always like watching americas next top model! I have never modeled before though so i have no experience! i am also 5'6 and I am athletic and play sports so i am in good shape and skinny. But, i have always had somewhat big thighs does that matter!? and i dont really know my measurements either. i have brown hair, brown eyes, and im just an american girl, and i have tan skin! I have been told by many people that i am gorgeous and i could model if i wanted to but i never really believed them. but now i would like to model! do you think i have any chance of being able to be a VS model!? Hello, Evan! Unfortunately, at 5'6" you are currently too short to be considered for VS modeling. The height requirement for that type of modeling is the same as tradit

Answering a Reader Question #245

Anonymous Wrote: Is it possible to be a VS model even if you have stretch marks?  Hi, Anonymous! It's not easy to answer that question as a straight "yes" or "no" simply because there are different factors that could play into whether this could be possible or not. For example, if the stretch marks are only minimal and easy to cover with body makeup or if it is in an area that can be concealed with the clothing/lingerie, then chances are it should be okay. But if the stretch marks are extensive and contrast very obviously against your natural skin color then chances are it wouldn't make you as much of a candidate for VS modeling. Since you have to be an agency represented model in New York to even be considered for VS, you'd first have to be accepted by the agency with your stretch marks. If you end up getting signed with your stretch marks as they currently are, that is a good sign that VS would be able to work around them, should the agency subm

Meet the MUA: Sophia Musto - The Arist Behind Dania Denise's Look

I always believe in keeping good company around me. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to have some of my best friends also in the entertainment industry...from makeup artists and hairstylists to photographers, we've all stayed very close since our school days and frequently hire each other for various projects--not to mention plug their name and services for networking purposes. It's all about spreading the word! Professional makeup artist, Sophia Musto, is one such BFF of mine who I've known since high school. I have a handful of MUAs (remember, that's short for "makeup artist") that I keep on hand for my shoots if needed and Sophia is my main go-to-gal for all my beauty needs. She spent years working for MAC and has recently left them to strike it out on her own. I recently brought her on to a project that I was helping to direct but wasn't a model for, which was the T.I.L. Darling 2011 Model Search. I knew I wanted to provide our winner,

Makeup Tools and Tips for Applying Foundation (For Combination Skin Types)

This post is for both freelance and agency represented models. Whether you're attending a go-see, shoot or fashion show, there may be instances where a professional MUA (that's industry shorthand for "makeup artist") won't be available. I highly recommend that ALL models learn how to do their own makeup--it will come in handy and save you a lot of hassle! When it comes to beauty and makeup tips, I always stress that the information shared--either on this blog or elsewhere--is designated for certain skin types. No two people have exactly the same skin so always use caution when trying new products or beauty regimens/suggestions. For those of you that don't already know, my skin type is combination (dry cheeks and oily T-zone, which describes the forehead, nose and chin area) with ezcema and slight discoloration/hyperpigmentation on my upper lip. Yeah, I've got a lot going on with my complexion lol. In my time modeling, I've definitely had to l

Answering a Reader Question #244

Kbrie Wrote: I am 16 years old 5'7 115 pounds and have a c/d cup . DoI have a body that would work? I have always loved being in front of the camera and I was wondering how I would go about pursuing this. Victoria secret modeling has always been my dream . Any tips?  Hi, Kbrie! Unfortunately, I would need your exact measurements (bust, waist and hips) in order to know whether or not your body type would be ideal for VS modeling. Since you have to be at least 18 for this kind of modeling, you still have a few years ahead of you but you're one inch shy of the minimum height requirement, which is 5'8". Exceptions are only made if a model has a spectacular look but this doesn't happen all the time. You also have to live and be an agency represented, working model in New York City, which is known for being the toughest market in the country for models. You are the ideal height for commercial/print. My best piece of advice would be to seek out modeling agencie

Answering a Reader Question #243

Anonymous Wrote: Should married female models be careful when working with male photographers, models, or even clients, especially if they are single and might tempt them to cheat on their husbands? I know some married female models whose husbands caught them cheating with either male photographers, models, or clients, especially through websites like Model Mayhem, Craigslist, or any model/talent social networking site. In addition to that, these female models' husbands divorced them and got custody of their children. I know male models who are married are able to resist such temptation, especially when working with female photgraphers, models, or clients, even when are sketchy, including married ones. But for married female models, it's a lot harder to resist temptation to cheat on their husbands when they are working with male photographers, models, or clients because they easily too close and persistent when a female model is married, even if she keeps saying

Answering a Reader Question #242

Erica Wrote: Hey! I'm Erica! i wanted to know if i had a chance to be a VS model, im 15 and around 1.70 m, weigh 53kg and i have an exotic look. What can i do? i don't live in the US but I'm going to visit in a bit. Maybe ill check out some agencies, how can i get their attention? and also what are some good tips? Thank you :))  Hi, Erica! Unfortunately, you are shorter than the minimum height requirement for VS modeling and too young as well. VS models must be least 18 years of age so you'd have to wait a while even if you were the height they wanted. VS requires potential models to be the same height range that traditional high fashion and runway models are, which is 1.73 m (minimum) but your weight is ideal so you don't have to worry about that. You are allowed to send in your photos to modeling agencies in the USA by email, submitting your pictures through their website or by attending an open casting call. If an agency is interested in you, they&

Answering a Reader Question #241

Ashley Wrote: this blog is so helpful to me thank you so much!! i have one question though- i know you probably get alot of these so sorry about that but i'm 16 years old and 5'6, 105 pounds and my measurements are about 32-23-33. am i to short to model? i often get people asking me if i model but i don't want to go in to it if i am to short to get anywhere. i mean Kate Moss was 5'7 but then again she is crazy talented!!! Also i have one more quick question- do you have any suggestions about the best agencies out there that represent commercial or print models?? i sort of live in the middle of nowhere so there are really no agencies close to me... anyways thankyou!!! Hey there, Ashley! You're very welcome...thank you for being a reader, I greatly appreciate you!!! No apologies needed for asking questions--it all serves the same purpose of educating others like my regular posts do so thanks for sharing your questions! You are NOT too short to model--y

Wow, 2011 Has Been the Year of Modeling 101 Blog Posts!!!

Sorry for being such a spaz right now but I was just looking at my blog post numbers and, boy, have I been kicking butt this year! Back when Modeling 101 - A Model's Diary started in 2007, I did a total of 147 posts that first year. For 2011, it's not even the end of the year officially and I'm already up to 230+ total posts. Of course the bulk of those are due to the flood of posts in my "Answering a Reader Question Series." But I'm not complaining! Like I said before, while I like to have more regular posts than reader question ones, I do recognize that answering these questions does contribute to informing and educating other readers about the modeling industry, in addition to helping the person that posted the questions originally. You will be happy to know that I have been keeping a list of the regular blog posts I plan on doing and so far there's about 16-17 topics I've jotted down...and I continue to add more to that list when ideas pop into

Answering a Reader Question #240

Caroline Wrote: That is great, thank you so much! And I, like you, live in the Bay Area. I am close enough to San Francisco that I could definitely get there in under an hour, but if you know of any other agencies around San Francisco that'd be great too. Thank you for the help!! Caroline  Hi,'re very welcome! Yay, another local blog reader that's close to me! :-) I totally need to do a Bay Area meet and greet soon! Okay, so now that I know that info, below are modeling agencies that have commercial/print/lifestyle divisions. Remember, visit the websites for each agency in order to see what their guidelines for submission are. Unlike other markets, not all San Francisco Bay Area agencies have open casting calls. Boom Models & Talent Look Model Agency JE Model (The box for the requirements for commercial/print models isn't working on the site so you'll have to call/email

Reasons a Modeling Agency May Tell You "No, Thanks"

No one can read an agency's mind--not even me--and this can be frustrating to newbies submitting themselves but not getting the results they want. While each person's experience is unique, there are some common reasons why agencies may tell a model that they are not interested. I felt it would be somewhat helpful to list those reasons here. I'm sure there are some that aren't on this list but this is basically the gist of it, based on my knowledge and experience in the modeling industry: You don't have the right look they want: This could mean a number of things but mainly deals with your physical appearance (facial features, body type, hair type/style, etc). Your look isn't "in" right now: Clients hire models with the looks that fit the trends that are currently selling within the industry--remember, models are needed to "sell" things like clothing, products, accessories, etc. However, the "in" look always changes through

Reality Check: Getting a Modeling Agent Doesn't Guarantee Success

I wanted to speak on this topic because I realize that many model hopefuls believe that once they get a contract, everything is smooth sailing from there and that they'll instantly begin booking work. This post is not meant to discourage anyone--it is meant to inform, educate and prepare newbies for what to expect when it comes to signing with a modeling agency. If you know the reality beforehand this will reduce the culture shock and make going through this experience much easier to handle. It is vital to know that NO modeling agency can guarantee or promise the models it represents that they will book work or become a supermodel. In fact it is illegal for agencies in the USA (not sure about other countries) to tell models that they can get them work and that they'll be super successful by signing with them. It's just not possible to promise that to anybody. When you sign with an agency, yes, you're way ahead of the game and your chances of pursuing a modeling ca

Answering a Reader Question #239

Caroline Wrote: Hey Dania! I've been an avid follower of your blog for quite some time now and I have question for you: do you think there's potential in someone with 34D-26-36 measurements? I'm 5'9" and have been dreaming of modeling for years, but have always been held back by a) the fact that I'm not skinny enough for most agencies and b) how my family has discouraged it because they are hyper-intellectual. I often get the offhanded "hey do you model?" remarks, and after serious consideration I have decided to look further into it. If you have any piece of advice, or really anything at all to tell me, I cannot express how grateful I would be. And it would be awesome if you knew of any agency that takes girls my size. I understand that I'm not huge, but I'm definitely curvier than many fashion models out there. Thank you so much!!! Caroline Hey, Caroline! That's great that you're interested in seriously pursuing mode

Answering a Reader Question #238

Kat Wrote: Thank you so much Dania I really appreciate you answering my question especially because of the holiday. I'm curious though what do you think makes a pretty smile in a man or a woman. Is a pretty smile genetic or can someone be taught how to smile pretty I'm just wondering.  Hey, Kat! You're very welcome! The Thanksgiving feast has been consumed and my family is now in lazy mode so I thought I'd indulge my inner workaholic and get online to see what was up. :-) It's hard to accurately answer what makes a smile ?pretty" in a man or a woman. I think the "stereotypical" definition of a pretty smile is one where the teeth are pearly white, straight and free of things like gaps, snaggletooths, etc. However, in my opinion, I think a person's overall expression and warmth they project through their smile is what really makes for not just a pretty smile but a genuine smile, even if their teeth/smile has a flaw or two. I hope that ma

Answering a Reader Question #237

Tu Linh Wrote: Hi Dania, my name is Tu Linh. I have a lot of things to ask you. I'm Asian and do you think i can be a supermodel? I don't want to make fake noses though :-(. I'm 9 and about to turn 10. I don't think that modeling classes are in my country but what does exactly a modeling class does? Like Alessandra, she took modeling classes can read it on Wikipedia. ...say that she took modeling class, and did she sign or what to start modeling for Dilston Stein? And how did she really end up at Victoria's Secret? Like you said which is the best agency? And after being signed ,they just take us to do photo shoot or what? Please answer, PLEASE!!!If at the age of 12-13 can I be signed , then when i get older can i change to Victoria's? They said that Candice was spotted when she was 15, but she just walk and took photos and then changed to Victoria's? How did she change to Victoria's Secret?And how did she became an angel then

Answering a Reader Question #236

Kat Wrote: hey Dania i was wondering would you be willing to look at my amateur online portfolio and could you give me advise on what to improve for my pictures and my overall look that would be greatly appreciated. Hey, Kat! For your privacy I removed the links you included with your comment here, although they were published when I accepted your comment on the post you put it on (I can't edit anyone's comments on there). In terms of ways you can improve your pictures, I would recommend choosing outfits that flatter your skin tone and figure. Since you have a darker complexion you want to stay away from colors like reds, yellows and oranges. Pastel colors in blues, greens and shades like heather gray will be more flattering to your complexion. You also want to make sure that you use powder to take care of "hot spots" on your face, which is industry lingo for shine. A shiny complexion never photographs well. So always keep that powder handy...not only does i

Answering a Reader Question #235

Alexis Wrote: Hey, I was just wondering, once you realize that you want to be a model, what's the first thing you do? How should I start? Hi, Alexis! Once you've been bitten by the modeling bug, the first thing you need to do is find out what type of modeling you are eligible for. This is mainly determined by your height and measurements. After knowing the category of modeling you fit into, the next step is to find a legit modeling agency that will help market you and book you modeling assignments. It's best to search online for the websites of modeling agencies within no farther than a 2 hour's drive from where you live. Check out the following links, which will help point you in the right direction: Where Do You Start? The Different Types of Modeling

Answering a Reader Question #234

Jennifer Wrote: Hi Dania! My name is Jennifer and I'm 12. I have a quick questions, why do boys find it odd that a girl has a 6 pack? I have a baby one and its progressing everyday because of how much exercise i get. Any tips? Hi, Jennifer! In general, men are known for having 6 packs instead of women. For the boys your age, it definitely is not a common thing they are used to seeing, which is why they think it may be "odd." But just because you have a small one doesn't make you odd at all and you shouldn't become self conscious about it, either. If it is because of the exercise you're doing, that is fine--it's just a sign that you're in great physical shape and are perfectly normal! :-)

Addressing a Reader Comment #6

Taylor Wrote: I have braces and went to a agency and they told me to come back when I get them off. But I really want to start my modeling career like now!  Hi, Taylor! I wanted to address your comment on my blog post about modeling with braces because I can definitely hear the eagerness in your words. I know it sucks to have to wait around for your braces to come off but I will say to keep the following in mind: - The agency asked you to come back...that means they are interested in you and that is a huge plus. They simply could have said "no" and that would be the end of that. - Even though they told you to come back after your braces are off, at least you know you'll have something to look forward to. - You have the option of submitting to other agencies to see if they have the same feedback or if there's one that would be willing to sign you with your braces (not common but it does happen). If you're just so eager to model that you can't co

Answering a Reader Question #233

Katherine Wrote: Hi Dania I have a question about snap shots to send to agencies. I was told by an agency to send pics in but to not smile in my pics my first question is why would they ask that. Why would they want a pic with out a smile and my second question is how do i take good pics with out smiling but i don't want to look mean or hard so can you clear this up for me how do i relax my face and still look nice and can you mention tips on how to take a good Polaroid please.  Hey, Katherine! Each agency has its own reasons for asking for different types of photos. When it comes to snapshots in general, they want to see how photogenic you are in various expressions. Many people automatically smile in photos but many models do poses and expressions that don't involve smiling but instead have a more serious, closed-mouth look. So they want to get an idea of how well you photograph in as natural of a state as possible and how you look doing such an expression. Fee

Answering a Reader Question #232

FionaAlanna Wrote: Hey Dania! I was just wondering if you had any tips for doing free-lance modeling? Like, how would you go about finding jobs or getting your name out there? Thanks for your time!  Hey, FionaAlanna! I do have tips for modelings interested in freelancing. Here are links to a couple of blog posts I've done about this topic...they should give you more insight into the freelancing: Freelance Modeling What Is Freelance Modeling? The Main Components Freelance Models Need to Market Themselves Successfully Tips for Being a Successful Freelance Model

Answering a Reader Question #231

Kayla Wrote: hi diana! my names Kayla, and okay so, i have ALWAYS wanted to be a model ever since i was little..My dream job would be a VS model but i know i am too short for that. i am 16 years old, and im 5'0". how would i get to become a model at all? its not like you see alot of models that are 5 foot.. you know? Hi, Kayla! At your age and height, you'll have little luck with modeling agencies, unfortunately...unless you happen to find one that has a teen modeling division with a flexible height requirement. So that could be your first option to look into. Other than that, freelance modeling is your next best bet because you act as your own agent and find your own work. It is much more challenging and harder to do, not to mention you'll need at least one parent/guardian present at all times and being the point of contact for anyone you plan on working with since you are underage. Right now those are your two alternatives.

Answering a Reader Question #230

Anonymous Wrote: Hey Dania! I yesterday got in the WOMEN model agency, and I'll be doing commercials/prints. They said that we'll be doing some professional photos and that I need to bring some clothes to wear. So my question is, what to bring? Thank you in advance :)  Hi, Anonymous, thanks for the question and a huge congrats on getting signed to WOMEN! While I am greatly flattered that you would ask me about this, my first suggestion would be to ask this question directly to your agent. They won't mind since they are your go-to-people for all things related to your modeling career and will gladly help you out. You'll be better off with following what wardrobe they recommend--after all, they'll be the ones choosing the final images to use in order to market you to clients. However, I still want to answer your question so that you have both ends of the spectrum or in the event that your agent doesn't have any specific suggestions for you (I doubt that,

Did You Know...? #6 almost every photoshoot I've done, I've stuck my tongue out at the photographer while he/she was taking my picture? It's true! The same goes for acting/video shoots (I'll make a goofy face while the crew is busy checking the shot, adjusting the framing, etc.) . I'm a total goofball on set and love to make others laugh. Life's too short to be so serious all the time!

Latest Casting: Nike Vision

A little over one week after signing to a new modeling agency, I went to my first casting for Nike Vision Eyewear. If booked, I would be paid $1,000 + 20% (agency commission) for working a full day (10 hours) or $600 + 20% for working a half day (5 hours). According to my agency's instructions, I was told to dress sporty or hip/street casual. The wardrobe description was a bit vague so my agent sent a few images of Nike Vision's previous ads so I could get a better idea of what to wear. I decided to go with hip/street casual: dark blue skinnies, Converse sneakers that were white, black and pink and a solid colored, maroon tanktop. I was a bit torn between wearing the tanktop and a t-shirt that was the same pink color as my shoes but ultimately I went for the tanktop because the pink t-shirt had a graphic on the front that I thought would be too distracting. I wore my hair down and curled. Makeup-wise, I kept it natural: concealer, blush, powder, mascara and lip color (MAC

Dania Denise: New Agency FAQ

As you've probably already read on my recent post, "The Latest on Dania Denise - November 2011: New Agency Representation!!!" I've got a new agent and am very excited to see where things go with new representation. I'm sure you've got some questions about this experience to ask me about so I decided to list a few that I felt would more than likely come up (of course if you've got a question that isn't covered here, feel free to ask away!): Q: How much did you pay to sign with your new agent? A: Not a dime! Q: Why didn't you have to pay any money? A: Scout is a legit agency that does not charge any upfront fees. Because I already have experience and photos, they didn't require me to do test shoots with photographers to build my portfolio. Q: How did you leave your other agency? A: I got an email from my agent at the time, saying my contract was up for renewal. They attached the paperwork and asked me to return it to them, signed. I r

The Latest on Dania Denise - November 2011: New Agency Representation!!!

I can't believe it's already the holiday season! 2011 has indeed flown by like the other years before it but for some reason, this year has gone by at lightening speed! As usual, I like to keep my readers updated on the latest "happenings" in my career. The biggest piece of news I have is that I've got a new modeling agent!!! After 3+ years with my previous agency, I decided I wanted a fresh start. It was definitely nothing personal--I simply felt the itch to have a more aggressive agent behind me who would work with me one-on-one to really find the gigs that fit my look and stats to a tee. Like everyone else, I visited the websites for local modeling agencies in my area and submitted myself to the ones whose requirements I met. I snail mailed 3 submissions and did the rest through email and by filling out electronic forms directly on the agency websites. After not hearing back from anyone about two months later, I happened to work with a model named Sarah w