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Parents of Child Models, Please Read...

I just got a message from a concerned reader on one of the sites I regularly write modeling content for and I was so disturbed by the nature of her message that I felt I needed to do a quick post. This particular person told me that she had a friend whose daughter is 6-years-old and an aspiring child model. Apparently, her mother had professional photos done, which included having her child in a bikini. First off, the word "child" and "bikini" should not be in the same sentence in my opinion. A little girl wearing a cute two-piece around friends and family is one thing but to photograph her is inappropriate to me, simply because of her age. To make matters worse, these bikini pictures are on Myspace and a number of other free social networking sites. I'm assuming they're up in order to increase her daughter's exposure and hopes of snagging an agent. The friend of the mother contacted me to ask what my thoughts were on the subject and if her concern

I Hate Being the Guinea Pig

I am one of those models that makes it a priority to arrive early for everything: castings, go-sees, auditions, shoots, etc. Oftentimes I'm there before the actual client or they'll be surprised that someone actually did show up early and they won't even be ready. In most cases being the early bird has greatly benefited me but recently this seemingly good habit ended up backfiring on me. Since I want to keep it real with my readers I'm going to share my experience that may not be a big deal to some but for me it still makes me cringe. lol. I was in Los Angeles for a casting for a beauty editorial shoot. It was an open casting from 10am-2pm, which meant I could attend anytime I wanted. Of course I wanted to be there early since I was not sure how many people would be there and also wanted to make a good first impression. The details of the casting I received in the email were pretty straight forward: the casting director and photographer would be doing test shoot

Answering a Reader Question #63

Breanna Wrote:  Hello, I always have alot of people tell me i should be a model because i look exotic im vietnamese n black bt i have no experience or anything like that and i see alot of magazines were you can submit photos but i always feel like it's for already established models is that true? i would like to submit for the beauty of the week but am not so sure if i should. Hey, Breanna, thanks for the question! You do not have to be an established model in order to be chosen as a JET "Beauty of the Week." Many of the young ladies that submit their photos are not experienced or "pro" models, while others are. Experience in the modeling industry is not a requirement in order to send in your photos. All you need is a great picture and you'll be good to go! A good majority of the magazines that allow models to submit their images do not require you to be a professional model. However, they will want professional quality pictures. So all you need to d

Addressing a Reader Comment #2

Anonymous Wrote: Why is it that commercial modeling is considered as representing the "average woman"? commercial models have the same measurement requirements for waist, bust, and hips as fashion models (give or take one inch) except they are shorter so it looks more proportionate. so to be honest the strain to be thin is just as hard. the "average woman" has measurements of 42" hips and 36" waist and is the height of 5'4". So it seems commercial is just as physically hard to obtain as fashion except of the height factor. 34", 24",34" is seen the same by girls viewing it on either the runway of someone who is 5'10" or their favorite tv commercial extra who is 5'7". so how is being that small really considered "average"?  You know, those are questions that I have often asked myself. And to be honest, there is really nothing I can say that would satisfactorily answer them. But what I do want you and oth

Latest Tearsheets: Bertliz Shoot

I did the corporate themed photoshoot for the company Bertliz a while back but the finished products are finally coming out and the photographer was able to give me some digital tearsheets...yay! Berlitz is a language arts company that provides content and information to help people learn to speak different languages. They have language arts products available all over the world and this particular shoot was created to help people in other countries learn how to effectively communicate in the business world using common English vocabulary. The shoot itself was really fun and laid back. We shot in an actual office building in San Francisco and there was a handful of us playing the part of a company conducting a business meeting. The photographer and the models were a lot of fun to work with and we joked around a lot. One scene involved me typing on my laptop while my "coworkers" were looking at my screen. In order to get some genuine expressions I would type the most r

I'm Not a Fashion Model

Sometimes I get certain comments on some of my blog posts from people that compare me to a fashion model or criticize the caliber of my images because they are not "high fashion." I'm not sure if these are readers that have only looked at one or two of my posts and felt that was all they needed to get the gist of what I am about but I want to address this misconception mainly for those that hold me up to some standard when it comes to fashion modeling. If you have been a long-time reader of my blog then you already know what I am about and what type of modeling I do. If you are a first-time reader or happen to come across certain blog posts I've done in the past, you may not be aware right away of the fact that I am NOT a fashion or runway model. I am a commercial/print model. At 5'5" I'm not gracing runways or doing editorials. I know some of you must be thinking that addressing this issue isn't that serious but when the comments carry a tone

Answering a Reader Question #62

Anonymous Wrote: I have a question-i have been faithfully reading your blog for quite some time and am a big fan. I know previously you had wrote that when you modeled for certain companies you listed you wouldnt do nude, fur, cigarettes and something else i cant quite remember. If you wont do fur, then why is it that you will model with leather? this question is in no way meant to discredit you or look down on your previous decision to model leather accessories (i know the blog is older, i am just now catching up on your older posts that i missed)i was just wondering what stance you have on the connection between the 2. I know some wont model fur because of animal rights and also the use of fur of the dwindling existence of a certain species. If you indeed wont wear fur because of animal rights-then what is the difference between that and leather? I look forward to your response and thanks!  Hey, Anonymous! Thank for this was very thought provoking--so much so tha

Answering a Reader Question #61

Anonymous Wrote: I know this is an older post but i have a question- i am half black and half white and i know jet magazine is an african american magazine. i would be interested in submitting a photo but i am fair skinned to the point where my skin is the color of a caucasian person, my eyes are blue, and by looking at me most might not be able to tell i am even mixed with black. I was wondering in YOUR honest opinion if you think i would have a chance. I know that african-american womens' view of mixed women is not always a positive one and i have had to deal with a lot of struggles because of that. have you ever seen a white looking mixed girl with blue eyes in any of their issues or could you find out? thank you so much and i hope i have some kind of chance. if not i know they are missing out not me, but i would appreciate the help. thank!  Hi, Anonymous, this is an interesting question--thank you for asking it! Based on your situation and physical description I think you

Happy 2010!

I know this post is a few days late but with family visiting from out of town I wasn't able to get around to being timely about it. I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve! As always, I try to look forward to what the new year will bring and it makes me that much more optimistic because you know never know life will throw at you. One of my goals for 2010 is to travel more, not just for modeling assignments but hopefully for meet and greets as well with my readers. I finally got a new modeling agent, which I will do a more detailed post about soon and am looking forward to seeing what this working relationship will turn up. Of course I still submit myself to freelance gigs, which is totally cool with my agent, and I have a few castings lined up. So starting the new year with new representation is a plus for me. As always, I will continue to keep you all educated and informed about the modeling industry as well as the experiences I encounter in my career. Check out my

Answering a Reader Question #60

Sojah Wrote: Hello, I have a question about relocation. I am an aspiring Fit/Plus Size model from Pittsburgh, PA. There is next to no work here. I am interested in being a fit model for Abercrombie & Fitch whose headquarters are in Colombus. Colombus is more than a 2 hour drive. If I submit my measurements and photos and if they are interested and hire me, how long will they give me to relocate? I don't want to move there without having a job. Hey, Sojah! Great question, thanks for taking the time to ask. Unfortunately, pursuing a modeling career for Abercrombie & Fitch cannot be approached the same way you would any other type of client. Abercrombie & Fitch does not hire models just because they are local to their headquarters. Aside from having a modeling agent that has A&F as their client to submit you, the only other way you can possibly be a model for them is to get hired as an employee at your nearest A&F store. Once you are hired and have been th