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Why Stores Like Target, Walmart, Ross & TJ Maxx are a Model's Best Friend

The modeling world is full of fashionistas and people that wear nothing but name brands. However, I have no problem with admitting that I frequent stores like Target, Ross, TJ Maxx and Walmart all the time...I do so because it is a practical way for me to build my modeling wardrobe. Below are some reasons why female and male models should consider these stores when it comes to putting together the right wardrobe for their modeling projects: The Need for Supplemental Wardrobe: There will be shoots where you'll be asked to bring additional clothing options and accessories of your own. This is known as "supplemental wardrobe." Even if the shoot has a stylist with a bunch of wardrobe, bringing your own items gives them more options to choose from. If you're asked to bring your own clothes, this doesn't mean the project is "low standard" or not professional. I've done shoots for big name brand clients and was required to bring a few extra things. I

Quick Tip #38

Category: Makeup For: Female Models You may not notice it but our complexions don't stay the same throughout the year. It is important to consider having two types of foundation for your makeup: one for the summer months and one for the winter months. If your complexion tends to stay about the same in tone, this probably won't be too much of a concern but if you notice that the foundation you typically wear in the summer looks a bit different on your skin when you apply it during the fall or winter months, that could be a sign that you'll need to be matched for a different foundation shade. Making sure your complexion looks picture perfect when attending castings, go-sees and modeling assignments where you have to arrive "camera ready"is worth investing in additional makeup products as needed, especially foundation.

Answering a Reader Question #324

Anonymous Wrote: Hi dania i have a question. will you look at this models profile. i want to know what is so special about her look and what is so spectacular about her pictures that makes her marketable. to me her pics seem one dimensional like she's giving the same face in every picture .she was offered the modeling contract she didn't even have to struggle to get representation. which is very frustrating because i'm struggling for representation. can you tell me what she's doing that's great or what she's doing that i'm not doing so i can further my career. here's her link: mmg/compcard/Full.cfm?mid= 93606&image=499700&name=Anna% 20Sundstrand%20%28Pop% 20Artist%29 Hey, Anonymous! After viewing the model's profile, in my opinion, I believe what makes her so marketable is that she's got the height/build for fashion but also the "look" for commercial/print. If I was her agent, that wou

Answering a Reader Question #323

Anonymous Wrote: i was scouted and i have braces. but i don't have an agent yet because i haven't been to an event like that yet. I'm 5 foot 3 and 13 yrs old. i have a small waist, I'm thin and i have curves and the person who scouted me was looking at my face. do you think i could have potential? am i too young t do certain types of modelling? and are there certain types of modelling where you don't show your teeth that i could do? I'm having a hard time waiting :p. thankyou :)  Hi, Anonymous! Waiting is certainly the hardest part of the process! The fact that you were scouted shows that you have potential. You're still young, though, and have plenty of time to get into modeling, especially once your braces are removed. At 13, you're ideal for teen modeling and commercial/print. However, you're too young to do stuff like swimwear and lingerie modeling obviously, lol. Some 13 and 14-year-old girls get into fashion and runway but you&#

Answering a Reader Question #322

Anonymous Wrote: Hi dania, I'm in this person's position as well. all the agencies I've applied to have said they're too full for the category I qualify for. It's so frustrating, it's hard to not occupy my thoughts with modeling but I really want this but I feel that they don't want me. I'm a new freelance model but I'm just starting out and getting TF/CD shoots is difficult because some of the photographers on MM say they have no use for my look. I'm just frustrated because I'm eager to learn and get better. It's annoying because one agency I applied for they said they like my look but they have too many people in my category. I just don't know what to do. In the mean time I am looking for a day job I have bills to pay and I'm researching getting into acting as well. What can I do to occupy my time until someone gives me my big break???  Hi, Anonymous! Ugh, that's the worst position to be in for sure

Latest Shoot: 10 Minute Sew-In Website

A few months ago I did a bunch of shoots and some video work for a new company promoting the latest in quality sew-in hair extensions. I sent an email to my contact at the company last night to find out how things were coming along with the website. I was happy to hear back that the site is almost ready to go--it's currently in "beta testing," which is the stage where a website is tested out to identify any kinks or bugs that need to be fixed before launching live to the public. My contact gave me a link to the test site, which is where I got this watermarked photo that is associated with this post. As an added perk, there was also a YouTube link to the demo video that I did for them, which shows how the 10 Minute Sew-In works. I even did the voice over! I thought it would be fun to share the demo video not just so you can see me in another element other than my photoshoots but to see what goes into certain hairstyles like wearing extensions. Even though the 10 Minu

Answering a Reader Question #321

Anonymous Wrote: Hi! I'm an aspiring model and I've just recently sent an application to a local modeling agency, but I feel like I screwed it up, I mean I sent this yesterday and I shouldn't be so anxious already. I'm new to this but have always loved fashion. I'm also not very tall (5'4''). since i don't have any experience i couldn't put much on the application. What do you think you would put if you were in my position? thanks ! :) Hi, Anonymous! Anxiety and nerves are normal and happens to the best of us! Definitely do what you can to occupy your thoughts so that you aren't so focused on your submission...easier said than done, I know, but give it a shot. :-) Do you mean you feel like you screwed up on the application because you didn't have a lot to put on there since you've never modeled before? If so, it is okay that you don't have any long as you stated this somewhere in your application, the

Answering a Reader Question #320

Jenna Wrote: I am so glad I found your blog! Thank you for all of the helpful information. I have always wanted to be a model, and did a very small amount of it when I was 16. After I graduated High School I had thought about getting more involved with the industry but was told I was being "unrealistic" and became a chef instead. I have found over the last few years, that I am not happy in my current career, and would like to finally pursue my dream. I am 24 yrs old, 5' 7" and weigh 125 lbs. I just don't know the proper way to get started. I live in Indiana so there aren't any high end agencies near by, and have been out of touch with modeling for so long that I am not sure the best and most efficient way to get started. Thank you for your help!  Hey, Jenna! I'm glad you found my blog, too, lol! As far as your situation, you'll want to refer to the official websites of agencies in your area in order to find out what the requirem

Answering a Reader Question #319

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania, in september 2011, I got into WOMEN, but I'm short so they told me that I'll be doing commercial/print, and also that they'll put me in their base and contact me when I'm needed. They still didn't call, and I'm not on their site either, but they told me that I shouldn't do any modeling outside the agency. My question is, since I didn't sign anything, and I'm not on their site(which gets regularly updated!), can I go to another agency? Sorry for my bad english,it's not my native language xx  Hi, Anonymous! I am actually in the exact situation as you EXCEPT I have a contract and they've gotten me work. Have you been in constant communication with them to find out why they haven't been sending you out to any castings? It is important to keep in touch with your agency, especially if things are slow for you--sometimes agencies have so many models they're working with that they tend to forget about

Answering a Reader Question #318

Anonymous Wrote: Hi! First off, I love your blog and it is so helpful. I have a question though- how can I find my measurements? I see around your blog a lot, for example, 34-26-36, and I'm not exactly sure what it means. Can I get my measurements myself? How can I do so accurately? And one more question, what is the ideal measurements for a runway model? Thank you for all of your help! :)  Hi, Anonymous! Thanks for the kind're so sweet! :-) When I refer to measurements like 34-26-36, I am talking about the following: 34 = the bust measurement in inches 26 = the waist measurement in inches 36 = the hip measurement in inches It is best to have someone take your measurements for you, since this will give you the most accurate numbers. Below is a link to a blog post I did about this very topic, which will give you more details as to how to go about this: How to Measure Yourself The ideal measurements for a runway model is 34-24-34 (bust, waist a

Answering a reader Question #317

Anonymous Wrote: Dania, My daughter is with a reputable agency in Ohio but hasn't had a paying job in over a year. They keep telling her the market is bad but she learned via Facebook that other girls with same height/features have been doing jobs. Is her agent just not promoting her? Should she consider terminating her contract/is that legal? Also, she is interested in New York and her agency said they are trying to place her there but we've heard nothing for a while now. We are thinking of going to New York to visit agencies soon. If we have to go on our own & own wallet, should she terminate her mother agency prior to visiting? Thank you for your advice.  Hi, Anonymous! It sounds like her agent is simply not putting enough effort into marketing her to clients, which is unfortunate but does happen in the industry. If the other models getting work that you mentioned are also with the same agency, it could also be the case of playing "favorites."

Answering a Reader Question #316

Anonymous Wrote: Hello Dania, I noticed that you mentioned you did some runway work despite being a shorter model (which is awesome by the way ^_^). I'm only 5'5; However, everyone constantly says I have a stunning walk and suggest runway.Considering my height, print/commercial seems to be the obvious route, but I feel as though my walk would "go to waste" if I never included any runway work. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to get runway work as a short model.  Hi there, Anonymous! In your situation, I would recommend using freelance methods to find runway work for a model of your height. Although I have an agent for commercial/print, they never submit me for runway stuff (for obvious reasons) so I seek those opportunities on my own. It's a matter of knowing where to look, as well as networking with the right people that are willing to take on shorter models. In this case, Facebook became a useful tool for me. I don't know what cit

Answering a Reader Question #315

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania, what websites do you use besides MM to find castings and test shoots. I have another question would you be able to take a video camera with you on test shoots so we can see how you perform in front of the camera.  Hey, Anonymous! In addition to MM, I use Craigslist and a casting website call SF Casting ( I'm also a part of a few model-based groups on Facebook, where members post casting calls for local shoots, shows and other related projects. I only continue to use Craigslist because I've been using that site for years and know how to tell the legit postings from the shady/crappy ones. Unfortunately, the quality of the postings has gone down the drain in recent years, especially after they got rid of the Adult section and now people are posting for adult oriented stuff under the Talent/Gigs section where it doesn't belong. However, from time to time I do manage to find good castings on there.  The second site is

"Relax! Ways to Get More Comfortable While Modeling During Shoots"

This blog post was inspired by Kat's question: hi Dania what tips do you have for getting comfortable in front of the camera. I had my 1st test shoot yesterday and it went well but I was nervous the whole time. I want advise on what I can do to relax and get better pictures. (The tips shared in this post are better suited for situations where a new/semi-experienced model is doing a test shoot with a photographer and/or updating their portfolios in order to gain more experience.) Being in front of a camera comes naturally for some models while it may take some getting used to for others. It's totally normal to be nervous during photoshoots but with time and more experience, posing for a photographer's camera will feel like second nature. Of course many of you newbies may not want to wait that long. If you're concerned about how to relax and feel more comfortable during photoshoots, there are a few things you can try out: Breathe! You'd be surprised by how

Digital Tearsheets: The New Kid on the Modeling Block

By now, most of you already know how valuable tearsheets are to any model's portfolio. Nothing impresses clients and agencies more than a model that has proof of being published. However, times change and sometimes this requires taking on new territory. In this "Age of the Internet," a new version of the tearsheet has started to become more commonplace in the industry: digital tearsheets. What is a Digital Tearsheet? As the name suggests, a digital tearsheet is the same as a regular tearsheet, except that the source of the publication is from a digital form of media, such as a website, online catalog, PDF file, etc. Do Digital Tearsheets Count? Yes! Although having a tearsheet from a hard copy magazine, catalog, brochure, etc. is a great thing to have, being published online is also an accomplishment worth adding to your resume and portfolio. These days, there are tons of online lookbooks, catalogs, web banner advertisements and other forms of digital media that

Modeling Scam Alert Update #2: Reporting the Scam

(Please refer to my other post " Modeling Scam Alert Update: They're Getting Smarter " to get caught up on what this latest update is all about.) For the past two months I've been playing along with a modeling scam that has been a bit more "sophisticated" (I'm using that word VERY loosely) compared to the modeling scams I've come across in the past. I realized that since these scammers are getting a bit smarter, it was even more important that I string them along to see what their operation was all about and hopefully get them shut down. After a lot of back and forth emails and a supposed "Model Release Form," claiming they'll be hiring me for a photoshoot for a well known designer, a money order containing my "upfront/advanced payment" for my services arrived in the mail. I have no banking experience but I could tell right away that the money order from Citibank was a fake--heck, even a monkey could tell! Not only d

The Power of Exfoliation: A Skin Care Must for All Models

In order to look picture perfect or appear flawless on the runway, it is crucial that male and female models make it a point to develop and maintain a good, daily skin care routine. One of the most important aspects that some of you may not know about or could be failing to include in your routine is the act of exfoliating. Believe it or not, this seemingly little thing can make a big difference in the appearance and health of your skin--both on your face and the rest of your body. Below is a crash course into what exfoliation is all about, how it can promote model skin and the other benefits that come with it. The Definition of Exfoliation Exfoliation is the practice of removing layers of dead skin from your face and body. While that may sound painful, it really isn't. If you currently have a facial or body scrub as part of your collection of toiletry items, guess what? You're exfoliating! What It Matters The human body is a wondrous thing, especially when it com

Answering a Reader Question #314

Anonymous Wrote: Hi, I am 16 years old and I know that I am at least 5'8 (I haven't gotten measured in awhile and that's where I was at last time) and I weigh around 120lbs. I have always wanted to start modeling and I think now is a good time to start. Can you please give me any tips on good agencies to contact in Pennsylvania? Thank you!  Hi, Anonymous! Below are the names and websites of agencies in the Pennsylvania area that you can check out. Make sure to browse through the entire website and follow the instructions each one gives for submissions. If any of them have open casting calls, mark those as a priority and make sure to attend as many as you can. Greer Lange Talent Agency MMA - Model Management Agency Inc. Expressions Modeling and Talent Agency, Inc. Reinhard Model & Talent Agency Docherty Model & Talent Agency http:

Answering a Reader Question #313

Anyssa Wrote: Hi! This is a little embarrassing because its about weight, but do you know how us girls can loose our gut? i mean meaning as, I'm skinny, just i can't seem to get rid of my pooch no matter what i do! so do you have any tips on excersizes of foods we can eat to get rid of our "muffin top" LOL that seems to be my biggest insecurites since when i wear tight clothing it sticks out like a sore thumb :/ Hey, Anyssa! Never be embarrassed about such a question...we all deal with it and it's totally normal, so no worries. :-) I did some research and below are links to two articles I think will help you out. For the second article, item #10 mentions surgery--obviously ignore that one, LOL. When it comes to anything related to health and weight loss/management, combining regular exercise with proper eating habits always makes for the best results:   Exercises to Lose Your Muffin Top  10 Great Tips on How to Get Rid of a Muffin Top

Answering a Reader Question #312

Kelsey Wrote: Hello there, I read this article ( Inexperienced Models ) and found it really helpful. I've been thinking about possibly getting into modeling, and have an upcoming (as the company called it) "on the spot test shoot interview" that I'll be making an appointment for. I was just wondering what to expect and what ways other than practicing in front of a mirror can help? Modeling is something I've been really getting interested in and am wanting to get off on the right foot. Thanks for your help! Sincerely, Kelsey from California  Hey, Kelsey! Spot test shoots are very informal and are designed to give the agency an idea of how you are in front of the camera, as well as a chance to interview you to see what your personality is like. Not all test shoots are the same, so you'll want to make sure to find out what outfits they want you to bring (it may be just 1 or 2) and if you'll need to be responsible for your makeup and hair or if

Answering a Reader Question #311

Anonymous Wrote: Hi Dania! Love the blog! I hope this isn't s too awkward of a question for you. Recently I just got my first period, and as you know, irregular periods can happen. Well say like I am in a pretty dress/outfit for a fashion show and my surprise period stains the dress? Then what do I do? It would be really helpful if you could answer this, thanks in advance.  Hi, Anonymous! Don't worry, it's not an awkward question for me at all--I've seen the gamut in my years as a model so not much surprises me anymore, lol. If you find yourself in that type of situation, the first thing to do is take the dress off immediately--there's no way they're going to let you on stage to show off the dress if it is stained. Notify one of the backstage dressers of the issue and they'll help you do damage control (the dressers will be female so they'll be okay with handling this type of situation). They'll end up either finding you a new outfi

Answering a Reader Question #310

Anonymous Wrote: When sending pictures to an agency, Can hair be in and style involving weave, like microbraids for example?  Hi, Anonymous! It is important that the hairstyle you choose to use in your snapshots to send to an agency is one that you wear on a regular basis. They want to see how you look in your everyday state. So if you always wear a weave hairstyle or microbraids, then that is fine. But if you only wear those styles once in a while, it's probably better to choose a style that you're comfortable with wearing more often, since that's likely how the agencies are going to want you to wear your hair to castings.

Wanna See What a Modeling Contract Looks Like? Have a Peek!

The almighty modeling contract is what just about every model entering the industry hopes to obtain. This document is one that can make or break the direction a model's career goes in. Because it is a legally binding document, there is a lot of confidentiality that comes with modeling contracts and what they say, which is why you'll be hard pressed to find an authentic contract from a well known agency like IMG, Ford, Elite, DNA or even a boutique agency, for that matter. Of course for those of you that have never had representation before, you're probably super curious to know exactly what a modeling contract looks like, what it says and what terms you'd be agreeing to, should you be offered one. I actually still have a copy of my contract from when I was with Ford but due to confidentiality, I can't publish any of those contents here, even though I'm no longer signed with them. But what I can do is share with you what a sample modeling contract looks lik

Translating "Agency Speak" in Modeling

Oftentimes the things agencies tell models doesn't always make sense, especially if the model is a newbie to the industry. However, there are common phrases, which I like to call "agency speak," that pop up fairly often. I've listed them below, along with what their meaning translates to. I'll update this info over time as I come across more phrases but feel free to comment on this blog post with any "agency speak" that isn't already on here that you want to know the translation to. (I don't claim to know exactly what all agencies mean but my translations below are based on my own years of experience, as well as what other represented models have told me): Agency Speak: "Thank you for coming in." What It Means: "We're not interested." Agency Speak: "We'll get back to you in a few days." What It Means: "There is some interest but I've got to consult with other people before telling you wh

Cell Phone Etiqutte in Modeling

Years ago no one was concerned about being on their cell, texting, Tweeting, uploading photos--heck, no one would have known what any of those things were back in the day! Alas, cell phones and all their nifty features and apps are here to stay...and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere, anytime soon. While these handy devices have made life a lot more fun, it has also created very bad habits for people in the workplace--modeling matters included. It isn't unusual to see models on their cell phones, texting people, updating their "statuses" on social networking sites, etc. However, this type of behavior does tend to interfere with business. It is extremely important that all models of all experience levels know and understand what the proper "cell phone etiquette" is during modeling assignments. Below are some scenarios where it is and is not okay to be distracted with your cell phone: When It is OKAY to Use Your Cell 1) While waiting f

Photos From My Visa Signature Collection Shoot

Back in December, I did a really fun lifestyle shoot for Visa. It was for their "signature collection," which is basically their own private set of stock images, which are used for their various marketing/advertising campaigns. You can read about the details of that shoot here: Latest Shoot: Visa Signature Collection I was happy to get an email from the casting director earlier today, with copies of the images from the shoot. I wasn't sure if I would get to see any of them because usually big companies like Visa aren't too keen about sharing pictures from their projects unless they're already published somewhere...and when they do allow models to get copies, it'll be of images they don't plan on using. But even so, it was very nice of the casting director to take time out to email myself and the other models with two of the photos. That being said, below are the images from the Visa shoot I got for my portfolio (we were playing the role of socialit

Quick Tip #37

Category: Castings For: Male & Female Models When going in for a casting or go-see, put your cell phone on SILENT--NOT VIBRATE. Sure, "vibrate" doesn't cause your phone to ring but it does still make a sound, especially when it's pressed up against a surface or certain material. The room where the castings and go-sees take place is usually fairly quiet so any noise will be amplified. Do yourself a favor and make it a habit to silence your cell to avoid the possibility of it going off while in front of the client. While on that same note, do not have your cell phone on you in the middle of your casting/go-see. Ladies, stick your cell in your purse and fellas put it down on the floor, on a table or chair--not your front or back pocket. When the client takes snapshots of you, the last thing they want to see is the outline of your phone pressing through your jeans. Trust me, you'll survive the short few minutes that castings and go-sees take without havin

Answering a Reader Question #309

DII_18 Wrote: Hello! I'm a guy so hopefully you can answer my question.I'm 17 turing 18 in a week. I'm 5ft10.5 or 5ft11. My waist is 29" and my chest last measured at 37" which may have changed slightly and broad shoulders(will that be a problem like with suits). I'm not actually sure if I have model potential despite what people say and also I have some acne on my face and back but not noticable from a distance but I do have a strong intrest I'm the industry. .What do you think? How are my chances? Hi, DII_18! The best way for you to find out if you have modeling potential is to start submitting yourself to local agencies, as well as attending open casting calls. You're the ideal age and most agencies set their minimum height requirement for male models at 5'11". As far as your size/measurements, the ideal clothing size is standard around a 40regular - 42long. As far as your acne, you'll want to get that under control as