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Friday, November 26, 2010

Taking What I Say Too Literally

In case you haven't noticed, I have my own style of writing that is often humorous, sarcastic and fun while being informative. However, I have come to realize that providing information about the modeling industry in a blog/written format may not necessarily convey exactly what I mean at times (similar to how some people misinterpret text messages).

Some things I may mention in a casual and lighthearted manner may actually be interpreted too literally by some readers. Because of this, I want to point out that in some cases, do not take what I say too seriously.

Of course the actual information I am giving you about modeling should be taken seriously--I'm mostly concerned about my more offhand comments. For example, in one of my posts about male models working with female models, I write something along the lines of "falling in love with a beautiful stranger."

Noooooooo, I am not advising models to literally fall in love with someone they have just met or become otherwise romantically involved and possibly put their safety at risk. While I'm sure most of you got what I meant and took it to be humorous and lighthearted, there are those that have been telling me the risks that come with making such statements. They are not statements made to be carried out literally at all.

In my most recent post about knowing what goes into a fashion show I make another statement about flirting with the casting folks while doing your runway walk. Again, nooooooo I am not suggesting that you do your walk and then strut over and start flirting with the cute guy in charge of videotaping the casting or winking excessively and making kissy faces at the person in charge of the casting.

Some concepts are difficult to describe in the written format so I do my best to explain what I mean while keeping it lighthearted in nature. Modeling is an industry where you have to show off your attitude and sex appeal but these should be accomplished within the context of the casting you are attending...not to be taken too seriously.

When I was 15 and attending castings for agency representation, I was told by the professionals at the various agencies that I had to learn how to "sell myself." And I was 15! But even at that young age, I knew exactly what they meant. It didn't mean I was going out and physically prostituting myself and sleeping my way to the top. It simply meant that I had to equip myself with the knowledge, personality and skills to wow an agency into wanting to sign me and book me work. Simple as that.

So for those of you that are a bit too serious or maybe a little sensitive, please know that my tone in writing is meant to be easy to read, informative and anything but stuffy. And if I throw in a statement that you start to protest, before sending me a message about it--step back, remember the context of the information being provided and take a chill pill. It's all in good fun while being educational. Life's too short as it is to be stuffy--modeling is about action and freedom so let it all hang out. Nooooooooo....not literally! Put your shirt back on! LOL.

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Monique said...

Hi, I'm glad to have come across your blog...will be spending some time reading about tips for sure. :) It is funny to think some ppl don't get jokes online, however it's also good to add a winking smily face at the end to know it's a joke since it definitely is hard to read sarcasm or humor online. I have just recently decided to start looking into modeling to create a portfolio. It is more for fun and I'm not really interested in being in an agency as my primary career will not allow me to have that sort of time on my hands. (In my final year to be a Registered Massage Therapist).