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The Difference Between Constructive Criticism & Criticism in Modeling

It goes without saying that modeling is a harsh business. Models are in a profession where being judged and evaluated is just another day at the office. Those who've been in the industry for a long time certainly have the thick skin needed to get through but it's only natural that newbies may have a tougher time getting used to such an uncommon learning curve. I think what is important for newer models starting out to keep in mind is to put everything in perspective. As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, any feedback--positive or negative--isn't a direct reflection of who the model is as a person. It's just business. Piggybacking off that concept, it is vital for new female and male models alike to understand the difference between criticism and constructive criticism. CRITICISM: Pointing out certain faults, flaws, mistakes or shortcomings in a disapproving manner. Example: "Your runway walk is sloppy and your posture is terrible." CONST