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Modeling in the Age of Instagram

The modeling world has become notorious for thriving despite all the changes going on as the years go by. In the past, modeling agencies were a type of secret society that not just anybody could penetrate, let alone try to locate. Then came the Internet and along with it total access via websites from the very agencies model hopefuls had been searching for--equipped with submission information and open call guidelines that opened up the modeling industry to the masses...or at least those gutsy enough to send in their snapshots or walk through the agency's doors. Now we're in the social media era where the modeling industry has once again needed to update their way of doing business. While being scouted on IG is all the rage, this latest version of the modeling beast can actually end up confusing newbies even more when it comes to figuring out where to begin and what to do/not do. So what does it mean to be a model in the age of IG? MORE VISIBILITY It is still impo