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Friday, November 19, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #99

AveryJ Wrote: 

Thanks so much for your help! What agencies have you been working with?

Hi, AveryJ! You are very welcome, I am always happy to help!

My first agent was a small one called Talent Plus. After about a year I sought new representation with a larger agency called Generations Model & Talent in San Francisco. I stayed with them for over 5 years. From there I went to the Ford Models print division (also in San Francisco). After 3-4 years with them, I decided to seek a new agent (Ford was great but it wasn't really a good fit for me and the split was mutual). I am now with a boutique agency called Models, Inc. They are also in the San Francisco area.

Because I live in Northern California, San Francisco is the main market that I work out of. However, I also do freelance modeling on the side and find my own modeling and acting opportunities on top of what my agency books me for. Because of that I am also able to work in the Los Angeles market, however, I do not have an agent in Southern California at the moment.

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