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Tips for Finding a Good Casting Agency to Work With

If you had the chance to read my previous blog post, " The Difference Between Casting Agencies & Talent/Modeling Agencies ," you might be thinking about considering the services of a casting agency to help with your modeling career. As with searching for a traditional modeling agency, there are certain things to keep in mind when trying to figure out which companies would be worth your time and which ones you should probably skip out on. Keep in mind that not all casting agencies are created equal and only through research and careful consideration can you find the one tailored for your needs. START LOCAL THEN BRANCH OUT The good thing about living in or near a medium and large size modeling market is the fact that you'll likely have easy access to a casting agency or two (or three!). Starting local is not only practical, it's convenient and cost-effective because the majority of the castings and projects you could book through the casting agency will be