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Parents of Underage Models: What to Expect

In the United States, models 17 and younger are considered "underage." As a result, they must have the consent and presence of at least one parent/guardian when it comes to anything related to the modeling industry. If you're a parent of an aspiring model, below are some helpful factors to keep in mind to help minimize the culture shock that tends to occur when it comes to having your child working in the modeling industry: 1) The Booker Will Be Your New BFF: At an agency, each model is typically assigned a "booker." This is your go-to-person who will contact you each time a client requests your child to attend a casting or go-see. If it's a season where there is a lot of demand for models with your child's "look," you can expect to receive an abundance of calls and emails. 2) Last Minute Notifications for Castings: Unfortunately, clients don't always plan well in advance when it come so to searching for models for their projects.

Answering a Reader Question #214

KWSM Wrote: Hi Dania. I dont know where i should post the question so i commented it here. I would like to know that if I would want to be a model,is better to enroll in a modeling agency or participate in a modelling competition? My height is about 173 and a weight of 54.Does it meet the minimum requirement to become a model? And one more,does modeling agency seeking international model,i meant model from other country? agency like in New York? Thanks. Kathleen  Hi, Kathleen! Not a can post your questions/comments on any of my blog posts and I'll get an email alert so either way, I'll get your message. :-) Your height and weight are good for fashion modeling so no worries there. 173 cm is the minimum height so you just make the cut. Always go for signing with a modeling agency over entering a modeling competition. Agencies are the direct path to getting into the industry and involves no middleman. Competitions are fun but there tends to be many

Answering a Reader Question #213

Courtney Wrote: I'm 6'2 and about 130 lbs. I'm very thin. I'm very interested in high fashion and runway modeling. Alot of people have told me I should model since a very young age because of my look and especially my height. I never really pursued it because despite what people said I was insecure about being so tall, especially in high school. Now I love my height and am ready to pursue modeling, the only problem is I'm now 23. I still think I look young, and I feel like my height and weight requirements are okay. I'm just worried about my age! Please if you could give me some helpful advice, and if my age isn't an issue could you recommend some agencies that would be a good match for me? I don't know what to do!  Hi, Courtney! So first I want to apologize because I could not tell from your question/comment whether you are a male or female (I know both men and women named Courtney and there are male models I know of who are that height

Answering a Reader Question #212

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania! I wanted to know more about modeling over-seas. I'm in the process of signing a contract with a mother agency in Thailand and I would love to know how it is to work and live as a model in a foreign country! Thank you!  Hi, Anonymous! Congrats on your offer to work in exciting! I've never had the opportunity to model overseas so I don't have any personal experiences/advice to give you but below are some tips to consider from fellow models I know who have worked and modeled in other countries: Pack Wisely: Stick to bringing your must-have toiletries, makeup products, skin care items and other personal things for grooming. This is especially important since Thailand may not carry the exact products in their stores that you normally would go out and purchase regularly. Do not over pack! The only thing aside from toiletries that you should bring include plenty of extra underwear (this is the best solution in case you're n

Answering a Reader Question #211

Georgia W. Wrote: hi i am 12 and i want to start a small modeling career but i have braces and my teeth agent as bad as they could be but i do have a gap between my front teeth. so what are my chances and are there any modeling agencies that specialize in children/teenagers? PLEASE reply.  Hi, Georgia! At your age, having braces actually wouldn't count against you too much since there are clients that need girls your age with that type of look. If you do child/teen modeling, they'll be more welcoming to you having braces, compared to if you were trying to get into fashion modeling (which you're still too young for right now anyway). So to answer your question, I think you would still have a fair shot at modeling while you have your braces...the decision ultimately is up to the agencies you submit yourself to, as well as how long you have until your braces will be removed. That being said, there are modeling agencies that have child/teen divisions. It is best to

Answering a Reader Question #210

Mrs. DMZP Wrote: Hi Dania, I wonder about fashion height requirements. I thought 5'7 was the minimum? I am 5'7 and I was told that I am too short for runway by some and that I barely make it by others. Can you give me a definite answer?  Hi, Mrs. DMZP! Okay, so to officially answer your question once and for all, 5'8" is the minimum posted on agency websites that represent fashion, runway and editorial models. There are only two exceptions to this: 1) If a model is young, typically between the ages 14-16. Some fashion agencies allow models in this age range to be 5'7" (or sometimes even 5'6" in some markets) because they know there is still time for them to grow taller. 2) If a model has an amazing look that the agency knows will market well and result in getting a lot of work. This is definitely a case-by-case basis. While 5'7" is one inch shy of the minimum requirement for fashion modeling, it is the ideal height for comm

Answering a Reader Question #209

Anonymous Wrote: I am nearly five ten and have the measurements for a model. The only thing is that I don't have a slight frame (if that makes sense) will this cause problems if I try to pursue a career in modelling?  Hi, Anonymous! If you have the measurements for a model (I'm assuming you're referring to the standard of 34-24-34?), that should mean you have the slight frame, unless you're a bit more curvaceous? For runway in particular, the industry prefers its models to have little to no curves or a slim build in most cases. Since you didn't describe what your body type actually is (curvy, athletic, busty, muscular, etc.), I can't say for sure whether that would make it difficult for you to pursue modeling but you definitely have the height. Sorry I couldn't be of more help but if you want to share additional info to give me a better idea of your situation, you can post another question in the form of a comment on this post or email me at daniadeni

Answering a Reader Question #208

Brooklyn Wrote: I'm Brooklynn I have always wanted to model specially for Victoria secret. I'm 18 years old at 5'5" 125lb with a curvy body. I'm not signed with any agency but is there anything that could help me towards becoming a Victoria secret model?  Hi, Brooklyn! Unfortunately, you aren't tall enough to be a Victoria's Secret model. Your weight and body type are right but you need to be fashion height in order to be considered (5'8" - 6'0") and you would have to be an agency represented model by Elite or Ford in New York (or another top fashion modeling agency in that market). At your age you more than likely won't get taller so sadly, VS probably won't be possible for you. However, you are the ideal height for commercial/print modeling. I would strongly recommend looking into agencies with commercial/print modeling divisions and submitting yourself.

Answering a Reader Question #207

Anonymous Wrote: I an interested in becoming a fit model. My measurements are 33-23-32 5'5 118pds. I was wondering if I'm too small for this type of modeling?  Hi, Anonymous! Your measurements are small but that doesn't necessarily mean you couldn't be considered for fit modeling. The catch with this type of modeling is that you need to find clothing companies that need models with your statistics. When clothing companies post castings for fit models, they'll list the specific sizes and measurements they are looking for. So you'll have to actively search for these kinds of castings and see if you are what they want. You'll want to focus on companies that make their clothes in sizes XS-SM and/or Petite/Junior. Fit models must be within a half inch of the measurements they want so keep that mind. 

Funny Dania Denise Tearsheet Moment

As I like to say, tearsheets are better than money for models because they are direct proof that a model has been published, regardless of where it is. Imagine my surprise when I received a post on my Facebook Wall from a girlfriend of mine, stating that I was in her college textbook! LOL. She said soon as she opened to that page in class, she started freaking out. I can only imagine how crazy her classmates must have thought she was, claiming to know one of the people in the book! Hahahahaha. I had no idea what image it could have been, so I asked her to take a pic and post it on my Wall, which she did. It happened to be a shot from a stock shoot I did years ago for a local photographer who sells her images on the website Her stock photos sell very well because the very same image also appeared in an online section of the PG&E website (that photo is the smaller one associated with this post in the upper right corner). I tell ya, when it comes to doing stock ph

Wow, I've Answered 200+ Reader Questions!!!

I just had to reflect quickly on the fact that in the life of my blog, I've answered over 200 questions from my beloved readers! That's quite an accomplishment! I remember just a year or so ago, I was working with a videographer friend of mine and he looked up my blog while we were working. At the time I think the "Answering a Reader Question Series" was in the mid 70s and he said that he was impressed because that was a lot of questions. Man, what would he say now?! :-) I must admit, at first I was worried about having so many Reader Question posts on my blog. I didn't want people to think the entire blog was devoted to Q&A but then I realized that the answers shared in those posts were still informing and helping people interested in pursuing a career in the modeling industry. However, I do want to state that I plan on continuing to include traditional blog posts but clearly people have tons of questions to ask so from time to time, most of my posts may co

Answering a Reader Question #206

Jessika Wrote: Dania, Hello.. My name is Jessika, I'm from Florida and I have always dreamed of being a Victoria Secret Model. I'm going to be 21 in four months and I'm like inbetween 5'8 and 5'9. I have been in a size 00, 0, & 1 since like 9th grade. Lol. To my understanding, I have to try to get signed with Elite or Ford modeling company? I tried John Robert Powers or Robert John Powers a few years ago and they wanted me. They were going to pay for me. That's what is supposed to happen, correct? I didn't do it because they wouldn't pay for my cousin, but now I know that that was a huge mistake. Or is JRP not a well enough known agency? Everyone that I work with keeps telling me that I need to be a VS Model. What else could I do to possibly even get considered for a casting? Hi, Jessika! Thank you for asking a question that isn't already answered in the Victoria's Secret post itself! LOL. You are correct, to have the best sh

Answering a Reader Question #205

Self Conscious Wrote: Hi Dania, Lately I have been being picky about my appearance. I am fine wardrobe wise, but self appearance is tough and being a model it also doesn't help especially when I have photoshoots and i don't like my face. As I get older and develop it seems to me i feel less and less prettier. I am jealous of my friend because what i believe is my best feature gets complimented on by me (mostly my eyes) but she get all the ones i worry about like my hair and she doesn't have acne. I'm the only one in my group that has already started developing so it's awkward when I have acne and they have baby soft skin. As you can see I am very self conscious, is there a way that I can feel pretty or beautiful while just looking in myself in the mirror or when I see my reflection? ~Self Conscious~  Hi, Self Conscious, thank you so much for sharing such a personal question/situation. That takes a lot of courage to do. The ongoing issue of picking

Answering a Reader Question #204

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania! I recently opened a profile on and I've been getting offers from photographers to shoot. How can I tell which ones are legitimate and which ones might be a bit sketchy?  Hi, Anonymous! Great question, thanks for asking it! When dealing with photographers on Model Mayhem, commonly known as MM, the following are factors that you should consider to try and see who is for real and who is not (being a member of MM myself, I also follow these same guidelines): Strength of Their Portfolio: Nothing shows a photographer's talents like the images displayed in their portfolio. Check out their MM portfolio to see what kinds of models they shoot, the quality of the images and their style. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between a photographer with a great "eye" and one whose style is amateurish. It also helps if they have photos that reflect the type of modeling shots you want in your portfolio. For example, if yo

Answering a Reader Question #203

Lucp92 Wrote: Hi I'm a little concerned about my contract I just signed and I almost feel like it's not a legit company. But like any contract its hard to get out of but I want to get out of it! What should I do? Please help   Hi, Lucp92. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with such a situation, yikes! What is it about your contract that makes you feel like they aren't legit? Knowing that info will help me give you more accurate advice about how to handle this. If you want, you can email me more details about your contract at: Since I don't know the specifics, below is a general answer: Any contract has what is known as an "Exit Clause," which is a specific part of the contract that explains how to terminate it. Go through your contract page by page (hopefully it isn't super long) and look for this clause. If no such clause is there, then look for a phrase/sentence that says something along the lines of, "Either part

Answering a Reader Question #202

3strandedcord Wrote: how much should i charge if im going for a TVC outside the country?  Hi, 3strandedcord! Unfortunately, since I don't know any details about the nature of the project you're asking about, I can't really give you any specific info. Also, I'm not familiar with the term TVC...could it possibly mean Television Commercial? If the client that wants to hire you is asking you to provide your own rate and has not established what they are willing to pay, the most important thing to secure from them is to have your transportation and accommodation/housing expenses covered. That is the first place to start. You shouldn't have to come out of pocket for that, especially if they want to hire you to work outside of the country. Start there and then see what they say. In general, such a project should be charged a flat, daily rate. If you would like more assistance with this and have details you can give me to work with, email me at:

Answering a Reader Question #201

Maya Wrote: Hi Dania! I'm Maya, 16 years old and I'm only 170 cm high.My measurements are: bust 79cm,waist 57cm,hips 86cm, and my weight is 47kg.I want to apply to International Scouting Office, but I'm most concerned about my height, and also are my measurements good for modeling? Do I have any chance competing with all those tall models? :)  Hi, Maya! At your current height you are considered "short" for fashion modeling. Chances are the International Scouting Office probably would pass on you for fashion/runway/editorial modeling since nearly all of their female models currently on their site are 176 cm or taller. However, you should find out if they also represent commercial/print models, which you are the ideal height for. As far as your measurements, you're super small, which is always a plus for the industry so no worries there. If you can manage to find a local agency that has a commercial/print modeling division, you would have a better shot

Answering a Reader Question #200

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania, My name is Courtney and i'm 16 and i've wanted to be a model since I was 14. I live in South Florida but I kinda wanted to ask you two main questions. The first one is will I be able to get signed with top agencies such as Ford and Elite with braces. I get my braces off hopefully sometime next year but I want to start modeling now. The second one is would I be able to be successful in modeling with KP (A skin condition caused by your body producing too much keratin and clogging follicles which then hardens to form small pin sized bumps). Sorry for the long post lol I just want this so much and I want to do as much research as possible because I feel that if I put the effort into studying this industry like I study in school I can be successful. Hi, Courtney, and thanks for the questions! There is a slim chance that you could get signed to a top agency with braces. I say "slim" because of the fact that there is not a huge dem

Why Modeling Pay Rates Aren't Black & White

I'm pretty sure this won't be the last time I speak about this topic but lately I've seen a lot of online questions (not through this blog but elsewhere on the Internet) about how much money models can make. Some of the posters want to know the exact figures and other tedious information that simply isn't that easy to provide. This isn't going to be the answer most people want to hear but literally the pay rates completely vary from project to project . The final pay rate is influenced by various factors, including but not limited to: The client (is it a local company or a nationally recognized one?) Nature of the project (is it a photoshoot, a fashion show, an editorial, a print ad?) Duration (how long is the model need for...2-4 hours? An entire day? Multiple days?) The budget (not all clients and companies have big bucks to spend in this area) Level of the model's experience (this is especially the case for freelance models)  Location (major market

Wanna Be a Justice Model?

When it comes to teen (or is it tween?) clothing, Justice is one of the most popular brands out there today. I often see questions online from young girls, asking how they can become a model for this company. So I decided to do some quick research and here is what I was able to find: On the Justice website, under the FAQ section, this is exactly what they say:   How can I become a Justice or Brothers model? Justice and Brothers do not currently have their own models. Depending on the photography requirements, we usually use modeling and talent agencies that represent young people. Justice and Brothers do not offer agency referrals. You may want to contact such an agency in your local area to see what is involved in becoming a model. In other words, any teen girl's best chances of becoming an actual Justice model is to get signed to a modeling agency that currently has Justice as one of its clients. Why? Because it shows that the agency has already provi

Answering a Reader Question #199

Danielle Wrote: Is it normal (or better) for women to submit pictures wearing just a bikini? The example pictures, at least on Ford's website, show the model fully clothed. I don't at all mind submitting pictures in a bikini, but I am just curious as to whether it is more beneficial to do so or not?  Hi, Danielle! It isn't necessarily "better" to take your snapshots wearing a swimsuit instead of regular clothes--what matters most is that whatever you're wearing is form fitting enough so that the agency can see your body type and shape. Wearing an age appropriate bikini is normal for most models submitting their pictures since it really shows the shape, figure and health of a model's skin, however. But in most cases it is not mandatory to do so. When preparing your snapshots to submit to agencies, make sure to note whether the agency websites says it wants you to wear swimwear or regular clothing in the pictures. If they don't state their pref

Answering a Reader Question #198

Anonymous Wrote: Hey Dania, I'm Nicole and I've wanted to be a model since I was about seven (I'm 13 now) but I wanted to know if it will help to start trying to look for modeling agencies now or wait until I'm about fifteen. I have no experience at all and I live in Michigan, do you know of any good places for me look in to? Also I know that this is kind of random but were you in cheer leading? I am but I don't know if it will help (not with a career but keeping my figure). My friends keep saying that I have an amazing hour glass figure but I don't know if that's what modeling agencies are looking for. Plus my parents are really overprotective (it took me three months to convince them to let me wear a bikini!!!), is there any way I can convince them that modeling is not as bad as they think it is before I have to move out from going crazy living with them? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks. Hey there, Anonymous! Alrighty, le