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Modeling Tips: How to Stay Productive During Slow Times

It's always been normal for models to experience slow seasons but with the pandemic still making itself at home out in the world, many of us have been grappling with how to stay productive during a slow year. The modeling business is still thriving--just at a much slower pace and with the holidays now here, many agency offices have either closed for the rest of the year or dramatically reduced its activity since the clients they typically work with have also gone into holiday hibernation. Are you wondering just what to do with yourself in the meantime? Allow me to throw some ideas your way if you've been feeling stuck lately (or for a while): LEARN TO DO YOUR OWN MAKEUP Being self-sufficient is a wonderful trait for a model to have, male or female. Thanks to IG, Tik-Tok and YouTube, being a DIYer couldn't be easier. Playing around with makeup and hair for fun is one thing but step it up a notch and focus on mastering these skills as it relates to modeling. Of course, that d