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The Video Girl, The Video Vixen and the Video Ho

One of my goals was to pursue modeling/acting in the music video world. I remember growing up watching beautiful young ladies playing opposite the singer and the story lines following the song lyrics.  Then as the dance videos came into popularity (aka Sean Paul's "Give Me the Light"), I admired the way the background dancers were able to move their bodies. That was about 5+ years ago and I have since stopped watching music videos. Why? It's pretty simple. There was a time when all I wanted was to play the leading lady, the "Video Girl" who played the artist's love interest. The Video Girl was sexy and classy and didn't have to bare all. Video Vixens have now come to dominate this role and not really in a bad way but not really good, either. Most of them still follow the same behavior and mannerisms as the Video Girls but now the sex factor is WAY up. And besides, to be a Video Vixen is to be a woman who has been in numerous mainstream

The Taming of Tyra

I am absolutely disgusted at how much controversy there is over Tyra Banks gaining weight. While I did notice she had packed on a few pounds during the last season of ANTM, I pretty much forgot about it. But sadly, I see that no one else has. I, for one, commend her on talking about the issue on her show and for showing everyone that she has the ability to laugh at herself. She's spent years with self-image issues and is now older and wise enough to know that she doesn't need to please anybody but herself! And for all the critics, HELLO! Tyra's a retired model so who are we to be harsh just because she doesn't want to fit into an impossible standard? Since when did being a sex symbol, model, etc. mean that you have to maintain it for the rest of your life just to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye? It's pathetic and unrealistic. Critics, negative people, haters and all others who apply, just let it go and stop wasting your breath! Tyra's weigh

Just Because You're Short, Doesn't Mean You Can't Model!

Probably one of the most annoying things I read and hear when it comes to who can be a model is how people automatically think that if you're not 5'7"+, you can't model and may as well give up. That's a stupid way to think and I hope that view changes. There is more to modeling than fashion and runway. Sure, it looks glamorous but it really isn't. And for girls who aren't tall enough, that doesn't mean you need to throw in the towel. Commercial/print modeling, petite and plus-size models are all models within their own right and I hate how so many people dismiss these categories of modeling. Commercial/print models are in more demand than fashion models and is a legit and great way of getting exposure. For the young girls out there who pray every night to get taller, don't stress yourself so much. Don't count commercial/print modeling out. Besides, why would you want to lead a life where you have to limit yourself and stay in constan

Model Lingo

There are some terms that you'll need to know if you want to be in the modeling world. Here are some of the most important: 1) TFP: Stands for "time for prints/photos", also called TFCDs "time for CD of images". This process involves a photographer taking your pictures and instead of paying him/her, you get a copy of all your images from the shoot and the photographer gets to use those photos to expand/update their portfolio. TF arrangements are free for both parties and may or may not require a model release form. Most models get a CD of all the images or their choice of their favorite shots, which are retouched by the photographer. TF arrangements are not black and white and the terms can be flexible as agreed upon by the model and photographer. If you see TF*, that means you can negotiate what you want out of the shoot, whether it is prints or a CD of photos. 2) Model Release Form: This is a document, usually one page, that lists the conditions agreed

Info Every Model Should Know

For models, looks are an important asset. But there is also information about yourself that you need to commit to memory because you'll be asked this same information over and over. And don't expect anyone else to remember it for you: WOMEN - Height - Weight (be honest) - Bust/Chest - Waist - Hips - Inseam (this is the measurement from the inside of your thigh near your crotch down to your ankles) - Shoe - Dress - Pants MEN - Height - Weight (be honest) - Chest - Neck - Waist - Hips - Inseam (this is the measurement from the inside of your thigh near your crotch down to your ankles) - Shoe - Suit - Pants And if you don't know, don't guess!

Please Don't Pay

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to pay to get an agent or to become a successful model.'t! An agency first and foremost, believes in the models they represent. A true and legit agent will sign you without asking for any money upfront. If anything, they may recommend you working with one of their photographers to start putting together your portfolio. That part is up to you, but in general, no respectable and reputable agency will ask you to pay hundreds of dollars upfront for training. Scams operate successfully because too many people think that if they invest a small fortune into their modeling career, it'll get them more exposure. There are talent conventions, expos, whatever they want to call themselves nowadays, that do give pretty good exposure to aspiring models, but the bottom line is that no matter how much you pay anybody , it won't guarantee you a solid modeling career. Don't trust companies that advertise models for

Why Get An Agent?

An agent is the best way for models to get legit and well-paying work without getting scammed. You don't have to have an agent but I wouldn't recommend going without one. If you're just starting out, getting an agent is a must to get yourself out to the public. The best way to find out what agency you should try out for depends on the type of modeling you want to do and where you are located. The Internet has made locating agencies easier than ever. If you live in small town, be sure that you're willing to travel at a moment's notice when you get called for an audition or a booking. For high fashion agencies, there is the possibility of relocating and living with other models in a dorm but that's rare. Not impossible, but don't bet on having such an arrangement when you get signed. Check out the websites of the agencies you're researching. Read about the company's history, look up their client list and take a look at the portfolios of th

What Photos Do Agencies Look For?

Sure, each modeling agency is going to have its own requirements but when it comes to photos, these are the ones that count (some may ask for full body profiles, which is basically the same as a full body frontal shot but taken from the side): 1) Headshot: This picture is taken from the shoulders up. You should have two headshots, one smiling showing your teeth and one without you smiling. Wear no makeup in this shot. If you're dealing with a problem zit or are breaking out, clear up your complexion first and then take your snapshots. Wear your hair down or up in a ponytail--as long as it is out of your face. 2) 3/4 Body Shot: This photo is taken from mid-thigh up and is not a profile. Your body should be turned slightly. Still not getting it? Think of how contestants in pageants pose when they get to the end of the catwalk--that's a 3/4 stance. This pose helps slim your body and allows the agent to see the dimensions of your shape. For a more natural look, put one

Putting Together a Modeling Portfolio

Take it from me, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to put together a portfolio. But having a good portfolio is the most important thing a model can have--it is his/her resume. So how do you go about putting together a portfolio? It's actually pretty easy. The first thing you'll need is a photographer. There are tons of great photographers out there, both professional to amateur, who are more than willing to work with new models and models who need their photos updated. For you newbies, finding a photographer in your area is simple. If you don't already know someone who does photography, use the Internet. Websites such as and are excellent for networking with photographers from all over the world. There are features on there that will allow you to be notified when a photographer is shooting in your area. For those aspiring models who are underage, I stress that you have an adult or guardian who is 21+ (

This Whole Modeling Thing

Modeling is a world beyond "America's Next Top Model" and requires looking past the surface. While I respect everyone's opinion, I don't appreciate those who openly blab about what they see wrong with models and the modeling world, while citing the only evidence for their opinion off of what they see in fashion and runway shows as an example of what modeling really is or requires. I am not a fashion or runway model but I am a commercial/print model. I am not 5'8"+. I am 5'4" and love every inch! I am a model and while my name is not a household one (yet), I am not new to this industry. With all the concern about self image, weight issues or "thinspiration" if you will, and other problems that stem from this topic, I beg to differ. I won't say that the modeling world is a perfect one or that every young girl should strive to be a model, because it's not true. I will, however, stand up for the world of modeling that I know