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The Benefits of Having an Official Modeling Website

After writing my mini-series of blog posts about the importance of putting together a solid “About Me” section, it made me want to write about why an official modeling website in particular is such a vital tool for all models, especially freelancers. Social media has made it easy for models to market themselves and gain some measure of exposure. But too many models rely on just their social media sites and treat them as websites, which they are not.  Having a Facebook page is not the same as having a website. Having an Instagram and/or Twitter account is not the same as having a website. Even a profile on a social networking site like Model Mayhem is not the same as having a website. Just as helpful as social media profiles are, an actual website is still golden as an effective marketing tool. Below are a few key reasons why: It’s Steadfast & Constant Remember that thing called Myspace? What about Friendster? Sure, Facebook is still going strong but it is