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You Better Work!!! Understanding What Makes a Fashion Show (Part III): The Rehearsal

Okay, so you've got the gig, you've got the clothes and now you've got to learn the moves! Not all fashion shows involve simply walking down a long catwalk, striking a pose at the end and then walking back. While some shows stick to this basic operation, the majority of fashion show events want to take things up a notch and provide an entertaining performance for the audience. This is where the rehearsal phase comes into play. Rehearsals are typically set a few days before the show but many others schedule them for a few hours before the show on the actual day. The latter is very common these days and doesn't necessarily mean the production isn't legit. The most common reasons for rehearsals to take place the same day as the fashion show includes, but is not limited to: - Difficulty with coordinating schedules for everyone involved to appear sooner - No access to the venue prior to the day of the show - It helps keep the info and choreography learned fresh

The Two C's in Modeling: Common Sense & Caution

When it comes to my posts about models of the opposite sex working with one another, I tend to get a lot of comments in regards to related topics that I haven't mentioned or left out of the post. Originally, I planned on creating additional posts to address these subjects but to be honest, I hate repeating myself. Much of the guidelines and info I provide for male or female models when it comes to working with other models are interchangeable. So I don't really want to create more posts that basically say the same thing. With that said, this post is meant to address the whole safety issue of models working together and will hopefully put an end to this subject so that I can move along to other topics. Unfortunately, common sense just isn't common enough these days. One of my biggest fears for aspiring models (both male and female) is the new territory that they'll come across and the naivete that often comes with being a newbie. We all have to start somewhere and

Answering a Reader Question #108

Anonymous Wrote: Hey, Dania! Im Melissa =) My life is modeling. I love to model, i cant go one day without thinking about modeling. I look up to VS models like, Adriana, Candice, Rosie and Miranda. Therefor my dream is to become a VS Angel. I live in the Miami area so my first step to start working my way up to become a VS Angel is to signing up for Elite. *I would like to know the price ranges for enrolling with Elite?* I'm only 14 so i know i cant be an Angel till I'm 18 so for now what i want to do is start a modeling career in general. My measurements are bust:34 chest:29 hips:28 and my height is 5"7. I believe i have the body and the look. *Will there be a chance for me to be singed up with Elite?* and soon hopefully VS. Your answers for previous questions has helped me a lot. Please and Thank you!!!  Hi, Melissa! Pleased to meet you and thanks for the questions, especially since they are different from the same ones I keep getting from readers wh

You Better Work!!! Understanding What Makes a Fashion Show (Part II): The Fitting

Now that you've been hired for the fashion show (high-five!), the next stage in the process is to get fitted and help the designer(s) figure out what you will wear. You'll be notified of the date, time and location of the fitting in advance. Typically fittings are held a few weeks before the actual show (although in rare cases or for smaller shows, the fittings might be held a few days before). Unless given specific instructions on what to wear, you should arrive to your fitting with comfortable clothes--there is no need for a stylish outfit since you'll be changing in and out of clothes all day. Additionally, you won't be dealing with hair and makeup so you can come natural. Bring your heels, unless they will be provided for you, so that the designer can get a complete idea of how the outfits will fit on you and make adjustments to the length, if necessary. Female models should wear nude colored, seamless thong underwear (can't have those pesky pantie lines!)

Latest Gig: Salon Blu Hair & Fashion Show Part III - Pictures!!!

Here are some images from the show...enjoy!

Latest Gig: Salon Blu Hair & Fashion Show Part II - The Outfits & The Show

For the Cocoa Jeans segment, I got to wear light colored jeans, black heels and a black Cocoa Jeans midriff shirt. For The Constance Label segment I got a very sexy black, baby doll dress that was super short, sleeveless and had a mesh/see-through section that ran down the middle of my chest (thank goodness for double-sided tape!). The Von Gutenberg outfit was insanely cool, especially since I had never worn latex clothing before. Because the latex material is so skin tight, we were not allowed to wear any underwear. That meant the chosen 6-7 models for the segment had to get in the nude and have our bodies oiled by a female helper. Erik Von Gutenberg himself helped each of us climb into our outfits. For my outfit, it took nearly 30 minutes from start to finish! After securing me in my full body, turquoise bodysuit, he helped me climb into the black, lace up boots, which had a 5-6 inch heel. The black latex gloves finished off the look. I took some time to get my makeup redone, w

Latest Gig: Salon Blu Hair & Fashion Show Part I - The Preparation

I was finally able to gather some images from the last fashion show I did, which took place at a local, upscale salon called Salon Blu. The event overall was a great success and in addition to showcasing the clothing of three designers as well as the hair and makeup done by the Salon Blu staff, the show also served as a Toys for Tots drive. The three designers being featured were Cocoa Jeans, The Constance Label and Von Gutenberg Couture. There were about 12-13 female models total. The call time for the models was 2:00pm. As is my habit, I arrived early and had a chance to chat with a few of the models that also came ahead of time. As we were getting hair and makeup taken care of, we found out that the outfits for the Von Gutenberg Couture line had not arrived yet and because the clothes were made of latex, the people in charge of the fashion show were not able to choose which models would get to wear the line, since the sizing was very specific. So for most of the show I was in

Answering a Reader Question #107

Anonymous Wrote: Hello! I really want to model but I am 20yrs old, 125lbs and only 5'3'' and I know it is extremely short for the modeling world. But do I have a slight chance?  Hi, Anonymous, thanks for the question! With the current industry standards, your best shot is at doing petite modeling and/or parts modeling. While there is not a huge number of modeling agencies that have petite divisions, they are out there if you look hard enough. Parts modeling is gaining more demand as well, which has led to more agencies developing divisions that specialize in this field. If you're able to find an agency for either or both types of modeling work, then you'll be way ahead of the game. Aside from seeking agency representation you also have the option of being freelance, which means that you'll find your own work. There are some clients that turn to freelance model for petite and parts modeling and if you know how to network and actively submit yourself to th

Video Clips - Dania Denise @ the Salon Blu Fashion Show

I had the great opportunity to be one of the fashion models for a local hair and fashion show, which was held at Salon Blu in the South Bay Area (that's in California, for those of you that are not from the Golden State). Soon as I get pictures from the show I'll do another post detailing my experience from beginning to end. I was able to get some video clips, however, from one of the people that attended the show. Unfortunately, they're posted through Facebook so I don't have the actual video to embed so if you've got a FB, you should be able to view it without any problems. This first video clip is from the second segment of the show, where we wore dresses by designer Constance Ng of The Constance Label. If you fast forward to 1:34, you'll see me in a black, babydoll dress: Salon Blu Fashion Show - The Constance Label Segment The last segment of the show was the Von Gutenberg Couture segment, where 5-7 models were selected out of the group of 13 to w

The Perks of Arriving Early to a Modeling Gig

"If you're early, you're on time, if you're on time, you're late!'" This is a saying that my high school math teacher taught me and it stuck with me my whole life. I've found that this is especially crucial when it comes to modeling. Being professional is a huge part of leading a successful modeling career and that means being where you're supposed to be when you're told to be there. While it is important to arrive early for castings, go-sees and fittings, it is even more important to be early for actual shoots, fashion shows and other related events. Why? The following perks listed below will serve as your answer: 1. It makes a great impression. Being early may be a small thing to most people but to the client you are working for, it speaks volumes to your professionalism and shows right away that you take what you do seriously. 2. You'll have less to worry about. When you're early you'll often get the heads up on how the

Answering a Reader Question #106

KenzieRey22 Wrote: My name is Kenzie and i really would like to start modeling but i don't know where to start! and i have no one to really help me out with it, im from Portland OR but i'm recently living in North Dakota, but i'm moving back to Portland soon (: the only agencies around are in the capital city Bismarck. I'm 16 years old, 5"6 and 115 pounds, do you think i could start?  Hi, Kenzie, thanks for the question! At your current height and weight you meet the requirements for commercial/print modeling. Unless you can get to 5'8" high fashion and runway agencies won't be very interested in signing you. That being said, your best bet is to find a legit agency in your area that represents commercial/print models. Since you are going to be moving to Portland, you'll want to submit to agencies there. Depending on how soon you'll move, it may not be a good idea to try and find an agency in North Dakota right now...unless you have a year

Answering a Reader Question #105

Anonymous Wrote: Hi, Dania! I just want to say that your blog has given me many helpful hints and insights into the modeling and fashion industry, and I feel like I have a more realistic view now. I have a question about my measurements, though. I'm 15, a sophmore in highschool, and I have a bust of 32", a waist of 23", and I'm somewhere between 5'6 and 5'7, although my doctor said I would most likely grow to be one 5'8 or 5'9. What I'm most worried about is my hips, 35". In general, I'm very happy with my hips and behind, but would it put me out of runway altogether, assuming I grow to be 5'8? Would it get in the way of being signed by Ford or Factor, New Generation? Thanks for your help!  Hi, Anonymous! Thanks for the questions and being a reader--I truly appreciate it! Worry not, you'll be happy to know that your hip measurement is fine...just make sure you keep it at 35 inches. When it comes to a model's mea

Answering a Reader Question #104

Maureen Wrote: I'm 24 years old and I'm Panamainian. I've been told for most of my life that I could be a model, but I'm only 5'3. Despite my age I look 18. I wonder if I would be any good in the modeling industry?  Hi, Maureen! Realistically speaking with the standards of the industry as they stand right now, your best shot is going to be doing petite modeling and/or parts modeling. At your age it is highly unlikely that you'll get taller, which means that agencies won't be as likely to sign you for commercial/print work (the minimum height requirement for this type of work is 5'5", although exceptional 5'4" models have been able to get lucky). Parts modeling is a great field to get into if you're able to find a good agency to market you and clients often use petite models for this type of work. Agency representation is the best way to legitimately get into the industry, however, you do have the option of pursuing freelance wo

Dania Denise + Youtube = Awesome

Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, chances are you have heard of Youtube. To avoid insulting anyone's intelligence, I'll go ahead and write this post and assume that you guys know what it is (if you don't, Google it lol). Anyways, I was chatting with a few friends from college and one of them suggested that I also do video blogs about the modeling industry in addition to the blog I have here. Well, I thought that was a great idea so I recently started taking the steps to bring this project to fruition. As I looked at my blog and how popular it has become with my readers over the years, I began to think how I could get more people interested--not only to increase my readership base but to also further get my information and advice about the modeling industry out to the masses. So why not do a video blog? Naturally, I feel that Youtube is the perfect place to start. I just ordered a web cam online so I'll have to wait a few days for it to arrive

Answering a Reader Question #103

Ruth Wrote:  Hi! I'd really love to start modeling, but I have 2 problems, I'm 12 and I have braces. I am 5'8, weigh 130, have brown hair and blue eyes and I'm peitite I guess you'd call it. Do you have any suggestions to help me get started?  Hi, Ruth! If you are interested in modeling your best bet is to find an agency to represent you. You are still very young so you have plenty of time to pursue this type of career. Your height is perfect for fashion, runway and editorial modeling. For now do not let your braces prevent you from getting started. Each agency has its own preference so send in your photos or attend open casting calls and see what kind of feedback you get. Some agencies may only be interested in representing you after you've gotten your braces off, while others may be fine with taking you as you are now. The only way to find out is to put yourself out there. At this point, you can start looking online for agencies in your city/state t

My Latest Shoot: Bridal Beauty Shoot

I just got my images back from the shoot I mentioned in my previous post. This was a bridal beauty shoot, although I did not wear a wedding dress. The main focus was on the beauty aspect so the majority of the images were taken from the shoulders up. I'm really happy with the way they turned out, especially since it shows me with a completely different hairstyle than I normally wear. I'm pretty confident that choosing one of these as a headshot will get me more modeling work for clients that are seeking ethnic models with a more "natural" hairstyle. So we'll see how that goes. I arrived at the photographer's studio at 9:30am. Of course I was there early, as is my habit, so I sat in my car and listened to music until it was time for me to go in. At first I was hesitant about doing the shoot because it was 40 something degrees outside and we had agreed to do the shoot outdoors. First off, I do NOT do well with cold (haha) so I wasn't sure if I would

It's December!!!

Wow, time really does fly! I hope that your 2010 has been a positive and memorable one...I know it was for me! This month I am focusing on redoing my portfolio, mainly my actual portfolio, not the ones I have online. I purchased a new portfolio case recently, since my old one was getting pretty dingy and now that I am looking at some of my images I know that I want to step it up a notch. So it's time to do an overhaul and set up test shoots with photographers to expand my book. Because of the bridal shows I've been doing this year, I'm hoping to track down some pictures of me on the runway to include in my portfolio--I really enjoy this type of work and want to have a strong bridal look section for my book. I just did a bridal beauty shoot with a fabulous local photographer on Tuesday morning and after previewing some of the images, I know these are going to be my strongest pictures yet. Because it was a beauty shoot, the majority of the images were taken from the s

Answering a Reader Question #102

Kirstin Wrote:  hey! im 16, 5'9" and have a body like a VS model. ive wanted to be a VS angel for a long time. ive sent in photos to local agencies they called me back but i never went to any of the things. is it possible to be signed to ford or other agencies in NY without going there? & Do you have to put a lot of money out to become sign with a good agency?  Hey, Kirstin! First you have to know that you cannot do modeling for VS until you are 18. So until then, you can pursue fashion/runway and editorial modeling. That's great that you were contacted by the local agencies in your area but why did you not go in for interviews? It is extremely difficult to get agency representation so the fact that agencies have shown an interest in you is a good sign that you shouldn't neglect. Local agencies are a great way to build your portfolio and career until you can move on to a larger, more prestigious agency. Never count the smaller agencies out since they have t

Answering a Reader Question #101

Kristin Wrote:  OMG! Im 15 and i am Dyinggggg to be a Victoria Secret Model. Im 5'11' though and i feel like i'll never stop growing !!!!! So i guess once im done i'll be too tall :( But gosh I want to be one Soo Bad. I Live in NYC any advice ?  Hi, Kristin, thanks for the questions! As long as you don't get taller than 6'0", you'll be fine. You can't model for Victoria's Secret until you're 18 so you've still got a few years before you can pursue that. In the meantime, however, you are the perfect height and age to start doing fashion/runway and editorial modeling. Your first step is to get an agency to sign you so that you can officially begin your modeling career. The fact that you live in NYC works to your advantage since that puts you right in the middle of the action. There are plenty of great agencies in NYC that you can look into getting signed with. If you want to have a shot at Victoria's Secret later on, you may w

Answering a Reader Question #100

Anonymous Wrote:  Hi Dania I have a killer body not plus size but curvy and I have the really pretty exotic look but the thing is im only 5'4 and im sure ill grow to 5'5 or 5'6 so do i not have a chance to become a Victoria Secret model since im really short.  Hi, Anonymous! Unfortunately, at this time Victoria's Secret requires all of its models to be at least 5'8" in height. So unless you can get that tall or maybe an exceptional 5'7", you won't be qualified to become a Victoria's Secret model. But when you hit 5'5" you should give commercial/print a shot. While not on the same level as VS this field has plenty of work to offer if you have the right look and is still a great way to get into the modeling industry. Good luck to you!

Taking What I Say Too Literally

In case you haven't noticed, I have my own style of writing that is often humorous, sarcastic and fun while being informative. However, I have come to realize that providing information about the modeling industry in a blog/written format may not necessarily convey exactly what I mean at times (similar to how some people misinterpret text messages). Some things I may mention in a casual and lighthearted manner may actually be interpreted too literally by some readers. Because of this, I want to point out that in some cases, do not take what I say too seriously. Of course the actual information I am giving you about modeling should be taken seriously--I'm mostly concerned about my more offhand comments. For example, in one of my posts about male models working with female models, I write something along the lines of "falling in love with a beautiful stranger." Noooooooo, I am not advising models to literally fall in love with someone they have just met or be

You Better Work!!! Understanding What Makes a Fashion Show (Part I): The Casting

Being in a fashion show is perhaps one of the biggest goals that new and aspiring models hope to achieve. The thought of getting to wear a designer's fashions, getting your hair and makeup professionally done and strutting your way down a catwalk in front of an audience is a vision that many model hopefuls replay over and over in their heads. Of course to better prepare yourself for participating in such an event it is important to not only know what role you play as a model, but understand the other aspects that go into making a fashion show possible. Before you can be on a catwalk, however, you first have to be cast in the fashion show itself. Whether you have an agent or are freelance, you'll have to attend the casting for the fashion show in question. Because it could have a large turnout of potential candidates it is a good idea to arrive to the casting location early in order to get in front of the line. No two fashion shows are alike so make sure that you find ou

Why "Hurry Up & Wait" is a Staple in the Modeling Industry

I kid you not when I say that modeling is not always glamorous--whether it is high fashion or a commercial/print shoot. For those that have never been on the set of a photoshoot before, there may be some things that surprise you, namely how long and boring the down time in between shooting can be. If you think that a modeling shoot means arriving, getting hair and makeup done, getting dressed, posing for the camera and then going home...that's only the bare bones. Most don't account for the time it takes for the crew to get the location setup, the time needed to change looks and other factors. For many shoots the actual time spent in front of the camera is less than the time you spend standing around waiting for everything to be ready. For those that have zero patience and/or expect things to happen right away so that you can be somewhere else, this aspect of being a model will greatly disappoint you. Even for shoots that are typically shorter in nature, you can still exp

Talent Agencies: Do You Need to Kill Two Birds with One Stone?

While searching for agency representation you may have come across talent agencies and modeling agencies. If you're not familiar with the difference between the two, knowing this information could help you plan your career in the industry accordingly. The main difference between these two types of agencies is that while modeling agencies only represent models, talent agencies also include actors, voice over artists and even musical entertainers in their representation. Modeling agencies strictly specialize in their primary field so they have no reason to try and sign people who only want to act in film, commercial, TV shows and other related projects. Do you happen to be an aspiring model who also wants to be an actor (or vice-versa)? Then guess what: you'll want to apply to talent agencies. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is that a talent agency allows you to kill two birds with one stone by having one form of representation for both types of work. Having a ma

Dania Denise on the Site

Because it is always important to know where you are appearing on the Internet, I often do online searches for myself. No, it's not to stroke my ego (at least not completely anyway haha)--there is method to my madness. In this tech-obsessed age, we all know that people steal photos, alter them, post them in not-so-nice places, etc. It is because of these nefarious practices that I do my best to know which sites I'm appearing on, who is using my blog content, articles and other related information. Imagine my surprise today to find that someone listed me on the website . As the name implies, this site is dedicated to identifying various famous people in all industries/categories. My bio information is currently waiting for approval by the editors of the site and they got my birthplace wrong so hopefully everything will be accurate soon. Want to know the reason why the site believes I'm "famous why"...sexiness. Lol. Ah, the Internet, how I love

Answering a Reader Question #99

AveryJ Wrote:  Thanks so much for your help! What agencies have you been working with? Hi, AveryJ! You are very welcome, I am always happy to help! My first agent was a small one called Talent Plus. After about a year I sought new representation with a larger agency called Generations Model & Talent in San Francisco. I stayed with them for over 5 years. From there I went to the Ford Models print division (also in San Francisco). After 3-4 years with them, I decided to seek a new agent (Ford was great but it wasn't really a good fit for me and the split was mutual). I am now with a boutique agency called Models, Inc. They are also in the San Francisco area. Because I live in Northern California, San Francisco is the main market that I work out of. However, I also do freelance modeling on the side and find my own modeling and acting opportunities on top of what my agency books me for. Because of that I am also able to work in the Los Angeles market, however, I do not hav

Answering a Reader Question #98

Anonymous Wrote:  How do I get signed if I'm 14, and have braces? Do you think it will be a problem? Hi, Anonymous! Your first step is to find modeling agencies in your city. It is best to submit to agencies that are within a two hour's drive from where you live. Once you know the names of the agencies, which can be done by doing an online search, you can visit the agency's official website, which will list their guidelines for how you can submit yourself as a potential model. Follow the directions as they are stated on the site. If, for some reason, this kind of information is not on the site, then you can try calling and asking what the requirements are. As far as whether your braces will be a problem, there is no black or white answer to that. It strictly varies from person to person and situation to situation. It can be difficult to find modeling assignments for models with braces because there is such a limited market for it, but there have been models that have

Answering a Reader Question #97

Anonymous Wrote: Hi,the only part of being a model that i dont like is to expose my body in swimsuits and lingerie.But thats something that i would love to do, bridal.May you give me an advice how to find this specifically job in california?Thanks  Hi, Anonymous! That's great that you want to get into bridal modeling. There are a few different ways to go about pursuing this. Luckily, California is a great state for this type of work. There are tons of vendors that specialize in the wedding industry in the Golden State, which means the need for bridal models. The two most common types of work you'll find in this field include doing bridal fashion shows and print work in bridal magazines and other similar publications. One way to get into doing bridal fashion shows is to look up the different production companies that put on their shows/wedding fairs in your area. For example, if you live in Northern California one of the biggest wedding fairs is known as Brocade Weddi