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Red Flags ALL Models Should Know About

Red flags are everywhere and they exist for a reason. The modeling industry is far from perfect and despite the strides in technology and social media that make it easier than ever these days to find out how to submit to agencies and pursue a modeling career, there are still pitfalls that unsuspecting newbies tend to find themselves falling into. Even if I've done a post similar to this one, I think it warrants bringing up again (or at least think of this as an updated post of sorts) to continue educating and informing those of you that aren't sure whether to move forward with a particular opportunity, project or individual/company. Nudity Should Never Be Involved Never. Ever. EVER! Are there very hyper-sexualized images of models in magazines and advertisements? You bet. Sex sells. It's not a secret. However, just because certain fields within the modeling industry rely on selling sex and sexy models, when it comes to newbies submitting to agencies, they don