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Happy New Year 2018 - The Latest on Dania Denise

Another year come and gone. What can I say about 2017? Well, as you probably know if you've been a reader of this blog for some time now, I haven't actively been posting like I used to. But I see it as a blessing in disguise. Think about it: I certainly love sharing all the insight and knowledge I have about the modeling industry with all of you but at the same time what kind of professional model would I be if all I did was blog every day? If anything, I am happy I posted so much in the early years of this blog. That was mainly due to the fact that I was working in the corporate world at the time, meaning I was a slave to a computer and cubicle 5 days a week. It was easy for me to shoot off a blog post or two (or three) and keep content up regularly. Once I broke free of the corporate shackles, however, I was finally able to take my entertainment career to the next level and not only continue to build my resume of experience and expand my network, but gain even more

The Difference Between Casting Agencies & Talent/Modeling Agencies

Not all agencies are created equal. The word "agency" gets thrown around a lot and within the entertainment industry it's easy to get confused. To avoid any mishaps and ensure that you're on the right track, I felt it would be good to do a post to break down the important differences between casting agencies and talent/modeling agencies. Since I've written at length about talent and modeling agencies, the points listed below will be in direct reference to how casting agencies operate. To sum up casting agencies in a nutshell: this type of business contains a database of actors, models and other types of talent and essentially acts as a matchmaker between the talent registered on the casting agency's site and those casting for various projects. Whenever someone is looking for models or actors, they typically post their project on the casting agency's site and the talent that matches the requirements are notified and given a chance to submit them

How to Choose the Right Modeling Agency for Your Child

If you thought entering the modeling world was challenging, entering it as the parent of an aspiring child model is even more harrowing simply because you're dealing with the safety and welfare of a minor. While much of the info listed below is going to be the same as the previous blog post I did about how to Choose the Right Modeling Agency for You , there are a few differences and additional things I want to point out to parents specifically, which is why I decided to do a post on this subject by itself instead of lumping it together with the other one. And if I didn't include something on here that is on the other post, it's not because it doesn't apply--it's mostly because I didn't want this post to be longer than it already is, haha. So let's jump into it! MAKE SURE THE AGENCY REPRESENTS KIDS Not all agencies are created equal so it's important to check the website to first determine whether an agency even works with kids. For the ones

How to Choose the Right Modeling Agency for You

For those hoping to lead a successful modeling career, getting agency representation is the first step into the industry. It makes sense because agencies are the experts, they have the connections, established working relationships with clients large and small, as well as the know-how to market models and negotiate the best pay rates for gigs. I have written many blog posts related to the topic of modeling agencies but figured it would be helpful to do an updated post of sorts that provides a basic breakdown of just how to choose an agency that would be a good fit for you. Of course I can't speak for everyone so consider the information below as a more generalized version of tips and things to keep in mind during your agency search. LOCATION IS KEY A general rule of thumb is to submit to agencies that are no farther than a 2 hour's drive from where you live. Being further makes agencies hesitant because they need models to be available on short notice. Despite how

What Are Male Models Supposed to Look Like?

The modeling world is filled with women. That's never been a secret and sadly, that often means male models fall by the wayside. There are successful male models in all categories across the industry but the fact that the modeling business revolves around women can make it challenging for newbies to figure out how to pursue their goals of male modeling. It is important to know that because there are different types of modeling categories out there, that means there are also different types of male models. They aren't all supposed to look alike and what ends up being in demand does change every year. Let's break down the common attributes that come with male modeling in various popular categories, shall we? THE MALE FASHION/RUNWAY/EDITORIAL MODEL These are the typical types of models most of us tend to think of when it comes to men in modeling. What is important to know and understand if you're an aspiring male model is that agencies have all different looks