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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Latest Shoot: 10 Minute Sew-In Website

A few months ago I did a bunch of shoots and some video work for a new company promoting the latest in quality sew-in hair extensions. I sent an email to my contact at the company last night to find out how things were coming along with the website. I was happy to hear back that the site is almost ready to go--it's currently in "beta testing," which is the stage where a website is tested out to identify any kinks or bugs that need to be fixed before launching live to the public.

My contact gave me a link to the test site, which is where I got this watermarked photo that is associated with this post. As an added perk, there was also a YouTube link to the demo video that I did for them, which shows how the 10 Minute Sew-In works. I even did the voice over!

I thought it would be fun to share the demo video not just so you can see me in another element other than my photoshoots but to see what goes into certain hairstyles like wearing extensions. Even though the 10 Minute Sew-In is a much more convenient method, the process of the braiding and other things is definitely anything but glamorous. Many times on set for shoots I have to go through this process of getting my hair done and let me tell ya, it makes for a very long day!

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Candace said...

I want to try that!