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Latest Photoshoot - Stock Photography

So I got my images back from my recent shoot with a really great stock photographer, Jana Le. She found my modeling profile on Model Mayhem's website and liked my look. She sent me an email and it was a done deal! This was actually my first time doing a stock photo shoot, so it was a fun challenge for me. To recap for those who aren't aware of what stock photography is, this type of photography is very similar to commercial, except in a different form. There are many online stock photography websites, where photographers upload their images into galleries. Clients who don't have the time or budget to put together their own shoots and hire models can go to the stock photography websites and download the full-size images for a fee, which the photographer (and in some cases, the models) get a percentage of. These images appear everywhere from website ads to print for fliers, brochures, product packaging, billboards and many more. Here is Jana's portfolio of work (I love h

Answering a Reader Question #13

ki~ki Wrote: So, Dania I have a open call today, I got my head shots and 3/4 shots ready and a pair of heels. I also have been doing a lot of excersing with my boyfriend and eating healthier. We did a lot of running. So, before I go today is there any advice you can give me??????????????????? Thanks Again Hi, Ki-Ki! As far as advice for open casting calls, remember that the agencies want to see the true you…not a version that you feel they should see. Stay true to yourself. They love upbeat, bubbly personalities. Walk in with confidence and stand up straight. Have good posture when standing and when sitting—don’t slouch. Always wear a comfortable smile and above all else, do not overanalyze anything and if you’re going to be nervous, keep that to yourself. Never let ‘em see you sweat! Wear little to no makeup (none is better if you can get away with it) and avoid wearing patterns, logos, brand names, stripes and polka dots. My suggestions for what to wear include: a tank top, cami or b

Answering a Reader Question #12

Troy Wrote: Hi, i hope you can respond to my question. i'm an aspiaring male model, and although i'm sure it'll be different, i was wondering if you knew how to search for modeling gigs without an agent. i'm not saying i'm gonna be amazing all on my own, but i would like a few shoots under my belt before i go to an agency, just so they see i have some experience. i really want your opinion on this at least if you can't help me. There are a few ways you can go about being a freelance model, although let me say first that most modeling agencies do not care if you have previous experience or not. When submitting photos, many state they want non-professional photos but there are others that willingly accept your own modeling headshot. It varies from agency to agency. So if you are concerned about impressing an agency, just know that you don't have to have done shoots before or have your own portfolio. You'd be just fine submitting non-pro pix (headshot, full

Answering a Reader Question #11

Ki~Ki Wrote: As I said before Dania, you do a great job with this blog. It's so helpful to me. But, I did have another question. Exactly how do I lose about 2 to 3 inches off of my waist and hips?????????? I really like my body the way it is now i.e. 34-27-36 but I guess if I want to explore modeling I will have too lose a few inches. Thanks, Ki-Ki, I appreciate the support! I am very proud to hear you say that with your current measurements, you are happy with your body! I hear too many people say the exact opposite…your response is a rare yet refreshing one to hear! That being said, I highly suggest seeing agencies as you are first. If you are happy with yourself right now then take a chance and see what they say. It won’t count against you if they say to lose a few inches and then come back…to be invited back is a good thing! So I see nothing wrong with seeing them now if you’re ready and taking things from there. As far as losing the inches off your waist, this was what informa

Answering a Reader Question #10

Anonymous Wrote: hey! so i have a very random question, but it's been on my mind all morning. this morning i was in the shower and i slipped on some soap, falling down and chipping my two front teeth. i also scraped up beneath my chin quite a bit. i got several stitches on my chin and they believe that it will heal fairly well. my teeth on the other hand will be fixed this monday. the dentist says that it won't be noticeable unless someone is staring very closely at them. i am worried that this will hurt my chances at becoming a model. would photographers be able to fix anything (even if it is very subtle?) sorry this got so long... my teeth were my favorite part of my face, so i just wanted to see what you think. thanks a bunch for reading all this!! i love reading your is so helpful! =] No apologies needed and thanks for being a reader of my blog! Oh, no, that sucks that that happened to you! Well, if the chip is slight and your dentist says it won't be noticeab

Answering a Reader Question #9

Ki-Ki Wrote: All of the information that you post is very helpful. Currently I am looking into modeling and have searched a few websites. I looked at the models on those websites and their waist is usually between 23-25 and hips between a 33-35. My waist is a 27, hips are a 36 and buist a 34. I'm also 6'0. Should I try to lose an inch or two before I go to an open call? While I can say that you will need to lose a few inches to meet the required measurements, your best bet is to hear that from the agencies themselves. I always encourage going to open calls as you are and getting as much feedback from the agencies as possible. It is their advice that is going to dictate where you go from here so even if you know that you should lose a few inches, it helps to get that confirmation from them. Making that initial contact with an agency is important because you may make a lasting impression on them and most agencies are more than willing to let you come back at another date after yo

Tips for Using False Lashes During Shoots

The first time I ever wore false eyelashes was on the set of my 2004 JET Magazine “Beauty of the Week” shoot. I thought I’d never be able to open my eyes—the lashes were so heavy! It was quite a shock to me but soon as I looked in the mirror, I loved the way they looked. Adding false lashes to your photoshoot can add just the right touch of glamour. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning on including a pair in your next shoot. My first piece of advice is to choose your lashes wisely. In case you weren’t aware, there are many types of false eyelashes, all with their own shape, size, and style. Not one pair of fake lashes may work well with all of your looks so it helps to get your own mini collection going. I have about 5 pairs of false lashes. MAC is great for selling top quality lashes at reasonable prices. It helps to get the assistance of someone working there to help you choose the right style. If you get your makeup done at the MAC store and add

Don’t Be Afraid to Return Those Clothes!

Doing shoot after shoot can involve tons of wardrobe, which can be any girl’s dream but if you don’t have the funds to accommodate a growing closet filled with clothes there is always the option of returning it when you’re done with your shoot. I’m being serious! I learned about this secret from a wardrobe stylist I worked with. I went shopping with her at H&M in San Francisco (this was for my portfolio shoot for Ford) and while I loved the clothes, not all of them were exactly outfits I would wear on a daily basis and a couple of them were a tad on the pricier side. She pulled me aside gently after I finished trying on a bunch of clothes and said, “Don’t even worry about the price…tomorrow just return them! We’ll make sure to hide the price tags during the shoot!” I was tickled pink when I heard this. And it is a common practice for everyone in the industry from models to stylists. Hey, not all of us are continuously rolling in dough! My stylist told me that there had even

Modeling Opportunity for Florida Models

There is a great site called that sells really sexy and fashionable clothing and accessories online. You can see their ads on popular sites like Myspace. If you live in Florida, is looking for models, both pro and aspiring to model their fashions, which appear on their website. They are looking to hire models for $40/hour, which each shoot lasting between 2-3 hours. The hours are flexible and you have the chance to pick up more work when other models aren’t available. It’s a great chance to build a portfolio and get exposure, plus experience of course! Your face isn’t always shown in the photos since they want to emphasize the clothes but for promo purposes and online ads, your face will be visible. This is great for models that live in or near Brandon, Florida, which is just outside of Tampa. Note that for models who live further, they don’t compensate for gas or travel but welcome those who don’t live in Brandon. To take advantage of this opportunit

Answering a Reader Question #8

Anonymous Wrote: How does one start commercial/print modeling? The same way you start any type of modeling, my dear: you find local agencies within your area that represent commercial/print models. You should stick to agencies that are no further than a 2 hour drive from where you live. On agency websites they will state what types of models they represent. Make sure they list "commercial/print" as one of them. While the height is more geared towards "shorter" models, there is still a requirement. Ideally the height range for a commercial/print model is between 5'5"-5'7". You can get lucky like me if you're 5'4" as long as you find an agency that likes your look. They'll easily fudge your height to 5'5". If you have no experience, that's fine. Don't spend money on professional photos, modeling schools or classes. At this stage you don't need them. What you need is to find an agency that will help you jump start

Let’s Talk About This “Fat” Issue

It hurts my heart to hear young girls, aspiring models or not, talk about how they feel “fat” compared to the fashion models they see on the runway and in magazines. And I’ve come to realize something—there’s this brainwashing process that’s been unfolding for decades. I know, that may not be news but the actual realization that did occur to me is the fact that the modeling industry’s version of the word “fat” is completely different from the general public’s version—and even the medical community’s version—of “fat.” Think about it: everyday modeling agencies tell models that are super thin and underweight that they are “fat.” They’ve created this industry standard definition of what it means to be “fat.” And unfortunately, that particular term is now being used outside of the modeling industry, with young girls and young ladies now labeling themselves as the industry’s version of being “fat.” Listen to me: unless you are morbidly obese or are grossly heavier than what is propor

Mind Your Hands!

Unless you’re doing a parts gig or modeling jewelry, the condition of your hands is often forgotten. For any photoshoot, you can expect your hands to make an appearance or two so it helps to actually make sure your hands and fingernails are camera-ready as well as your face, hair, and the rest of your body. Nothing looks worse than a great shot with gross looking fingernails and/or hands. You should make sure your hands are properly moisturized. Use a good quality hand cream or lotion. Carry a small tube in your purse so you’re always ready. If you get your nails done regularly, make sure they are appropriate for your shoot. Be mindful whether your acrylic covered fingernails are going to complement or clash with the theme of your upcoming shoot. Unless specified, keep your fingernails clear and free of color and fancy designs. If you want to wear nail polish, choose a color that works with the outfits you’ll be wearing. Even if you don’t get manicures, there are ways to take ca

Answering a Reader Question #7

Anonymous wrote: This is really helpful! I was wondering though if you are on the other side of the spectrum (really tall) if that is a thing that can hinder you from modeling? I'm only 14 and I've already hit the 5'10.5" and I still have a couple more years to grow. Is there a way to be too tall? At this point, you don't have anything to worry about. 5'10" is the ideal height for fashion and runway models. There are models who are 6'0" and while this is typically considered too tall, many agencies gladly downplay the height and will say you are 5'11" instead of 6'0". So don't worry, at this point your height won't hinder you and if you do happen to grow to be 6'0" your agent will fudge your height.

I Love Eyebrow Threading!

My eyebrows are probably one of the things I fuss the most about. I have unruly eyebrows that are actually very curly so it’s not just a matter of getting them shaped and clean…it’s also about taming the hairs with trimming. I started waxing some years ago and while it provided some relief, I still had to deal with my curly hairs and a lot of missed strays—even after the woman doing the waxing did some extra tweezing. About a year or two ago I wrote an article about the art of eyebrow threading, which is an ancient practice that’s been done by Middle Eastern women for centuries. This practice was becoming very popular here in the U.S. but at the time I hadn’t thought about trying it. After managing to find a beautician who waxed my eyebrows perfectly, I thought I was in the clear. Well, she moved away and again I was left without many options until one of her old coworkers referred me to a salon down the street that did eyebrow threading. I figured I knew about it so why not?

You Can't Beat Genetics

It tickles me how many hoops some girls go through in the effort to boost themselves a couple inches so they can be the right height to be a fashion/runway model. While some claim to be able to increase their height through stretching, pilates, yoga, etc., what it all boils down to is genetics. Please take your hands away from your eyes--as much as you hate to read this, I have to give you the truth. If you want to know if you'll be tall enough to do fashion or runway, there are two main options for you. One, visit a doctor who can help you determine based on your lifestyle, eating habits and family history, how tall you could potentially grow. Of course the doctor isn't always right, as I know of a few people who grew more or less than their doctor estimated. Two, look at your family. They are the greatest indicators of all. Do your mom and dad tower over everyone? Are you brothers and sisters short? Are your grandparents on both sides tall, short or average? All of the

Answering a Reader Question #6

Ki-Ki Wrote: After reading your blog I found it very helpful. Currently, I am a 19 year old college student in the Philadelphia area. I want to do modeling as a way to earn extra money. I have even had plenty of comments from people I know and dont know about modeling. This also inspired me to look into it. I have no experience and not exactly sure how the modeling thing works. But, I can get serious about it and make it work. Thus, would it be a good move for me to get some really good pictures taken and just go to an creditable agency or is it another way to go about this????????? Hi, Ki-Ki! To answer your question, you do not need professional photos at this point to snag an agency. However, if you want to do test shoots to see if this is something you really want to get involved in, feel free to do so. Just make sure you network with legit and pro photographers. That being said, if you do want to find a good agent in your area to get you work, all you'll need are basic snapshot

Answering a Reader Question #5

Anonymous Wrote: Hi! I meet the size requirements for the Ford posting but I live in Connecticut and hour from NYC. Do you happen to know of any jobs in my area?? any help you can offer would be so much appreciated. Debbie Hello, Debbie! That's awesome that you meet the size requirement Ford was looking for...just too bad you aren't in the SF area! However, being that you fit one of the sizes, I would say you should look into Ford in NYC. If you don't mind the distance, you should contact them and inquire as to how you can become a fit model. Many large modeling agencies keep a roster of fit models and any work they would have, you'd be submitted for if you meet the size requirements. So that could be a start. Here is their information: Ford 142 Greene St. 4th Floor New York, NY 10012 Phone: 212.219.6500 Or you could check out this agency in Connecticut and see if they have a need for fit models: BLUSH Models Management, LLC. 2 Pomperaug Office Park

Lingerie/Swimwear & Underage Models (Parents Please Read)

This post is mostly to educate parents of underage models operating without an agent. When it comes to modeling swimwear and lingerie, please know that these models must be 18 or older. No underage model should ever be sought out to do such work—and clients know this. I’ve seen postings on online model casting sites where for some reason, the client or photographer is requesting girls age 16-19 for such assignments (18 & 19 are fine but any age under that is a huge no-no). It disturbs me that ANYONE would think that such a request is actually appropriate or allowed on the site. Whenever I see such posts, I make sure to make a complaint or flag the post down. Just doing my part to steer models from those with ulterior motives. That being said, parents, if you are helping your child in her modeling career and come across castings for swimwear, make sure to exercise caution or steer clear of it altogether. When it comes to swimwear, unless the client is legit and the swimwear i

Latest Photoshoot - Jewelry

So I got the images back from my jewelry shoot. I had such an amazing time! To date, this is probably one of the most fun and memorable shoots I've ever done! These are the images I'll be showing to Ford to be considered for use in my updated portfolio and to hopefully turn my career more towards beauty and jewelry. I really feel I have a lot of strengths that would serve to get me booked for this type of work. I know for a fact that Ford actually prefers a more natural look to their models for commercial so I don't intend on showing them every single photo from the shoot and I'm sure they'll probably think the ones with the Indian style jewelry will be too overboard but I'm sure that the ones with the orange top and the diamond ones will be more to their tastes. I've also turned some of the images into downloadable wallpapers, which you can get on my Myspace page and will soon be on under "female celebrities." Here'

For Those of You with Questions...

I've noticed that I get a lot of readers who use the comment feature at the bottom of each blog post to ask questions. I used to answer them as a comment under the post where the reader comment originally appeared, but I've found that it can be an extremely long comment, especially if I have to go into detail explaining the topic. So instead of continuing to do that, I've been doing actual posts, showing the reader's comment/question and then answering it in the post. I find that this is easier and allows the reader to get their information in a more thorough and direct way. However, I know that maybe some of you aren't aware of that and may be checking the post where you commented, looking for my answer. I'll do my best to drop a quick comment to let you know that your questions have been answered in its own post so make sure to check the more recent posts on here so that you can find the answers you need to your own individual questions. Hopefully th

What's the Big Deal About Being a Signed Model?

There may be some of you who might not recognize the significance or the importance of having agency representation. Getting signed to an agency is, for many models, the ultimate goal. Modeling agencies play a vital role in the success of the modeling industry as a whole. While having an agent isn’t mandatory it is something that can greatly help you in your career. So what makes a modeling agent so important? For one thing, it is because of the efforts of modeling agencies that we have so many successful supermodels and top models. The biggest designers, the largest clients and others in need of models automatically go to modeling agencies to find the men and women they need for their shows and campaigns. Do you know how hard it would be for a client to find a model on their own without the aid of agents? Modeling agencies pride themselves on offering the best models so the client knows they are getting quality work as well as their money’s worth. Not only do modeling agencies

Answering a Reader Question #4

Anonymous said: I know that your blog was posted in 2007, but I am hoping that your still may check it from time to time. I found the information to be extremely helpful, but i have a few questions.....I have great feet and a great torso and wanted to send my pictures into as you suggested, but am unsure as to whether or not i should have the photos done professionally or not and if so most of the studios i have been looking at specialize in portraits or weddings and stuff like that. Are there specific photographers that shoot body parts?? Please help!!! Lucky for you I did some digging and found out that yes, you do need to have your images professionally done if you want to submit to Parts Model in NYC (they definitely will not take snapshots or regular digital pix for submission). As far as what type of photographer you’ll want to work with, you should look into those that specialize in either portraits or glamour photography. Portraits involve the face but these pho

Answering a Reader Question #3

Anonymous Wrote: If your agency is not finding you enough tests, should you find your own on craigslist or modelmayhem? I’m not sure what you mean by “test” but in general if your agent is not finding you enough work, you are free to find your own. If you are talking about test shoots, that’s somewhat of a different topic. Test shoots usually are arranged by your agent in order to put your portfolio together, although most will cost you unless your agent covers those costs. Since test shoots are free shoots, you are free to find your own on Craigslist, Model Mayhem or wherever else you can find legit photographers to network and shoot with. Most modeling agencies won’t set up a bunch of free test shoots for you since this doesn’t really benefit them much, unless it’s for updating your portfolio. But keep in mind that if you are doing test shoots on your own, make sure the images are ones that your agent will approve of, unless you plan to use them for your own modeling purposes. If you

Modeling & the Thong

So this shouldn't be a long post, however given my natural long-winded writing style, I can't make any promises! Ah, the thong. Parents, don't be scared by this simple item of clothing (especially you Dads out there!). I'm not encouraging young girls to run out and grab a pair to be a sex symbol like Sisqo's famous, "Thong Song." I'm merely broaching the subject as it relates to the modeling industry. The thong plays an essential role in modeling jobs, especially in fashion and runway shows. While the thong has quickly become associated with sex, trust me, in this respect, it's all legit and for good reason. There is no place for unsightly panty lines in photos or on the runway. Not all models wear pants or bottoms that can conceal such lines. When you're wearing silk, rayon, thin cotton or other sleek materials, panty lines are a surefire way to ruin the entire look. That being said, a thong--preferably a nude colored one--is a must hav

Answering a Reader Question #2

Anonymous Wrote: hey dania! great job on the blog! i actually had a quick question for you. my friend just got a contract with jrp (john robert powers acting and modeling school). i was just wondering if this is legit. do you know anything about it? Actually, JRP is NOT a modeling agency they are a school. Period. So many people (not saying you lol) believe that JRP is a modeling agency and that their "contract" is the same as a modeling contract. It isn't. They charge aspiring models and actors hundreds to thousands of dollars to take classes that will teach them about the industry from professionals. They get to put together their portfolios and meet with modeling agencies in the hopes of getting signed. I personally went with a friend to their open casting call and he auditioned and did a terrible job but the casting guy loved him and said that he could really make it big if he took their classes for a few months...and only for a total of about $1,200. Geez. These folk