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Modeling Invoices

(This post will be more helpful for freelance models.) Freelance modeling means that you not only act as your own agent and find your own work, you also have to deal with money and paperwork. While modeling agencies use vouchers in order to receive payment for their models and their company, freelance models can turn to a modeling invoice. You can find samples of modeling invoices online (make sure it is for actual modeling and not product modeling or some other type of invoice) or you can create your own in Microsoft Word. The invoice does not have to snazzy or impressive--it simply serves the purpose of stating who is receiving payment, the hours worked, and the agreed upon rate. The most important information to have on your modeling invoice is your full name (even if you use a model might want to add a line stating which is your legal full name and which is your model alias), your mailing address, contact number, email, the name of the shoot/project you worked fo

Answering a Reader Question #27

Lulu Wrote: Hi Dania, I see you talk about Parts Models in NYC, but I live in Los Angeles. Does it make sense to send any photos to them? Hi, Lulu and thanks for the question! After reviewing their site, it does not say they specifically only represent parts models within a certain area or region so you should definitely give it a shot and send in pictures. Even with the distance, if they really like you, I'm sure they will work with you around the whole distance situation. They may even only book you for work in the LA area. Who knows? But there's only one way to find out! Good luck! PS: I've been told this answer I provided is wrong and plain crazy to advise someone. To back up my answer, I see nothing wrong with sending an application to an area you are not located in. Even if it is just to receive a rejection notice. You never know what is possible unless you try and because of petite models like Isobella Jade, the world of parts modeling is gaining momentum. Will it ou

Answering a Reader Question #26

Gadget Girl Wrote: Hi..informative blog. Thanks for posting. I'm not a model or actress. I will be working with a photographer and was doing some research. Would you have any info on resources for photographers for printing comp and Zed cards at the "best" prices? Thanks. Nannette Hi, Nannette and thanks for the question and compliment! As far as resources for printing affordable Zed cards, here are a few websites you can turn to in order to shop around and compare prices...hopefully one of them works out for you and the photographer you're working with:

Answering a Reader Question #25

Anonymous Wrote: Hi, I have been with an agency for over 12 months and have now resigned.They are telling me they can charge me commission if I work for their client direct.I don't think this is possible. My contract had no time limit or information regarding fees which I don't think is legal.Can you advise? Cheers BB To restate what you've said so that I can make sure I've got the information correct: Your agent said they could charge you commission if you worked for a client that you found on your own with no assistance from them, correct? If so, I don't believe this is legit...and the only way this would be allowed is if that statement is in your contract. Unfortunately, I have not read your contract but it sounds like you've searched through it pretty thoroughly. You said "their client"...does that mean you have been working a side gig with a client that you booked through your agency in the past? There can be legality issues here when a client who

Dania Denise - Featured Model on 3 Different Sites

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that within a short span of time, I've been chosen as a featured/spotlighted model on three different websites. They're all pretty brief profile overviews of myself and my career but it's been giving me a lot of great exposure and has introduced me to some of my newest fans. Check it out! Featured Model - In Focus Model - Miss Online Cutie of the Day - Cutie Central (the Cutie Blog)