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How Much Does Freelance Modeling Cost?

Freelance modeling isn't for the faint of heart. It takes time, dedication, networking, luck and know-how to establish a professional career in the freelance world.  Although models who work for themselves don't have to pay commission like agency represented models do, that doesn't mean this approach is free.  It's difficult to say exactly what the price tag of freelance modeling could be due to the variety of factors, not to mention that no two people's journeys are exactly the same. There are a few basic ways to break down certain expenses as a starting point. Keep in mind any price ranges mentioned here are not set in stone. Also consider the fact that the actual expenses/costs incurred will be different from market to market. To get the gist of this type of scale: New York, Los Angeles and Miami are considered examples of "large markets" in the US. The industry professionals you may encounter will have their own set price ranges based on their portfoli