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Modeling FAQs

Even though this blog has been around for a while I still come into contact with new aspiring models that tend to ask questions I've pretty much memorized the answers to. To make things easier on myself and those looking for answers, I decided to do a basic FAQ post. I may add questions from time to time so this post will be updated as needed: Q: Can I model? A: I don't know, can you? Much more information is needed, such as your age, height, weight and measurements (bust, waist, hips for the girls/women and suit, shirt, waist and pants for men). Q: Where do I start? A: Do your homework. Find out what type of modeling you qualify for--your height is a quick way to find this out. Ladies: 5'5"-5'7" means commercial/print, 5'8"-6'0" means fashion/runway/editorial/plus size. Men: 5'9"-6'2" means fashion/runway/editorial. Commercial/print height requirements for men vary but in general they prefer them to be taller than 5

Steps to Take BEFORE Sending Photos to Modeling Agencies

I can't keep track of the countless times I've heard aspiring models talk about how excited they are to send pictures to modeling agencies but have no clue what to send. Getting into the modeling industry is a process, which means there are steps that need to be taken. Jumping blindly into things is a surefire way to put yourself out of the running. Submitting your stuff to modeling agencies should be the LAST step in the process. Before you can send photos you have to figure out which agencies to send them to, right? If you have no idea where agencies are in your area, then it's time to do research and find them. Are they not local? Then you'll also have to consider how seriously you want to pursue modeling. For aspiring models with no legit agencies within a 2 hour's drive, you'll have to make a judgment call as to whether moving/relocating to a larger modeling market is going to be a realistic possibility for you. I'll do a post on that very topic i