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The Anatomy of a Modeling Website Pt II: Photo Gallery

I've already written about the importance of having a modeling website ( " The Benefits of Having an Official Modeling Website " ) but I know how hard it can be for freelance models to get the ball rolling so I've decided to do another mini series of blog posts, with each post focusing individually on the most common meat and potatoes of a modeling website. I've already written one post in this series, "The Anatomy of a Modeling Website Pt I: Welcome Page,"  so if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, that link will take you right to it. Hopefully with this detailed info, all potential freelance models will be able to transform their careers in a way that meets or exceeds their goals. These are all suggestions based on my personal and professional experience in dealing with websites so the info in this post (and the posts to follow), are not 100% the law and can be modified to suit your freelance modeling preferences or specif