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Let's Break Down a Modeling Scam, Shall We?

It's been a while since I've received a modeling scam email so I felt pretty special about receiving this one earlier this year, mainly because I felt it would make for a good blog post.  I meant to post about this sooner but it happened in March and COVID decided to hang out know the rest. I've written about modeling scams in the past but because they tend to change over time I figured why not see what this latest fraudster has to offer? Below are the telltale signs that immediately signaled to me that this clown was one to add to a long list of shady individuals looking for a gullible model to take the bait:  FORMATTING ISSUES You know when you copy and paste text from different sources into the body of an email or a program like Microsoft Word and the result is a bunch of text of varying sizes and font styles? Super annoying, am I right?  So why on earth would anyone in the professional realm of the fashion/modeling industry send out an email where none of the f