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Modeling Tips: How to Stay Productive During Slow Times

It's always been normal for models to experience slow seasons but with the pandemic still making itself at home out in the world, many of us have been grappling with how to stay productive during a slow year. The modeling business is still thriving--just at a much slower pace and with the holidays now here, many agency offices have either closed for the rest of the year or dramatically reduced its activity since the clients they typically work with have also gone into holiday hibernation. Are you wondering just what to do with yourself in the meantime? Allow me to throw some ideas your way if you've been feeling stuck lately (or for a while): LEARN TO DO YOUR OWN MAKEUP Being self-sufficient is a wonderful trait for a model to have, male or female. Thanks to IG, Tik-Tok and YouTube, being a DIYer couldn't be easier. Playing around with makeup and hair for fun is one thing but step it up a notch and focus on mastering these skills as it relates to modeling. Of course, that d

Submitting to Modeling Agencies During a Pandemic: What to Expect

Ever since COVID 19 decided to make itself at home, every industry and business known to man has had to make changes.  I already did a post about modeling during this difficult time but it's also important to highlight some useful information for aspiring models on the search for agency representation. Unfortunately, this isn't such a hot time right now for agencies when it comes to finding new faces. Not all agencies operate the same way and each market has its own guidelines for how to pursue "business as usual," so your experience submitting to agencies will vary widely depending on where you live, what market the agencies are located in, the type of modeling you want to pursue, etc. To help curb any anxiety or confusion, below are a few things to keep in mind to prepare you for what to expect: NO OPEN CALLS A majority of modeling agencies have suspended all open calls until further notice. This announcement is a common one splashed on the homepages of many agency

Tips for Modeling in the COVID Era

***This post is not the place to stir up debate, debunk safety measures or air out your stance on the pandemic. It is for informational purposes and not intended to be taken as medical advice. Any negative or inappropriate comments/links will be automatically deleted.*** Whether we like it or not, there's a lot going on that has taken all of us out of the norms, routines and habits we've all come to enjoy. When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade and every industry in existence has had to learn to overcome unexpected hurdles, do damage control and adapt to conducting business in an entirely new way. The modeling industry, both the freelance world and at the agency level, is no exception. Navigating the best way to conduct business safely should be the main priority for everyone and you should never be subjected or pressured into coming out of a comfort zone that you have established so let's make the clear up front.  By the same token, it is also crucial to consider t

Let's Break Down a Modeling Scam, Shall We?

It's been a while since I've received a modeling scam email so I felt pretty special about receiving this one earlier this year, mainly because I felt it would make for a good blog post.  I meant to post about this sooner but it happened in March and COVID decided to hang out know the rest. I've written about modeling scams in the past but because they tend to change over time I figured why not see what this latest fraudster has to offer? Below are the telltale signs that immediately signaled to me that this clown was one to add to a long list of shady individuals looking for a gullible model to take the bait:  FORMATTING ISSUES You know when you copy and paste text from different sources into the body of an email or a program like Microsoft Word and the result is a bunch of text of varying sizes and font styles? Super annoying, am I right?  So why on earth would anyone in the professional realm of the fashion/modeling industry send out an email where none of the f

How Much Does Freelance Modeling Cost?

Freelance modeling isn't for the faint of heart. It takes time, dedication, networking, luck and know-how to establish a professional career in the freelance world.  Although models who work for themselves don't have to pay commission like agency represented models do, that doesn't mean this approach is free.  It's difficult to say exactly what the price tag of freelance modeling could be due to the variety of factors, not to mention that no two people's journeys are exactly the same. There are a few basic ways to break down certain expenses as a starting point. Keep in mind any price ranges mentioned here are not set in stone. Also consider the fact that the actual expenses/costs incurred will be different from market to market. To get the gist of this type of scale: New York, Los Angeles and Miami are considered examples of "large markets" in the US. The industry professionals you may encounter will have their own set price ranges based on their portfoli

If They See It, They'll Believe It: Modeling Portfolio Tips

*This post will be especially beneficial for freelance models. The modeling portfolio is what helps clients determine whether a model has what it takes to sell their product/brand/idea/concept. Even the most basic project casting could result in a client reviewing dozens of portfolios. One of the best ways to stand out is to make sure your images are relevant. By "relevant," I mean the photos in your portfolio should showcase the types of modeling work that matches what clients are casting for.  Do you want to be a swimwear catalog model? Then your portfolio should have several pictures of you not just in swimwear but posing in the style that a catalog model would, both in studio and on location. Is bridal modeling your dream? Then your portfolio better have you in a wedding dress at some point. See where I'm going with this? The very first line of this blog post mentions freelance models and I stated that for a reason. Models with agency representation already have suppo

Modeling in 2020 Pt. IV: What to Keep & What to Leave Behind

Let's see where we're at so far in this mini blog post series: 1st Installment - Modeling Portfolios 2nd Installment - Comp/Zed Cards 3rd Installment - Modeling Vouchers So what are we looking at for the 4th and final installment of what to keep and what to toss in 2020? That would be modeling websites! I feel like you already know the answer to this one so I'll make it easy for you... KEEP IT OR TOSS IT: KEEP IT! Although this one is a no brainer, there might be those of you who want to know why or how relevant it still is to have a modeling website when social media is king and a lot easier to create and maintain? Well, I have an answer for that. Anyone who has been a reader of this blog for a while knows I take modeling as a business very seriously and believe in taking certain steps to establish your brand to stand out from the rest. The care you take to craft who you are, what you do and what you want out of your career is essential in attracting clie

Modeling in 2020 Pt. III: What to Keep & What to Leave Behind

In the FIRST INSTALLMENT of this mini blog series, I talked about modeling portfolios. The SECOND INSTALLMENT  covered comp/zed cards. For this third entry, let's tackle the subject of modeling vouchers. To catch you newbies up on what modeling vouchers are, check out this blog post I wrote about them: M ODELING VOUCHERS . The use of modeling vouchers to receive payment from clients is pretty exclusive to agencies, meaning 99.9% of the time you, as a model, will encounter or deal with these types of vouchers is if you're signed to an agency. KEEP IT OR TOSS IT: IT DEPENDS I know...that's not definitive answer but hear me out. Models signed to an agency that still uses vouchers will likely keep using vouchers. The decision to discontinue their use is entirely up to the agent so if you've been using modeling vouchers and haven't been told otherwise, then these will keep being part of your life in relation to your modeling career. Freelance models don'

Modeling in 2020 Pt. II: What to Keep & What to Leave Behind

In the first entry of this mini blog post, "Modeling in 2020 Pt. I: What to Keep & What to Leave Behind" , I talked about modeling portfolios. In this second installment, let's talk about modeling comp/zed cards. For a crash course on what this tool is, check out the blog post I wrote on the topic: Comp/Zed Cards WHAT IS A COMP/ZED CARD? Think of this as a model's business card but larger and with more information on it. Agencies use them to conveniently promote their models to current and potential clients. Freelance models also use it as a networking tool. Because it has photos, contact info and the model's statistics (height, weight, clothing sizes, etc.), it quickly tells the person looking at it what they need to know. KEEP IT OR TOSS IT: KEEP IT! When it comes to modeling agencies, the use of comp/zed cards is still a common occurrence, especially in larger markets and at agencies specializing in fashion, runway and editorial work. New mod

Modeling in 2020 Pt. I : What to Keep & What to Leave Behind

Growing and evolving is a natural occurrence in life. If you don't grow and evolve, you get left behind. This applies to nearly all businesses in all industries, modeling included. With the Internet, social media and the way in which we all connect and network across borders, it makes sense that the modeling world has had to reinvent itself or at least tweak a couple of things to stay relevant with the times. So what does that have to do with you as a model? Whether freelance or agency repped, the tools commonly used in the day-to-day activities of your modeling career should probably be evaluated to see if they are still necessary, obsolete or at least something to have around just in case. Let's start off this mini blog post series with modeling portfolios. WHAT IS A MODELING PORTFOLIO? Also known as a model's "book," a portfolio is a hard copy collection of a model's strongest images, including tearsheets from published work. It is organ

Model Talk: The Importance of Confirmation & Check-In Emails

***This post was scheduled to be published several weeks in advance and not meant to be applied in real time among what's happening with the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone should be taking all precautions to be safe, including practicing social distancing and staying indoors. This post is not meant to encourage people to move forward with shoots, fashion shows, booked gigs, etc. Keep yourself and those around you safe!*** (This post will be especially beneficial for freelance models.) It can be a pain but to ensure each shoot goes according to plan but it helps to go the extra step of learning how to implement confirmation and check-in emails with the people you choose to work with. This isn't rocket science--just common sense. Life gets busy and oftentimes things come up at the last minute that could cause the cancellation of a scheduled shoot, meeting or related appointment. Sometimes the other person will actually forget they had a scheduled obligation. Oops.

Tips for Establishing Your Comfort Zones in Modeling

There are many success stories when it comes to modeling. There are just as many--if not more--horror stories or at least stories that might make some hesitant to get into the modeling world. When it comes to establishing what you will and won't do as a model, you'd be surprised just how easy setting this up is. The concept of a new, fresh-faced female or male model eager to make it in the "Biz," only to find out they have to compromise their values to reach those goals is a tale as old as time. However, that doesn't mean it's one you have to follow. In life overall you should never compromise yourself in order to "make it." So let's put that out in the forefront right now. Models signed to an agency do not have to feel pressured to do things they don't want to do. What's cool is that when you first sign with an agent, they have you fill out paperwork. In addition to signing the contract, there are things they want to know about

Direct Bookings in Modeling: It's a Thing

A big part of a model's life is attending castings and go-sees. For both freelance models and agency represented models, getting in front of clients is the best way to showcase the personality that goes with the photos they've seen and hopefully lead to a booking. However, there is an additional way of snagging work and that's through what's known as a "direct booking." This term is commonplace in the acting world but does apply to modeling projects, too. Direct bookings basically mean a client has seen your work (i.e. portfolio, comp/zed card, published work) and wants to hire you without the need for a casting or go-see. In case you're wondering if such an arrangement is too good to be true, I can assure you it isn't but there are some very important precautions to consider whenever you get a direct booking offer from a potential client. AGENCY REPRESENTED MODELS Agency websites host photo galleries of their models to make it easy for pot