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Modeling Tips to Keep Your Makeup Artist Happy

Makeup is an art and as a model you want to put your best face forward when it comes to shoots for your portfolio, fashion shows and booked assignments. If you've never worked with a professional makeup artist before or if you have but are still learning the ropes of the industry in general, it doesn't hurt to know some helpful tips to keep every makeup artist you work with happy and showcase you as the professional you are. BOOKED GIGS When you've been hired for a job, either through your agent or on your own via freelance modeling, and there is a makeup artist onset, it is a dream come true. That means less work on your end but there are still important things to keep in mind to ensure each experience with a makeup artist is a positive one. Arrive With a Freshly Cleaned & Moisturized Face--That Means No Makeup! I know this sounds like common sense but you'd be surprised by the stories I've heard from makeup artists who have worked with models that

I'm a Model, Why Is My Agent Submitting Me to Acting Work?

Just when you thought you had agencies figured out, right? :-) I've often received emails from confused models freshly signed to an agency, with questions as to why they are being sent to auditions for commercials and other acting projects. Models are just supposed to model, right? Well, not really. At least, not these days. There are a LOT of models out there. Actors for sure, too, but when it comes to modeling in particular, it goes without saying that there are way more female and male models than there are gigs. This creates an imbalance and for agencies to maximize their ability to make money and give their talent a fighting chance, that means requiring some cross over action. In the industry today, it is now standard for talent agencies to send models on their roster to auditions for acting jobs. If you have an interest in acting and have expressed that to your agent, then this won't be a surprise but there are many instances where a model who just wants to mode