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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #9

Ki-Ki Wrote:

All of the information that you post is very helpful. Currently I am looking into modeling and have searched a few websites. I looked at the models on those websites and their waist is usually between 23-25 and hips between a 33-35. My waist is a 27, hips are a 36 and buist a 34. I'm also 6'0. Should I try to lose an inch or two before I go to an open call?

While I can say that you will need to lose a few inches to meet the required measurements, your best bet is to hear that from the agencies themselves. I always encourage going to open calls as you are and getting as much feedback from the agencies as possible. It is their advice that is going to dictate where you go from here so even if you know that you should lose a few inches, it helps to get that confirmation from them.

Making that initial contact with an agency is important because you may make a lasting impression on them and most agencies are more than willing to let you come back at another date after you've heeded their advice. This creates a preexisting relationship with them that could work in your favor later on.

However, if you feel better about going to the open call after losing a few inches that is totally fine, too. It all depends on what makes you the most comfortable. It's about feeling good in your skin so if you don't feel 100% going in now, then take some time to work on losing the inches needed but please do so in a healthy way...no starvation or crash diets! You only need to try to get down to a 25 in the waist and a 35 in the hips so that isn't bad. Your bust measurement is fine. Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

hey! so i have a very random question, but it's been on my mind all morning.

this morning i was in the shower and i slipped on some soap, falling down and chipping my two front teeth. i also scraped up beneath my chin quite a bit. i got several stitches on my chin and they believe that it will heal fairly well. my teeth on the other hand will be fixed this monday. the dentist says that it won't be noticeable unless someone is staring very closely at them. i am worried that this will hurt my chances at becoming a model. would photographers be able to fix anything (even if it is very subtle?)

sorry this got so long... my teeth were my favorite part of my face, so i just wanted to see what you think. thanks a bunch for reading all this!! i love reading your blog...it is so helpful! =]

Dania Denise said...

Hello! You'll find your question answered in my latest post, titled, "Answering a Reader Question #10." Hope it helps and thanks for reading!

ki~ki said...

As I said before Dania, you do a great job with this blog. It's so helpful to me. But, I did have another question. Exactly how do I lose about 2 to 3 inches off of my waist and hips?????????? I really like my body the way it is now i.e. 34-27-36 but I guess if I want to explore modeling I will have too lose a few inches.

Dania Denise said...

Hello! Please see the post titled, "Answering a Reader Question #11" for more information. :)