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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Latest Pictures From Agency Shoot

So I finally got the images back from my photo shoot that I did for my agency. I received a link to an online gallery to look at the proofs, but I will also be getting a CD of the full-resolution images for my own personal use.

First the photographer, Brooke Duthie, has to send the CD to my agency in San Francisco so they can start choosing which images they'll use for my comp card and for my portfolio on FORD's website. After they're done with that, they'll mail me the CD, which I can then use for whatever I want.

I made sure to ask what the photographer's policy was when it comes to using the images on the Internet for my personal portfolio. I was told that the images were mine to do whatever and that they weren't picky about how I used them online. However, they did mention that while I don't have to, they would appreciate it if I gave the photographer proper credit for the photos, whether it was his name on the image in small font or mentioned somewhere on the page where the image is displayed.

I loved the images we got, so it is no trouble for me at all to put the photographer's name on all the images I intend to use online. Give credit where credit is always due.

Now I'm just crossing my fingers and waiting to see which ones FORD likes and will use. From there, it'll hopefully only be a matter of time before I start getting bookings for magazines, catalogs and other print work. Wish me luck!

Here are a few of my favorite ones from the shoot...enjoy!


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you are so pretty! good pics too!