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In My Own Words: Dania Denise Interview (The Over Exposed Podcast)

It's always cool when I get contacted by people wanting to interview me about my modeling career and/or blog. This latest opportunity was for a great website that just launched and is all about interviewing and spotlighting people, especially women, who are successful business owners that use social media and branding to promote themselves. The head honcho of the site Over Exposed, Umar, emailed me after coming across my Modeling 101 blog. He loved what I was doing so much that he chose me to be his first interview for the Over Exposed Podcast's first episode. For anyone that's interested, the podcast can be heard right on the Over Exposed, Inc. website, as well as on iTunes. In my own words, you'll hear me talk about a range of topics, from how I got started in the modeling industry, to advice for new models and even the craziest things I've done to get a gig: The Over Exposed Podcast Interview: Dania Denise The Over Exposed Podcast Interview: Dania D

Quick Tip #61

Category: Modeling Agencies For: Male & Female Models Do you have more than one agency to submit to? Make sure you send out all agency submissions within the same time frame. You don't have to submit to one at a time and wait for a decision before moving on to the next. It's better to submit to all your choices around the same time because it increases the chances of getting responses around the same time period as well. This is especially helpful for those that wind up with more than one offer to choose from. Waiting too long in between to send out agency submissions could result in getting some offers right away but being conflicted because you haven't heard back from the other choices yet (which could take weeks). Contract offers have a shelf life and agencies will only give models a short amount of time to make a decision so help yourself out and send those submissions on their lagging!

Dania Denise Webinar Update #4: Latest Poll Results

Another poll closed! Thanks to those of you that answered the latest poll questions in regards to my webinar that I'm working on. Based on the results, it looks like I'll be scheduling for a Saturday around 3pm (PST). Keep in mind that I live in California...3pm my time shouldn't be too crazy for anybody in the U.S. My international readers, I'm not sure how that would work for you, if it does at all. So I apologize in advance if that time for me means some insane time where you are! For now I plan on making the webinar 1 hour, with an extra 10 minutes set aside to answer questions from attendees afterwards. I've been working on the actual Powerpoint presentation that will go along with the webinar, which you'll be able to see on your screen in order to follow along. My only worry is that I'll be discussing stuff you may already know as a result of being readers of my blog. But then again, there are a lot of posts on Modeling 101 and not everyone who

Manscaping: What Male Models Need to Know

In the dating world, there certainly is debate as to whether body hair on a man is sexy or not. In the modeling world, however, it's a different ball game. Fellas, if you're interested in getting into modeling but are concerned about the amount of body hair you have, there are options. First, let me say that you don't necessarily have to be completely shaved in order to make it as a male model (unless you've got crazy body hair on your back and such a situation, yeah, take all of that off!). The chest is the one area where I believe all male models should be well groomed. Got hairy arms and legs? You can leave those areas alone for now--submit your snapshots or attend open casting calls and find out if the agencies think you should change it. If not, you'll be in the clear. Actually, if you'd rather get feedback about your body hair situation overall before going down the manscaping route, that's totally fine, too. But if your body hai

Dania Denise Interview: PhotoPlace NL (Netherlands)

Remember my blog post introducing the wonderful 40+ model named Maria? Well, she returned the favor by interviewing me for the site PhotoPlace NL, which is a Netherlands based social networking site for the modeling community. I was really happy to be interviewed and it just went live today. I was contacted by the site's owner, who told me my page on the site has already received a number of hits. I don't know if the Netherlands is a market that would be welcoming to my height and look but at least now that part of the world knows who I am! You can click on the link below to check out my PhotoPlace NL interview (the first part is in Dutch but the English translation is further below if you scroll further down the page): Dania Denise's PhotoPlace NL Interview Enjoy!