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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #144

Anonymous Wrote:

Dear Dania, ( i hope i spelled it right)
You inspired me to dream big. I never thought that i could be ALL the things i loved. I love playing the instruments, art ( i take lessons in both) designing, singing dancing and writing. But i never thought abut modeling. I thought i had to be perfect. I am tall but i think my stomach pushes out to much. My mom says i am a stick and is beautiful but dont think im skinny. Can i have some advice on modeling?

Hi, Abbie! I'm so glad that I could help inspire you! And yes, you did spell my name right lol. =) Do you happen to know what your measurements are? For example, the ideal measurements for models is 34-24-34, which is your bust, waist and hips in inches. Have your mom or a friend use measuring tape to help you figure out those numbers if you don't already know them. If your stomach sticks out a bit, one of the secrets many models practice is to suck it in. Not only does this obviously flatten your midsection more, it is also a great form of abdominal exercise. I personally do this--so much so that I don't even realize when I'm doing it!

If you need to, shoot me an email with your measurements and I'll be able to give you more in depth advice for your situation: daniadenise@gmail.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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