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ATTN: Modeling 101 "A Model's Diary" Readers - New Poll!

Happy 2024, Modeling 101 Readers! I don't know about you, but I've been busy since the new year started and I couldn't be more excited for all that this year will bring. I also want to make good on my promise to keep the momentum going with this blog.  For now I'm going to aim for 1-2 posts per month and I felt the timing for the beginning of the year was right to ask you guys to respond to this poll below to help me determine the direction this blog should go in from here on out. I'll keep this as a running poll for now with no set deadline...if I get at least 20-30 replies, that'll make the final results much quicker to gauge.  Thank you in advance for taking the time and feel free to vote even if this is your first time visiting my blog or if you haven't checked it out in a while. All your votes count!