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Answering a Reader Question #145

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania! I just have a random question for open calls- what should I do with my nails? Should I paint them a colour, or is it better to just use a nude polish or leave them bare? Thanks!  Hey, Anonymous! I would recommend leaving your nails bare or using a clear polish. The most important thing is to make sure they are well groomed--no hangnails, dirt/grime under your fingernails, etc. You don't want a funky nail polish color or fake acrylic nails to become a distraction. As long as your nails are clean and presentable, that's what matters. The same goes for your toes if you wear open-toed shoes. I personally always keep my toes freshly pedicured with white, French tips. :-) So keep it simple and you'll be good to go!

Can Modeling Harm Your Career?

(This post is directed towards individuals that model but also hold down a full time job/career.) Modeling usually isn't stable enough of a career to become a person's full time source of income in most cases. As a result, the majority of working models (regardless of the type of modeling they do) have full time jobs and simply use their modeling for supplemental income or to buy time until their modeling career really takes off. However, if you're dipping into both of these types of jobs, do you have to worry about your modeling images getting you into trouble with your boss? Could it even cause you to lose your job? The most common examples/stories you've probably come across deal with female models getting fired from their jobs because of their decision to pose nude in publications like Playboy, Hustler, etc. I will say off the bat that if you are doing (or plan on doing) any type of glamour modeling that involves showing excessive skin, partial, implied and/or

Answering a Reader Question #144

Anonymous Wrote: Dear Dania, ( i hope i spelled it right) You inspired me to dream big. I never thought that i could be ALL the things i loved. I love playing the instruments, art ( i take lessons in both) designing, singing dancing and writing. But i never thought abut modeling. I thought i had to be perfect. I am tall but i think my stomach pushes out to much. My mom says i am a stick and is beautiful but dont think im skinny. Can i have some advice on modeling? Thanks, Abbie  Hi, Abbie! I'm so glad that I could help inspire you! And yes, you did spell my name right lol. =) Do you happen to know what your measurements are? For example, the ideal measurements for models is 34-24-34, which is your bust, waist and hips in inches. Have your mom or a friend use measuring tape to help you figure out those numbers if you don't already know them. If your stomach sticks out a bit, one of the secrets many models practice is to suck it in. Not only does this obviously flat

Modeling Spoof From the Show "Everybody Loves Raymond"

Sometimes in modeling we take things too seriously. Being the huge goober I am, I'm always down for any spoofs that put a humorous take on what we as models do. The show "Everybody Loves Raymond" is one of my all-time favorites and this particular episode, titled "The Model," just goes to show why. For those of you that haven't seen this episode before, Ray's brother, Robert, gets scammed by a fake modeling agency. He ends up paying over $2,000 for a professional photoshoot but when he shows up to the agency's office to get the pictures, he discovers that they've left town along with his money. Afraid to tell the rest of the family that he was conned (he's a police officer, hence the embarrassment he's feeling on top of being duped), he and Ray decide to do a "professional" photoshoot in the basement. Ladies and gentlemen, while the show is fiction, what happened to Robert is very real and occurs all the time. However, they

Tips for Starting a Modeling Career Without Going Bankrupt

I'm kind of on a roll tonight with the whole concept of not squandering money when jump starting a modeling career so this post is your go-to guideline for where any expenses may come in and affordable ways to handle it. The following information applies to both freelance and agency represented models, although I mainly mention dealing with agencies. The Expense: Modeling Portfolio  Why You Need It: When you get signed to an agency, they won't be able to get you any work until you have a portfolio of professional images they can showcase. There are a few different ways this situation can be handled. Either the agency will cover the cost of putting together the test shoot, which they'll later take out of your bookings through their agency commission or they'll allow you to find your own photographers. For more info on this, check out this post: The Deal with Agencies & Test Shoots for Portfolio Building How to Do It: If you get lucky enough to choose your

Why Your Checkbook Can't Secure Success in Modeling

It still baffles me how people are so ready to whip out their checkbooks and credit/debit cards when it comes to getting started in the modeling industry. Hopefully this post will shed some light on why I, and many others that practice common sense, emphasize the importance of approaching modeling in the most cost-effective way possible. Getting into the modeling field is different from any other type of occupation so you'll be dealing with an entirely different set of rules. Some people think that the more money they spend, the higher their chances are of becoming successful as a model. But it's simply not true. Here are the top reasons why: 1. Dealing with agencies is FREE! That's right, attending open casting calls, emailing or snail mailing your pictures and information and getting scouted are all free of charge to you. Not only do these methods of getting in front of an agency keep money in your wallet, it gives you a direct connection to the agency itself. No mi

Answering a Reader Question #143

Cass Wrote: Hi so i am interested in trying to become a runway or fit model in ny. I know a person that works in the fashion industry in ny so she could help me get in. but my question is am i what they look for? i am 15 (16 in 2 months :D) i am 5'7 or 5'8 (not sure) i weigh 103 lbs i wear a size 00 or 0 in most clothes any advice would be lovely cause i really am inspired and admire you!  Hi, Cass! Thanks for the kind're so awesome! =) Your age and height are ideal (5'8" is the minimum height requirement but there are some fashion agencies that lower it to 5'7" if you are between the ages of 13-16). To do runway modeling, there are specific measurements that agencies will want you to meet. The ideal numbers are 34-24-34...that's bust, waist and hips in inches. You can be smaller but no larger than one inch in any of those three areas. So it is important to know your measurements because agencies will always ask for them.

The Benefits of Creating a Modeling Persona

Okay, some of you are probably going to read this post and think, "Dania, what is wrong with you? That is just crazy talk!" LOL...but hear me out. There is always method to my madness. Many posts back, I talked about how models are very much like actors in the sense that they are required to get into character when playing a certain role in a photoshoot or even in a fashion show. I've found that one of the best ways to really bring out the best in your modeling abilities is to adopt a model "persona," or alter ego, if you will. I actually got inspired to do this myself after reading an interview Beyonce did a while back. She talked about her alter ego "Sasha Fierce," which is a character she assumes each time she does a performance. That got me to thinking...I basically transform into someone else every time I step in front of a camera so why not do the same thing? Whether you're a complete newbie, have some experience or are already establis

Answering a Reader Question #142

Abbey-Lynn Dermott Wrote: Hi Dania! I didn't know how to message you or if I can on here but I was wondering if I could have your email-address? I have a personal question about modeling :p oh and you are SO inspiring and beautiful!!! <3 Hi, Abbey-Lynn! Awww, you're so sweet! =) You can email me with your questions at: If you go to my Blogger profile on here (it's on the right hand side with the title "About Me") and click on the "View my complete profile" link, you can also get my contact info from there. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Quick Tip #13

Category: Makeup For Female & Male Models It's always important to keep your makeup on point whenever you do a shoot. If there is going to be a makeup artist available, save yourself and him/her time by bringing your own foundation to the shoot. This will speed up the process of applying base foundation instead of waiting for the makeup artist to mix their colors and try to get as close to your complexion as possible. By using your own color, you're guaranteed to match. In the event that he/she wants to use their own products, then let them, but 9 times out of 10 they'll use what you've got and be appreciative that you're offering to make their job easier. Male models probably won't put this into as much action compared to female models but if you do happen to have base foundation or at least concealer for pimples and blemishes, definitely bring it along to your shoots.

Quick Tip #12

Category: Casting Calls For male & female models This statement is all you need to remember: Don't sport the competition! Each time you attend a casting call for a brand, designer, company, etc. be mindful of what you wear to the casting. It is important to remember that you're trying to be a representative of that particular brand/client and the last thing you want to do is offend them by showing that you support their competition. Clothing-wise, always avoid recognizable logos and brand names for all casting calls in general--even if the casting you're attending isn't for a clothing designer. Going to a casting call for a company that makes accessories, such as sunglasses, jewelry or watches? Then don't walk into the casting wearing any of these items that day. Sure, you can wear sunglasses while driving there but remove them when you get out of the car if you're about to meet with a designer sunglasses company. You may be thinking to yourself, &

Answering a Reader Question #141

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania! Gorgeous new banner pic by the way :). I was wondering- I'm attempting to get signed with a Chicago agency called Factor Women. It's a large agency, it and Ford are the two major ones in the Chicago area. If I got signed,and I went to LA for a few days for a competition, would my agent be able to book me work there during the times I'm not competing? Thanks, Anonymous  Hey, there, Anonymous! Awww, thanks for the compliment on my new pic! I've heard good things about Factor Women. If you were to get signed to them, chances are they would book you for any possible castings in the LA area, if any are open that your look would fit the requirements for. As long as you let them know the days and time frames you'll be available while you're down there, they will take care of the rest. I once met a model at a casting in San Francisco who was from Texas but traveling to the Bay Area. Her agent set up a round of castings for her to a

Breaking Down the Time Structure of a Modeling Photoshoot

This blog post was inspired by an email I received from a model hopeful, asking how models are able to come up with enough poses to last during a 4-8 hour shoot. After answering the email I decided the topic would make for a great here we go! The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to posing and shoot time is that no model is in front of the camera the entire time. So even if you're scheduled for a shoot that lasts 4-8 hours, you're not going to be posing for 4-8 hours straight--that would just be insanity! Additionally, each pose does not have to be dramatically different from the others. Below is a basic breakdown of the time structure that most photoshoots follow. Please keep in mind that not all shoots are the same so the information below is only to be used for reference...there are always exceptions to the rule but for now this will suffice for models of all skill levels: Hair & Makeup: 1 - 2 hours Wardrobe/Fitting/Changing: varies on how s

Answering a Reader Question #140

Pinkfreak Wrote: i really want ot be an abercombie kids model i am 13 and people always tell me i should be a model for their clothing what should i do?  Hi, Pinkfreak! The blog post you asked this question on actually says exactly what you need to do to become an A&F Kids model. Please read the section of the post, titled " Want to become a model for Abercrombie Kids?" Do You Want to Become an Abercrombie & Fitch Model?  

Answering a Reader Question #139

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania! I'm an aspiring male model, and I had some questions I'm hoping you could answer. If I'm going to submit any pictures to any agencies, should I photoshop out any scars I have, or should I leave them so that agencies know what I look like in a more natural look?  Hello, Anonymous! Very good question. To be honest, I would say don't Photoshop out the scars simply because while the edited version may get an agency interested enough to invite you for an interview, it can also backfire, especially when the agency sees the scars. It is important to look as natural as possible in your pictures and that you don't look drastically different when you meet with the agency. However, I don't know what kinds of scars you have, where they are located, how bad it is, etc. If they are minimal scars that don't really get noticed that easily (except by you, of course lol), then it would be okay to airbrush them out. But if they are large a

Answering a Reader Question #138

Anonymous Wrote: How about modeling for websites which sell clothing? Kind of like an online catalogue I guess??? How much do you charge?  Hey, there, Anonymous! Thanks for the question! If you have an agent, then it will be up to them to negotiate the actual rate that you would be paid for online catalog work. However, if you're freelance, then it depends. Most times, companies casting for these types of jobs will state the range they're willing to pay--from the ones I come across, usually it's a flat rate of anywhere between $150-$250 or something like $25/hour. Remember, not all online clothing stores that put out online catalogs are heavy hitter brand names so they typically don't have the same budgets to work with like some of the larger, more well known companies. If you're freelancing and they ask for your rate, then of course there's some flexibility. It all depends on your look, experience and portfolio of images, too. The final rate is definitel

Answering a Reader Question #137

SageGypsy Wrote: I've been told that if the photographer pays the model, than the photographer has complete control over the pictures. What exactly does that mean as far as my career as a model?  Hi, SageGypsy, great question! What models must know upfront is that by law any photo taken by a photographer automatically becomes their creative and intellectual property. This means the photographer is automatically given the rights to the images they create--models never own images unless they buy the rights from the photographer. However, that almost never happens because for one thing, the images are the bread and butter of a photographer's business/livelihood (for those that do it as a paying career) and second, if a photographer does sell the rights, it's going to cost the model a small fortune because they know there is a possibility that they'll be losing future income by giving the rights to those pictures away to the model. So regardless of whether a phot

Dania Denise in a New Music Video: Macsen Apollo – Like This

Hey, everybody! I'm really excited about this latest acting project I did back in February/March that was finally released today. It's a music video for a local artist, Macsen Apollo, for his newest single, "Like This." We shot on location throughout San Francisco on various days, as well as some green screen work for special effects in Emeryville. It was a lot of work and freezing cold weather (the footage of me in the white and black dress was shot at Ocean Beach in SF at was 40 degrees outside and I had to pretend like it was summer!) but so worth it to see the fabulous end results! Check it out:

Answering a Reader Question #136

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania, My name is Jennifer. I am kind of paranoid when it comes to fashion shows. I was in some and I am uncomfortable (this is also the part I am paranoid with) with the boys walking passed the girls dressing room. It just makes me want to close the door even though we can't. I feel so exposed. is there any way I can stop thinking of being so exposed? I would appreciate your help.  Hi, Jennifer! This is definitely a sensitive subject and I hope some of my suggestions are able to ease your paranoia somewhat, although each person deals with this situation differently. Below are some points that I think you should take into consideration that may help put things into perspective so that you aren't as aware about being exposed: Fashion shows are go, go go: Any fashion show involves a lot of running around, quick changes and models trying to make sure they get into their place in the lineup on time. Even though you are changing, chances are the male

Quick Tip #11

Category: Photoshoots & Posing For: Female models When doing beauty shoots, which are shot from the chest up, use your entire body to pose, not just your upper body. For example, if you're seated during the shoot, pose your legs, torso and the rest of your lower body--don't just focus on what you're doing with your arms, hands and face/head. It will make a huge difference in how your upper body poses. It also adds dynamic and helps you get into character easier. Try just posing with your upper body by itself and then try using your whole body--even sitting down, you'll be able to tell the difference. If you happen to be standing while the closeup shots are being taken, the same concept still applies and should also include high heels. Your entire stance, posture and attitude changes when you put on heels, as opposed to wearing flats, boots or other regular shoes. Just because your entire body isn't being photographed, doesn't mean everything off-camer

Quick Tip #10

Category: Runway & Fashion Shows For: Male and Female models When going on-stage during a fashion show, do not rush your time on the catwalk. There are two important things to remember about this portion of a fashion show: 1) Being on-stage is your time to not only shine but showcase the designer's outfits. If you're barely on the stage for two seconds, the designer won't be happy. Don't spend too much time in the limelight but learn how to pace yourself in a way that allows you to be on the catwalk long enough to display the clothes, get your photo taken at the end of the runway and enjoy the experience. 2) From the time you step on-stage until the time you step off, you are buying time for your fellow models backstage to change into their next outfits. Rushing on and off will inconvenience everyone and could cause the models to go out of order if the next person up isn't ready. Deviating from the lineup that has been established and practiced is a suref

Answering a Reader Question #135

Anonymous Wrote: hi my name is sophia and im half japanese and half australian i think i have a great skinny body but im poor and cant afford to get into modeling what do i do.honestly even if people say to me i have the slimmest chance i dont listen i want to follow my heart but i know the right thing to do is just forget about the career i have dreamed about for years one bad bit about me is that my eyes abit un syrimetrical and u might imagine me as this asian but i dont look anythinng like one ! i have big green eyes long brown hair im not like any ordinary girls im a girl with personality and sometimes i wish that someone would read this and care what im saying and give me a job  Hi, Sophia. I wish I had your email address so I could address your situation one-on-one but perhaps this blog post will inspire others in your situation and give some hope to yourself and those that feel like they should throw in the towel. Believe it or not, there is a way to get into mode