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Monday, November 1, 2010

Addressing a Reader Comment #4

Anonymous Wrote:

As for contacting female models through social networking sites, it's best that you proceed with caution because they might suspect you of being a sexual predator. And for meeting them, these female models that you're planning to work with, will usually bring a male friend, co-worker (if they are on lunch break from another job), relative, or family member for their own protection (but not a boyfriend or husband, due to jealousy issues) so don't feel intimidated because of that, especially by male friends or co-workers.

Overall this is a good article for male models but I also think you need to write another article explaining how to work successfully with male models for female models, especially for freelance female models. 

Hello, Anonymous, and thanks for the comments about my post, titled "Tips for Working Successfully with Female Models (for Male Models) Part I". I appreciate your concern about the whole safety issue when it comes to female models. While the modeling industry has used the Internet to its advantage to further business, so have a lot of shady people with ulterior motives. I have done posts regarding safety and female models throughout the life of my blog but I will do a post specifically for female freelance models that deals with working with male models. Because a majority of my posts already target female models I wanted to do this recent series to give male models more attention since they tend to get lost in the mix.

In general, both male and female models need to exercise common sense when it comes to networking and contacting people that you do not know.


Amanda said...

Hi Dania, thanks for answering my question before. I was wondering, how do I find a trustworthy modeling agency? Every time I looked on the internet for one in Miami, the only that doesn't seem to be a scam at first is Avenue Productions, which has received hundreds of complaints that the models they book not only pay an upfront fee, but they are never booked for any jobs. I checked the agency's website, and all that I really found was about 200+ pictures of models they booked (who probably paid the $300 upfront fee). Not to mention when I searched the company name, the suggested list said "Avenue Productions Scam". I really don't know where else to look, since I've used Google, Craigslist, and I even resorted to checking a phone book. I know Miami isn't as large as New York or LA, so I wouldn't expect to find as many agencies as models find there. But the only time I'm going to New York is in December for only 2 weeks. I tried searching for large agencies that have chains all over the U.S., but I mean it when I say I have NONE. Any advice?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Amanda! I thought I had replied to your comment to let you know where the answer to your questions are but I see now that I did not. I apologize! You can find your answers in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #95."