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Latest Pictures From Agency Shoot

So I finally got the images back from my photo shoot that I did for my agency. I received a link to an online gallery to look at the proofs, but I will also be getting a CD of the full-resolution images for my own personal use. First the photographer, Brooke Duthie, has to send the CD to my agency in San Francisco so they can start choosing which images they'll use for my comp card and for my portfolio on FORD's website. After they're done with that, they'll mail me the CD, which I can then use for whatever I want. I made sure to ask what the photographer's policy was when it comes to using the images on the Internet for my personal portfolio . I was told that the images were mine to do whatever and that they weren't picky about how I used them online. However, they did mention that while I don't have to, they would appreciate it if I gave the photographer proper credit for the photos, whether it was his name on the image in small font or mentione

Latest Photo Shoot: Stickie Brand Clothing

I'm really excited about my latest shoot. One of the photographers I have been working with recently, asked me if I'd be interested in being one of the models for a women's clothing line, Stickie Brand. Of course I said yes and we set up a shoot in his studio this past Sunday. I visited the Stickie Brand clothing line website and absolutely love their stuff. Really simple tees and tank tops that can easily be worn as casual or dressed up with some accessories for a more trendy, urban look. The company is in the process of redesigning its website to update their new items so they wanted to have images to work with ASAP. I did two outfits for the first shoot, which were an orange baby tee with light colored jeans and heels and a brown tank top with dark jeans and the same shoes. We played around with a couple of poses and facial expressions ranging from full-on smiles and laughs to flirty smirks and the famous sexy pout. I only did two outfits that day to start

Location, Location, Location!

This is for my models shooting outdoors. I've already made a post about doing poses when shooting outside but I wanted to share some more information about why location is so important and what to expect when scouting locations for your next shoot. Aside from being able to play off of objects and your surroundings, a good location can establish the perfect theme for a model and photographer. Modeling has become quite an adventure for me when it comes to finding places to shoot with the photographers I work with. Sometimes they will already have a few locations in mind or they'll want to completely go on the fly and find places to shoot the day of. This isn't really a bad thing at all. Sometimes the best photos come from spontaneous shoots in locations you would never have thought of before. So if you're new to the modeling game and you're driving around with the photographer (or following him/her in your own car) and you seem to be doing nothing but aimle

Still Waiting on Your Photos?

This post is for the models who have already done a shoot with a photographer and still haven't received their images, whether it was through TFP, TFCD or any other type of shoot. This can be a very frustrating situation and one where you need to be aware of how you react because above all things you still want to remain professional. When shooting with a photographer, make sure it is understood exactly how things are going to work when it comes to getting your images from the photographer. Most photographers will have your images ready for you within one (1) week after shooting with you. Keep in mind that photographers are busy people, some with a full-time job during the week in addition to their photography and others who do photography full-time and keep a busy calendar/schedule. Most times a photographer will not give you a timeline they know they cannot meet. Be sure to discuss the method of pick-up. Are they going to snail mail you a CD of the images? Are the


Doing TFPs and TFCDs are a great way to build up your portfolio at no cost to you. If you aren't familiar with what these are, they are basically a free trade of services between the model and photographer. No money is exchanged, only the time needed to produce the images. Note that TFP means "time for prints" and TFCD means "time for CD." The two are not the same so pay very close attention to what kind of shoot you are signing up for when dealing with these two. Each person has their own preference on which one they like best. Some people prefer TFPs because they want to add to their book (this is especially true for fashion/editorial models), while others like the freedom that comes with having all of the images on CD for them to use as they please, whether it's for their website, portfolio, etc. One isn't necessarily better than the other. Pick the one that best suits your needs. Personally, I prefer TFCDs because I do a lot of my own ph

Shopping With a Stylist

If you ever have the opportunity to prep for an upcoming photo shoot by shopping with the stylist assigned to that shoot, do it! You don't have to become a fashion guru to be a model, but it helps to know what colors and patterns look good on you and photograph well.  Most stylists are really eccentric and like to put you in outfits that may be out of your comfort zone. Again, modeling does not mean catering to your tastes so just go with the flow. While shopping with the stylist, be open-minded. Don't be outright disagreeable or put your thumbs down at an outfit they put together that you don't like. That's just rude and disrespectful. Chances are you'll already know what theme the shoot is for so the stylist will have to work within those limits. At the same time, don't feel like you have to be fake and say that you love everything they pick out. Take some risks with the clothes you try on and try to see things from the stylist or photographer'

Some Random Helpful Tips

So I was thinking about random modeling things--why, I don't I came up with some tips that can be very helpful when it comes to the hours before a photo shoot.  Some of them are common sense but you'd be surprised at how scatter-brained you can get when you have a shoot to prepare for. Some of these tips are pretty miscellaneous but I've found them to be very useful: Wear the right underwear. To be on the safe side, always wear thong or g-string underwear. This obviously is to eliminate any unsightly panty lines. It also helps if you aren't sure what outfits you're going to be wearing so the photographer doesn't have to spend extra time using Photoshop to erase peek-a-boo undies, or take extra time during the shoot to tuck it in. Bring more than one pair of undies and make sure you have them in the following colors: nude, white, black. Stick to material that is soft and doesn't show through. Don't bring underwear that has p

Male Model Posing With a Female Model

All right, fellas, shooting with a beautiful female model may seem like a dream come true but before you get too carried away with the idea, remember that you're there to do a job. And it may not be as easy as you think. If you've never posed with a female model before, don't worry about being nervous, that all comes with the territory. Don't be afraid to speak to your female modeling partner. The better you get to know her before and during the shoot, the better your photos will turn out and the more comfortable you'll be while posing. There's nothing wrong with asking if it's okay to put your hand somewhere, like her thigh or around her waist. If the model you're posing with is already experienced, she won't even give it a second thought. Ask her about her modeling experiences and if she's used to modeling with a male model. That will help you learn her comfort zone. Avoid looking like you're posing. Couple shots with a male

Female Model Posing With a Male Model

Ladies, this is where being a model definitely pays off! If you've never posed with a male model before, it's something you need to get used to doing. Not only does experience shooting with another model look great for your portfolio but it also helps to build up your people skills . Not all models go solo on their shoots and if you have the right chemistry, any couple photo with a male and female model can turn out amazing. If you're a shy person, throw all your insecurities out the window. The camera will capture any hesitancy or awkwardness between you and the male model. Just because you're posing with a man, does not mean the shoot or poses are going to get freaky. The model will respect your boundaries but you also have to keep in mind that the two of you have to capture moments as if you are the most perfect couple in the world. Get to know your partner in the beginning of the shoot. Joke and play around as if you've known him for a long time.