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Modeling Tips to Keep Your Photographer Happy

(This post will be especially beneficial for freelance models.) Models wouldn't get very far without professional photographers. Regardless of what kind of modeling you're into, both female and male models alike greatly benefit not just from the images from the shoot but the networking that takes place as a result. Oftentimes, models are able to develop a list of go-to-photographers they regularly work with. Those types of business relationships are golden in the industry because everyone involved benefits. Of course, first thing's first: you have to know how to work with photographers and be the type of model they would drop everything to shoot with in a heartbeat. Below are some helpful tips that can be applied to most situations when it comes to working with photographers: COMMUNICATE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL When contacting photographers, don't talk to them like they're your bestie. That means messaging/emailing them using complete sentences with good g