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Kid Models Should Look Like...Kids!

I get a lot of emails from young aspiring models. And when I say "young," I mean " young ." I think 9 or 10 has been my youngest so far. What gets me is that oftentimes the questions about modeling they ask me have to do with all things not relevant to the age they are now. What I mean by that is, I get emails and blog comments from young girls and boys (mostly girls), talking about how disappointed they are that they don't have curves or a body like a model in order to do Victoria's Secret modeling and if I can give them any tips or tricks to help them grow taller, etc., etc. It's quite shocking from my point of view because they are solely focused on doing modeling that they are currently far too young for instead of looking at the kind of modeling that is readily available to them right now: kid modeling. Kids, tweens and teens are a huge makeup of the modeling industry and there is no shortage of agencies and clients that are always in need