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Answering a Reader Question #33

Anonymous Wrote: Heyy, Dania. First of all, I hope you have much success ahead of you! =] Well, I was actually wondering if you could help me out with a question I have. I also have stretch marks all over my butt and I have tried all the products but nothing works. Have the stretch marks ever been a set back to getting agencies, such as Ford, or do they get in the way of obtaining a job? Thanks so much! =] Hello, and thanks for the kind words! On the topic of stretch marks, I personally have never experienced a set back with agencies or clients. In terms of modeling in general, stretch marks can be worked around. If you wanted to become a pro swimsuit model then maybe there would be some concern but for booking general swimsuit work it won't be a huge deal. When looking for modeling work (if you freelance) clients usually will ask for models with clear skin or will specifically ask for models without stretch marks...those are the ones you probably won't be able to book. However

Answering a Reader Question #32

Sky Wrote: Heyyyyy, My name Sky is I want to be a model. I am 19 and 6'2. My measurement is 32-27-34. Do you think I have a chance to become an Elite or Ford model. I really do want to become a VS model. Hi, Sky! To answer your question, unfortunately, you've got two things working against you if you hope to become a fashion model/VS model: your height and your waist measurement. There is such a thing as being too tall for modeling. Even men have difficulty in this area. While being naturally tall is great for fashion and runway modeling, 6'2" exceeds the ideal height requirement for female models. Some agencies will take a chance at signing a 6'0" female model and that's if she has a really great look. Unfortunately, I think you being 6'2" will work against you in your search for an agency. Does that mean you'll never get signed? Not necessarily but the odds will be against you, so be prepared for that. As far as your measurements, your bust

Parting Ways with Ford

Yep, you read right. I won't be renewing my contract with Ford Models in San Francisco. Before I get into details, let me answer some of the more obvious questions I know you'll ask: 1) Are you crazy?! No. LOL. 2) Are you mad/upset/sad/depressed/scared? No. 3) Aren't you worried about your career now? Not at all. 4) Any regrets? Nope! Now that I've gotten that out of the way (haha), let me start off by saying that while Ford was good to me and treated me well, it was a mutual decision. Trust me, breaking away from a big name agency isn't going to be career suicide for me. It'd be different if I was a newbie or had no idea how the industry works or operates. I stayed with my contract as long as I could and during that time they did not book me any work, unfortunately. The shoots and gigs that I did get and posted about on here were through my own efforts as a freelance model. It is because of my efforts that I am not worried at all about leaving Ford. They are a

Answering a Reader Question #31

Anonymous Wrote: Hey, Dania So I've got the usual story of "I've always dreamed of being a model" but only recently have I given it some serious thought. I'm 20 years old and am thinking of trying out for ANTM and giving the dream a shot. However I'm worried about two things before pursuing this, I am just shy of 5'7'', the requirement on the application (I'm 5'6'' and some). I also am curvy, and whereas I know my chest won't work against me, I was wondering if my hips would. What's the usual hip size for models? And do you think I should still go ahead and apply, even though I am a little under 5'7'' (Eva was 5'7'' wasn't she?) Do you have any other tips/advice for applying to ANTM? Thanks! Hello and thanks for your questions. Ah, ANTM...let's see...yes, Eva was 5'7" but even though you are a bit shy of that height, you will be surprised by how much they will discriminate against tha

Answering a Reader Question #30

Antoinette Wrote: 24 year old Tx girl, I always wanted to be a victoria secret model. I have a little experience and I just got a one year contact with DMG Model Management in Dallas,Tx. After it expires what can I do to try out by me being 5'5 in height? Hi, Antoinette! Congrats on getting signed to an agent! You are where many, many aspiring models hope to be so pat yourself on the back for a job well done. =) Unfortunately, I'm going to give it to you straight: Victoria's Secret recruits its models from high fashion modeling agencies and prefer their models to be 5'8" or taller. The ideal VS model is 5'10". At your height, you wouldn't be able to get signed to a high fashion modeling agency in order to be considered for a spot as a VS model. You are the ideal height for commercial/print so stick to that and you will still find a successful career in that field since commercial/print models are always in demand. I wish you much luck in your career wi

Answering a Reader Question #29

Heather Gross Wrote: Hi my name is Heather Gross I am 18 and i am trying to get into modeling. Hollywood North Entertainment cating agency contacted me and wanted me to give them a call. So I did and they ask me to send 4-6 photos to them. Iagreed and sent the photos and they offered me a contract. The contract is simple and i read it throughly. The only thing that is stopping me is the "Cost is $288.75 on visa or master card for the prints." Any advice? Hello, Heather, and thanks for your question. You said you were interested in modeling. That being said, are you aware that the Hollywood North Entertainment Casting Agency specializes in reality TV shows? They are responsible for placing talent on all sorts of reality TV shows from America's Got Talent to The Apprentice. From what I know, they do not represent models or find modeling work in any of the fields (fashion/runway/commercial/print). If modeling is your goal, I suggest not turning to a reality TV casting agency