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Latest Dania Denise Tearsheet: Book Cover for SC Ellington's "Unsettled"

Hello, my beloved readers! I know I haven't been as active in posting on here compared to other years/months but that's because I've been so busy I've been struggling to find the time. However, I haven't forgotten about you and I do have pages of modeling related topics that will be flowing from my fingertips very soon! In the meantime, wanted to drop a quick post to share the latest publication I'm in. It's a series by author SC Ellington. She decided to redo the cover of her first book, "Unsettled" and chose an image from a shoot I did a little while back. Here's what the front and back look like: It's available as an ebook and in paperback. Amazon has it for the Kindle. It is a romance novel, however. While I haven't read it yet, the author does state that the content isn't for those under 18 so yeah, this is for grown eyes only! Mind you, I'm just the model on the cover, it's not like there are other photos in t