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The "About Me" Section & Your Modeling Career (Pt. I: Facebook)

***This post is ideal for freelance models, especially those utilizing social media to attract potential clients and enhance their visibility online.*** Love it or hate it, social media in particular has helped models of all experience levels and backgrounds build their brand and gain followers in a way that is unprecedented. However, just as eagerly as people are jumping onto the Internet and using social media for their modeling endeavors, the "About Me" section is one specific area where I see a lot of female and male models making mistakes, usually by not filling out this area properly. Am I an expert at writing About Me sections? I feel pretty confident saying, "Yes," not just because I'm a trained writer/journalist but because I've written about myself and my modeling career so many times it isn't even funny. I've experienced firsthand what works and what doesn't when it comes to this subject. I do understand that not everyone is