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Pressed Powder: the Must Have Makeup Item for Male Models

***I'm not writing this post to say that pressed powder isn't important for female models--because it totally is--but I wanted to make sure my fellas had a bit more of a customized post on the subject to help them navigate their way through the modeling industry.*** We all know that when it comes being a man in the modeling world, the territory is going to look a whole lot different than any other industry. One of my most popular blog posts is titled, "Real Men Wear Makeup!" and in the same vein of this theme, I decided to do a post about one of the most important items male models should have in their possession at all times: pressed powder. If you're the kind of guy who is completely clueless about makeup in general, the good news is that pressed powder is one of the easier items to understand the role of when it comes to modeling. One of the worst ways to take a photograph is to have a shiny complexion. Whether it's sweat or you have naturally

Why You Should be a Model with Video Experience

If you've been submitting to projects on your own--depending on what resources you're using--chances are you may have come across gigs that mention wanting models with "video experience." Sometimes they'll also refer to acting experience but in general, this means the client is looking for individuals with the "model look and build" but who is also comfortable in front of a video camera. So what does this kind of job mean and what exactly does video experience have to do with modeling? I'm glad you asked. :-) It isn't uncommon--and completely normal, in fact--for some models to have absolutely zero interest in acting in any capacity. And that's totally okay. It isn't mandatory for models to have acting experience. Does it help? It sure does and with the way the industry is going, many agencies are purposely sending their models to acting auditions, whether they like it or not. But that's a whole different story. For the pur