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How Do I Get My Baby Into Modeling?

How many times have you been told that your baby is so cute that he/she should be a model? Well, if you think you're ready to dive into that adventure, then this post will point you in the right direction! Btw: I've already written an intro blog post into this type of modeling, which you may want to check out by clicking on this link: Baby Modeling Tips . It is important to note that "baby models" and "child models" are entirely different based on age ranges. Interested in getting your child into modeling? Then click on this link: How Do I Get My Child Into Modeling? Let's keep things simple by breaking down where you should start and what steps are involved in this process: Look for Local Agencies That Represent Babies Believe it or not, not all agencies deal with babies or even kid models. Hit the Internet to find out what agencies are within a 2 hour's drive from where you live. Once you've got your search results, start browsing

The Runway Walk: Make It Your Own--Don't Be a Clone!

Nothing makes aspiring models want to be in the industry more than the idea of strutting down a catwalk. I've had my fair share of messages and inquiries from people asking for tips, resources, tutorials, advice, etc. related to how to do this type of walk. In answering all these inquiries, I realized that it is important for me to point out that when it comes to practicing and developing a solid runway walk, it isn't about imitating exactly what is seen on television and YouTube videos. Male models and female models alike, take note of the title of this blog post. When learning how to do your runway walk, it isn't about copying other people. I often tell newbie models to refer to videos of fashion shows in order to study the models and the different styles of walks there are. These resources are more for inspiration--not to be copied exactly. Truth be told, there are many runway models in those videos whose walks aren't that good. If you've watched enough