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Quick Tip #53

Category: Photoshoots For: Male & Female Models When doing a shoot with more than one outfit/look, always wear your least favorite outfit first. It takes some time to "warm up" in a shoot, which means the poses and expressions aren't always on-point right away. This is normal so don't panic if you don't like what you see when previewing the images on the photographer's camera. The more comfortable a model gets as the shoot progresses, the better the poses and expressions will be. So remember, put your least favorite outfit on first and save the best for last. By the time you get to your #1 pick, you'll have adjusted completely and feel right at home in front of the camera, guaranteeing amazing results you'll be proud to showcase in your portfolio.

Did You Know...? #13

...Even if an agency expresses interest in a model, it isn't 100% guaranteed they'll get signed. When agencies choose who to bring onto their rosters, it's not just one person making a decision--it's usually more. When a person from an agency states they're "interested" in a model that has submitted to them for possible representation, the process doesn't end there. The agency staff member that expressed initial interest has to take the model's photos, info and other materials to their higher-ups and discuss things in greater detail. This could mean having a panel of the agency's decision makers talking about a model's chances at being successful with their agency, pros and cons, etc. The final decision could be up to one head honcho, such as the agency's President, Owner, CEO, etc. or it may require a vote from a handful of agency staff. So if you've gotten initial interest from an agency but are wondering why it's takin

Dania Denise's Favorite Finds: Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes

From time to time I come across products that I just love so much I have to share them with anyone who cares to listen, lol. I think this could be one of my latest blog post series: "Dania Denise's Favorite Finds." Whaddaya think? :-) Anywho, being in the entertainment industry, I deal with situations where I'm always on the lookout for products that will make my life a lot easier. Needless to say, being a model/actor means dealing with experiences that the every day person wouldn't typically have to worry about. Like hair and makeup and doing damage control. It's common knowledge that modeling tends to involve a lot of makeup and tons of product in your hair--even for male models, although of course not as much as their female counterparts in most cases. When it comes to makeup in particular, I'm always working to keep my complexion healthy. I have ezcema and a combination skin type, which means I'm cautious about what goes on my face. Thankfull

The Top 4 Reasons Why New Models Don't Get Signed to Agencies

Mistakes, large or small, can make or break the chances new models have when trying to gain agency representation. Too often I get emails from aspiring models, wondering why they haven't heard back from the agencies they've submitted to. While I can't say they all make the same mistakes (or any mistakes at all in some cases), a good number tend to be guilty (usually unaware) of any or all of the following 4 situations... Mistake #1: Sending Blind Submissions Guess what? Sending random pictures to a slew of agencies isn't how you get into the industry. There is more to seeking representation than submitting pictures that you think are pretty cool. There are rules and guidelines to follow. This is important to keep in mind because agencies get flooded with submissions every day. Without those rules and guidelines, there would be no organization and these businesses wouldn't be able to run smoothly. If your attempt at looking for agencies consists of sending ca

Dania Denise Nor-Cal Meet & Greet: Final Update

Alrighty, I've got the final details confirmed for my meet and greet that I posted about before! Below is the confirmed info for anyone that is able and interested in attending: When: Saturday, September 22nd Time: 1:00PM Where: Starbucks @ The Hacienda Crossings Center, 4930 Dublin Boulevard  Dublin, CA 94568 I'll more than likely be indoors working on my laptop until people show up...since I don't know what any of you look like (lol) please don't be shy--introduce yourself! For those of you reading this for the first time who haven't checked out my other two posts about this, I'm basically making myself available for any of my readers who want to meet me in person and talk shop about anything related to modeling. This will be a great opportunity to get one-on-one advice/guidance and learn more about what it really takes to be successful in the modeling industry, as well as get any questions answered. Male and female models of all experience lev

Quick Tip #52

Category: Posing For: Male & Female Models Experienced models will totally relate to this saying, "If the pose hurts, you're doing it right!" So true! Anytime you're doing a pose and you feel "comfortable," that means it's not going to photograph well. I swear, it happens every single time. The only exception are simpler poses like standing up where you're not doing much. What I'm talking about mainly refers to poses where you're sitting down, kneeling, lying down, etc. Anything that involves some kind of stance where your body is dynamically posed in some way. When in front of the camera, the entire body should be in action, your muscles should be tense to some degree as you are holding the pose. Whether it's high fashion or a lifestyle image, to some degree your body should be alert. Depending on the pose, you'll be able to feel a slight burning in your muscles--similar to holding a pose while doing an exercise like yoga.

Why Multitasking & Posing Go Hand-in-Hand in Modeling

Posing is the major duty of any model, male or female. Even runway models are required to post at the end of the catwalk. This skill comes naturally to many models but does take time and a lot of practice to master. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that comes with posing is the fact that it requires a model to multitask mentally. How so? Well, there's a lot that goes into posing--namely the details. It doesn't take much for one tiny posing error to throw off or even ruin an otherwise amazing photo. This subject is hard for me to explain in words (if I had the time, resources and crew I would love to do a video blog about this's on my to-do list) but the best way for me to capture the essence of what goes into posing and why it requires multitasking is to imagine yourself striking a pose in front of the camera. Actually, you know what? I want you to get up right now and do a pose in front of the mirror. Don't think--just do. Got your pose? Good.