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Video of Model Cameron Russell: A MUST WATCH for ALL Aspiring Fashion/Runway Models!

I'm so thankful my friend, Turner, shared this video on my Facebook wall. Model, Cameron Russell, only speaks in this video for a little under 10 minutes but everything she says was so profound and moving that I couldn't help but share it here with my readers. Young ladies (and gentlemen), really listen to her perspective and the experiences she's had and why they play a part in how she perceives the modeling industry. It's 100% truth and isn't meant to downplay or discourage anyone from pursuing modeling but it does shed a lot of reality on an industry that is all-too-often glamorized for the wrong reasons. Just something to keep in mind if you really want to become a professional, working model: Note: Cameron is a fashion/runway model so her experiences and career stem from those areas of the industry. Because so many aspiring models dream of runways and magazine covers, this video will definitely apply to individuals with these goals. The topics she touc

Dania Denise Webinar Update #2

Hey, all! As I'm sure you've noticed, the polls for my website are now closed and the results are posted. The good news is that with the results I'll be able to start planning the layout of the webinar and what topics I'll be talking about. The bad news is that GoToMeeting contacted me to say that the new video feature that's supposed to go with their webinar service won't be up and running for another couple of months. I'm not willing to postpone my webinar any longer than I have to and while I absolutely love their webinar product/service, I'm gonna have to seek another option. That being said, the search is on! Until then I obviously can't do anything aside from plan out the webinar and what it will consist of so at least I'll have that to keep me occupied until I find a webinar service that meets all of my requirements. I know Skype is a free and easy option but the quality sucks and I don't want to risk having an experience where