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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Video Girl, The Video Vixen and the Video Ho

One of my goals was to pursue modeling/acting in the music video world. I remember growing up watching beautiful young ladies playing opposite the singer and the story lines following the song lyrics.

 Then as the dance videos came into popularity (aka Sean Paul's "Give Me the Light"), I admired the way the background dancers were able to move their bodies.

That was about 5+ years ago and I have since stopped watching music videos. Why? It's pretty simple.

There was a time when all I wanted was to play the leading lady, the "Video Girl" who played the artist's love interest. The Video Girl was sexy and classy and didn't have to bare all. Video Vixens have now come to dominate this role and not really in a bad way but not really good, either. Most of them still follow the same behavior and mannerisms as the Video Girls but now the sex factor is WAY up. And besides, to be a Video Vixen is to be a woman who has been in numerous mainstream music videos. And in order to do that, you have to go through a lot.

And then there's the Video Ho, which sadly is what many young ladies prefer to be just to be in the video or in order to get next to the artist. I hate how generic music videos have become, not to mention that most of them don't make any sense. It seems that the music video world now consists of doing an open casting for girls who will work for free and seeing how many the director can fit into one scene. The end result? A lot of T&A. Not very appealing if you ask me.

I'm glad that I'm educated about what goes on at music video castings and I can proudly say I don't desire to be a part of it anymore. I highly doubt that the music videos of old with the original casting of Video Girls will ever come back but when they do, then maybe I'll reconsider.


Anonymous said...

Calling girls in Videos hos is wrong and you are very judgemental. I could say commercial modeling is not really modeling would that offend you well guess what calling video models hos offends me. You haven't educated any one on what goes on because you don't know.

Dania Denise said...

The fact that you focused on the word "ho" and took it out of context shows you did not REALLY read this post. I am not calling any of these women "hoes"...there is a distinction between being a model in a music video and being a "video ho." Video hoes are the ones who sleep with anyone or do anything and bare all in order to appear in the video or get close to the artist. I'm sure you're not that type of video model, so why take offense? The term "video ho" is a widely used and generic label for those particular young ladies who only care to have sex with the artists and appear in the video for free. I, in fact, give props to the video vixens and video girls, which are the real models in music videos. And I have been to casting calls where the girls who were almost naked and flirting and making out with the casting people got the job over me, which is why I no longer pursue that field. If you check out my other post, "Music Video Modeling Revisited" you will see how I break down the industry for those young ladies who actually want to be the respected, paid and working video models. Never do in my post do I classify all of these women as "hoes." And honestly, if that term ruffles your feathers, then maybe you shouldn't be in the business. I don't get offended by people who say commercial modeling isn't real modeling, because I know they're wrong. And if you continue to pursue video modeling, chances are you will be directly called a "ho" and not even a "video ho," so my apologies if I offended you but don't expect this to be the only time you deal with the label "video ho." Next time, read my posts thoroughly and seeing it for the content in its entirety before choosing one word to set you off.